13 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test: #3 Will Shock You! 

As medical marijuana and recreational marijuana continues to garner support across the nation, the ways that employers approach the use of cannabis is gradually changing. Granted, the attitude towards drug use when operating heavy machinery or requiring that employers pay very close attention to their roles will undoubtedly require that organizations drug test. However, other roles will often skip this entirely due to changes in the times. 

If you’re looking for jobs that don’t drug test, let’s dive into these 13 companies that may surprise you!

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13 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test 


Google is based in California, a state that has legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use. As such, it’s only natural that a company like Google wouldn’t pay too much mind to those who may decide to indulge in marijuana outside of their work hours. As long as you have a great resume and portfolio, aren’t getting extremely high while you’re working, and can maintain great work ethic and consistency, Google might be the company for you. 

Whole Foods 

Whole Foods is well-known for their organic produce and focus on offering the best possible health food for the public. However, what you may not know is that they don’t drug test their employees. Given that this a relatively quiet, laid-back environment, there’s not too much potential trouble you can get into. With other benefits like higher wages as well as healthcare, this makes it the perfect role for cannabis enthusiasts who want an excellent job. 


With the exception of warehouse employees, you shouldn’t be too worried about having to go through a drug test with Amazon. Why are warehouse employees subject to drug test? Because these employees will be operating heavy machinery or in the presence of other tools and machinery that could potentially injure them, it’s crucial to the company that no employee puts themselves in hams way during work. If you do experience an injury on the worksite, you’ll likely be subjected to a drug test afterwards. Keep these things in mind if a warehouse job is in your sights!

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Like Google, Microsoft is a tech-focused company that is more interested in having high-quality employees that can meet the expectations of their roles rather than drug testing each and every one of them. Most tech companies are difficult to get into given the requirements of the various roles as well as the level of skill and the number of accolades that you need to truly make a splash in the pool of candidates. However, if you can stand out from your competitors, you won’t have to worry about losing your job because you like to indulge in cannabis from time to time. 


Despite the rigorous expectations that Starbucks has for its employees, there are actually several fronts in which Starbucks distinguishes itself from other companies. Drug testing is not required for any of its employees (although you should definitely be lucid as you’ll be having to tend to multiple customers during busy hours, operate blenders and other machines, and navigate your workstation with multiple employees in the same area). Additionally, they’re relatively easygoing about body modifications and other features that may not be allowed at other companies, offer support with college and other benefits, and are a greater overall place to work for anyone!

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Today’s professional world includes many candidates who may indulge in marijuana during their free time. As such, for tech companies like Apple as well as those listed above or below, finding individuals who can operate at the retail or corporate level is more important than eliminating candidates who like marijuana. If you’re passionate about Apple products, consider looking for a job here. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods 

People who generally care about the environment may care about all aspects of nature and the environment, including marijuana. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods can be the best place for you. They don’t drug test, and you’re able to sell some of the items that you love using yourself. 


There are a lot of great jobs out there for animal lovers. However, some of these jobs are much more intensive and would necessitate the need for drug testing. However, if you simply love animals and don’t mind being in a role where you’ll be more focused on retail, you can always choose to work at a place like PetSmart that doesn’t drug test. Whether you’re stocking or managing your local store, you can still be around all the animals that you love most. 

petsmart drug testing


Many of the jobs on this list are fast-paced, which may not be so great for those who prefer peaceful, easy-going environments. If you instead enjoy arts and crafts and want something that’s far more tranquil, consider Michael’s. Michael’s doesn’t drug test their employees and offers plenty of varied tasks, whether you’re creating fun displays for customers or even hosting one of their classes. It may not be the first place of employment that many think of, but it can certainly be the best for creative types who prefer somewhere they can relax and enjoy their workday. 


Target was a place that would drug test in the past, but that has changed in recent years (unless you’re working in their warehouse or in a position like loss prevention, which requires you to be sober and on your toes). Now, those who have a local Target can easily find a role without having to worry about positive results hindering their employment. 


Chipotle is naturally one of the best places to go to when you have the munchies, so it only stands to reason that it would be a great place to work as well. Beyond the fact that they don’t drug test, they also offer increased wages, health benefits, bonus programs, educational support, and other positives that anyone would love to have access to. 


If clothing is your thing, consider a job at Gap! As with Google, Gap is also based in California, making it far more friendly to the use of marijuana than some other companies not based in a state where it’s legal. 


For the final recommendation on this list, we have Qualcomm. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Qualcomm is another tech company that places performance over drug use. As with other tech companies, the hiring process can be extensive, but it can be great for you if you get in. 

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Job Sectors That Don’t Drug Test 

Now that we’ve discussed some of the companies that don’t drug test, which roles can you expect to land without having to be subject to drug tests as well? A few job sectors that don’t conduct testing include: 


You may be surprised to learn that chefs do not typically undergo drug testing. However, you will be handling sharp instruments and be near open flames, which means that you shouldn’t be smoking on the job at the risk of your safety or the safety of others who are sharing the kitchen with you. 


As with chefs, those working in restaurants will not have to take any drug tests. Whether you’re a server, a waiter (just make sure that you’re careful with the silverware and the plates), or someone who’s working back in the kitchen, a restaurant can be a friendly place for cannabis users and offer you some of the tips you’re looking for. 

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Chef David Ferragamo tosses a pan of sauteed peas in a pan. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Information Technology (IT) Consultant 

IT consultants work in tech, and as we’ve established in multiple companies above, tech companies are relatively friendly to those who enjoy cannabis. Although highly competitive, an IT consultant role will give you a great salary as well as no drug tests along the way. 

Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers are highly creative and are safe in roles that don’t require drug testing. You can either choose to work directly with companies that interest you or freelance (which would naturally require no drug testing as you’re your own boss!).


As a budtender, it only makes sense that you’re not going to be drug tested in a place where the product is supposed to be your expertise. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s true for every dispensary or location. Make sure you double-check with your local dispensary before you apply. 


If you love marijuana and don’t want it to get in the way of being able to do your job, you’ll be pleased to discover that there are plenty of professions and companies that won’t drug test you in order for you to land or keep your position. That being said, being able to find the perfect job begins with first knowing where to look. The guide above will offer you 13 excellent examples of companies that avoid drug testing as well as five common professions where you likely won’t be drug tested as well. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a job out there for you!

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