2015 Desktop Vaporizer Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our Desktop Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide for the 2015 holiday season!

In this guide, I’ll be laying out all the best desktop vapes you guys should be looking for coming into this holiday season. Whether you’re looking to buy a new desktop for yourself or for someone else, these 5 vaporizers below are the best on the market right now and will not let you down.

Please note that these are not numbered in any particular order. All 5 are solid units and cater to different users. Some are whips, some are bags, some can do both, etc. so we recommend reading through all 5 and then deciding which unit is best for your scenario.

Let’s get into it!

1. The Volcano by Storz & Bickel (click here for the full review)

volcano vaporizer

Basically since it’s creation, the Volcano has been the best vaporizer you can get, period. And that still rings true today even many years after it’s release.

With a great herb capacity, the ability to vape concentrates, and built like a tank, the Volcano is the precision and quality of German engineering at it’s finest. The only downside is that it only does bags and not whips.

Almost everyone has heard of or used a Volcano at some point, so you already know how great of a unit it is and we won’t spend a whole lot more time talking about it.

Who should buy the Volcano?

Get this vape if you want the most efficient, precise, and potent vaping experience you can get on the market. There’s really nothing better out there.

In my opinion, the only two drawbacks to this vaporizer are the price tag and that it only does bags and not whips. But if you have the cash and don’t mind spending it, you really can’t beat the Volcano. It’s worth every penny.

Looking to buy the Volcano? Click here for the best deal!

2. The Extreme Q by Arizer (click here for the full review)

The Extreme Q is a great starter desktop due to it’s low price and simplicity. It’s a really easy to use vape with a decent capacity for herbs and a few different modes you can use it in.

The Extreme Q also has a fan inside, making it able to do both bags and a whip for direct draw (not to mention the awesome remote that it comes with to control the vape).

You really get a lot of options with the Extreme Q.

It also has a temp range of 100-420, which changes in one degree increments, so you can really dial in what temp you want.

Who should get the Extreme Q?

This vape is perfect for someone who just wants a really simple vape for 1-2 people to use, and who doesn’t want to break the bank. It’s a great unit for someone who is just starting out with vaping, because they don’t need a ton of know-how or a lot of money.

It’s also great for those who enjoy both whips and bags, or even for those who aren’t sure which style they prefer yet, since it can do both.

Looking to buy the Extreme Q? Click here for the best deal!

3. Vapir Rise 2.0 (click here for the full review)

The Vapir Rise 2.0 is one of my favorite vaporizers for groups, because you can hook up to four hoses up at once so multiple people can vape at the same time.

It has a huge herb capacity (up to a gram or more) and it can also do bag and whip styles of vaping thanks to the internal fan. This makes the Vapir Rise 2.0 a force to be reckoned with in the vape world.

Who should buy the Vapir Rise 2.0?

If you like to vape with other people, the Vapir Rise 2.0 is perfect for you. It’s really the best group vape (as far as direct draw vaporizers go), but it isn’t the best for an individual person.

Because the capacity is so high, it’s hard to get a good vape experience off a one-person-sized load, so I would only get this if group scenarios are what you have in mind.

Looking to buy the Vapir Rise 2.0? Click here for the best deal!

4. herbalAire (click here for the full review)

The herbalAire is a really interesting vaporizer. It’s kind of like if the Extreme Q and the Vapir Rise 2.0 had a baby, taking good and bad aspects of both of the “parent” vapes.

So, like the Vapir Rise 2.0, the herbalAire can do multiple whips/bags. However, the pump to power it is external.

And, like the Extreme Q, the herbalAire has a smaller capacity that is more suited to an individual (not to mention that you don’t have to grind your herbs with the herbalAire).

So with the herbalAire, you get a very versatile vaporizer that can be used for groups or individual sessions.

As far as group vaping goes, you can choose between a 3-piece attachment, or a 5-piece attachment. If you plan on vaping by yourself, just fill up a single bag or hook up the whip like you normally would.

Who should buy the herbalAire?

Well, being a jack-of-all-trades type of vape, this is a good choice if you’re not sure what you want or if you like switching up your vaping style between whips and bags every so often. The herbalAire lets you try out a lot of different things thanks to all the features it has.

It’s also great for groups as well as individual usage.

So if you plan on mixing up your vape sessions between groups and individual sessions pretty frequently, and you like the option of being able to do both whips and bags, the herbalAire is what you want.

Looking to buy the herbalAire? Click here for the best deal!

5. Cloud Evo by VapeXhale (click here for the full review)

vape xhale cloud evo

The Cloud Evo is a high end vaporizer with a high price tag. That being said, it is one of the most high quality vaporizers you can get on the market today.

And, it’s one of the few vaporizers to be made specifically to go with waterpipes. This gives the vapor a very smooth feeling, and also allows you to take bigger hits.

The Cloud Evo doesn’t utilize whips or bags like the others on this list do, so it’s definitely one of the more unique desktop units.

You can either do direct draw, or hook up a water pipe attachment. Due to this, the Cloud Evo is perfect for an individual vape session, but it isn’t ideal for group scenarios.

Who should buy the VapeXhale Cloud Evo?

So, why should you get this vape? If you’re a more solitary vaper who loves glass, this is your dream. This unit is super efficient, extremely smooth, and really easy to use.

If you have the money, it’s the best option you can get for vaping through water.

Looking to buy the Cloud Evo? Click here for the best deal!

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