2015 Vape Pen Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Hey guys, welcome to our vape pen buyer’s guide for the 2015 holiday season! In this short guide, we will be covering the top 3 vaporizer pens that you should be considering whether you’re looking to buy a pen as a gift, or just for yourself.

We’ve tested just about every vape pen on the market, and the following 3 units are the ones that stand out above the rest.

Our aim was to keep this guide very concise, so what we recommend doing is reading through the whole thing to get an idea which one(s) you like. Then, check out our individual reviews of each unit (links will be in this guide), as they go into much more depth and even have video demonstrations so you can see the pens in action.

Alright, so let’s get started!

1. SOURCE Orb V3 (read our full review here)

Source Orb 3

First on this list we have the SOURCE Orb V3 vaporizer pen, the newest version of the Orb made by SOURCE.

The Orb V3 is our favorite on this list for several reasons.

First off, SOURCE is a great company all around. They are a pleasure to work with, have remarkable customer service, and most importantly, produce great units.

What we really like about the Orb in particular is the fact that it comes with 7 or 8 different atomizers (depending on which package you buy – the Premium or Signature Kit). There’s no other vape pen on the market that gives you this much customization with your vaping experience.

While we’re talking about the atomizers, the Orb is one of the only pens to offer the brand new Quartz style atomizers, which deliver a cleaner flavor than any other type of atomizer out there. They also have the new ceramic donut atomizers as well, which many people really enjoy.

The best part is, you get all of this for only $79.95 for the Premium Kit, or $129.95 for the Signature Kit. The Signature Kit throws in some cool bonus items, but if you’re looking to keep things simple, the Premium Kit for only $79.95 is plenty.

**If you use our promo code ‘MOON’ you will save 10% on your purchase**

Who should buy the SOURCE Orb V3?

To be honest, this vaporizer pen is perfect for any user, but it’s especially useful for those who are new to vaping and aren’t sure which style atomizer they prefer yet. Since the Orb comes with 7-8 atomizers depending on the kit you choose, you can do a lot of experimenting to figure out which one suits you best.

At the same time, it’s great for advanced users too.

You really cannot go wrong with the Orb, which is why it’s #1 on our list.

read full review


SOURCE Buy Button

*Use Promo Code ‘MOON’ for the discount*


2. The V2 Pro Series 3 (read our full review here)

v2 series 3

Next up we have the V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen. If you’re looking for a pen that can truly vaporize dry herbs, this is the only one on the list we recommend. There are other pens that claim they can vape dry herb, but most of them just end up burning it.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is the first, and as of now, only pen that actually vapes your herb.

It doesn’t stop there though. The Series 3 is a 3-in-1 vaporizer pen that can also do your concentrates and e-liquids.

This is more a “jack of all trades” style unit, so it doesn’t necessarily excel at doing all 3 materials, but it does do a solid job nonetheless.

And for only $84.98 total when you add in the loose leaf cartridge, the price is very affordable as well.

Who should buy the V2 Pro Series 3?

If you want a pen that can vape dry herbs and also has the flexibility of being able to vape your concentrates and e-liquids too, this is the best pen on the list for that.

However, if you mostly plan on sticking to concentrates and don’t really care about the dry herb aspect, we’d recommend looking at one of the other pens on the list.

read full review


buy v2 series 3

3. The Galaxy by KandyPens (full review coming soon)

kandypens galaxy

The Galaxy is the newest vape pen released by KandyPens. We just got our hands on it recently, and it definitely delivers.

Like most pens, the Galaxy is made strictly for concentrates (waxes and oils).

The best part about the Galaxy is the dual-rod Quartz atomizer it comes with. If you recall from earlier we mentioned that the SOURCE Orb 3 is one of the only pens to utilize the new Quartz atomizers; well, the Galaxy is the other one.

Quartz gives you a flavor that ceramic and fiberglass wicks cannot match.

Another plus to the Galaxy is the fact that due to the airflow design, there isn’t much draw-resistance at all.

As far as capacity goes, you can load up to around .3 grams of concentrate, which is a nice amount that should last you a while.

The Galaxy is sold for $99.95 on KandyPens official website, but if you use the promo code ‘GALAXYLOVE’ you can get it for 20% off, bringing the price to around $80.

Who should buy the Galaxy?

If great flavor in a simple to use device is what you’re after, this is the pen for you. The Quartz atomizer makes this one of the best tasting pens on the market.

Along with that, you get good airflow, good battery life, and a lifetime warranty on the battery.

buy Galaxy

We hope you found this guide useful and that it helped you to decide on which vaporizer pen is best for your situation.

Remember, all of these pens make great gifts as well, so if you’re thinking of buying a vape for friends or family, definitely consider one of these.

If you have any questions or need some more help deciding on a pen, feel free to hit us up in the comments and we would be glad to help you out 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  1. shana says:

    This is a fantastic vape pen holiday buyer’s guide! Love it so much. Here it is again: http://www.sourcevapes.com/blogs/vaporizer-critic-reviews/79026182-paint-the-moons-2015-vape-pen-holiday-buyers-guide

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the mention Shana! We really appreciate it.

  2. Jeff says:

    The article says the V2 Pro is the only one that truly vaporizes dry herb, but do the SOURCE pens do this as well? I currently have a V2 Pro Series 3 and while it does vape dry herb, I’m not too happy with the cloud quality. Not sure if mine is just defective, but I’m considering getting a SOURCE pen but would really like to know if it can truly vape dry hebs because that’s all I’m interested in. Thanks for your help and the great website!

    • admin says:

      Hey Jeff,

      The SOURCE Orb does have an herb atomizer that comes with it, but unfortunately it does not do herb nearly as well as it does concentrates, so I wouldn’t recommend it for herbs.

      I’ve seen some preliminary reviews of the Grasshopper vape pen though, and from what I’ve seen, it does a good job with herbs. However, it looks like it won’t be out until February 2016 and is still in pre-order. As you may know, people have been waiting on the Grasshopper for what feels like years, so who knows if February is even the final release date.

      For now, I would try contacting V2 and see if they can send you a replacement unit to see if it fixes the issue. If you’re still not happy with it, either go with a smaller portable like the Pax 2 so you get the same portability as a pen, or maybe wait on the Grasshopper.

      • Jeff says:

        What about the Source Ghost? I remember reading in your previous review for the Ghost that it vapes dry herbs rather well?

        Another I’ve been curious about is the K Vape 2.0. Have you reviewed that one yet?

        Thanks for the helpful reply!

        • admin says:

          Yeah the Ghost is a solid unit too, it’s just that it’s a bit bigger than a pen. Here is an image of the Ghost in someone’s hand so you can get an idea: http://uploads.medicaljane.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ghostTHUMB.jpg

          Still very portable, just not quite as stealth as a pen or something like the Pax 2.

          Between the Ghost and the K-Vape though, I’d go with the Ghost.

          • Jeff says:

            Does the plastic on the Ghost affect the taste at all? I’ve heard people complain about the plastic mouth piece on the K-Vape affecting the taste, so just curious if that’s an issue with the Ghost as well? The size should be fine since I usually just use my vapes at home. Thanks again.

          • admin says:

            It’s been a while since we first used it, but if I recall, the first couple times you may notice a plastic taste, but it goes away after a few uses.

            And yeah if you just vape at home mostly, the Ghost sounds like it’ll be perfect for what you need. It’s really affordable as-is at only $99, but if you use our promo code ‘MOON’ you can get it for 10% off.

            I don’t think the Ghost is included in their Cyber Monday deal unfortunately – it looks like just the Orbs are.

            Not to throw too many options at you, but have you considered the Arizer Air at all? This weekend you can get it for around $160-$180 from a few sites and if all you want to do is dry herb, it’s one of the best portables out right now.

            However, it’s only for dry herb whereas the Ghost can do concentrates too, so it really depends on the material you plan on using.

          • Jeff says:

            I ended up going with the Arizer Solo after I deciding that I really value vape quality over portability and stealthiness. Got a really good Cyber Monday deal too. Thanks for your awesome reviews and guides.

          • Jake says:

            Glad we could help! The Solo is awesome, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Sharron st.John says:

    Would love to win one. Which would you recommend for an old lady that has a hard time smoking and needs pain relief.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharron,

      Sorry for the late response, didn’t see your comment at first.

      As for which one we recommend, it depends on what type of material you use. If you mostly vape herb, go with the V2 Series 3. If you enjoy concentrates, the SOURCE Orb is our favorite out of all these.

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