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Marijuana Around the World – Are Other Countries Catching On?

By Veronica Morgan Amsterdam has long been famous for its coffee shops, where adults over 21 can purchase and smoke marijuana openly. With decriminalization efforts active in several states, and Washington D.C. progressing as they are, the International Business Times … Continue reading

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California’s Balancing Act: Blue Ribbon Panel to Determine Tax for Pot in California

by Veronica Morgan Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom released a 93-page report today, urging what has been called a “blue- ribbon panel” to regulate recreational marijuana through decriminalization, rather than looking at it as a tax base. The spectrum of perspective … Continue reading

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Heal Broken Bones with Cannabis!

By Veronica Morgan A study from Tel Aviv University published last week, proves once again, the medicinal benefits of Marijuana. University officials released a statement declaring the CBD in marijuana “significantly helps heal bone fractures.” Dr. Yankel Gabet led the … Continue reading

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Know Your Rights 101 – Being Pulled Over

Written by Jon, our fellow attorney and legal expert. Everybody’s been there before: driving down the road at night, minding your own business, just trying to get where you’re going, and all of the sudden your car is lit up with … Continue reading

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Confused by Cannabis? Taking the Mystery out of the Market

By Veronica Morgan When I was young, buying marijuana was easy. Sure, there were legal obstacles, but there were few strains, and only a couple of ways we knew to ingest it. You went to your contact and asked for … Continue reading

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