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Colorado’s Tax Holiday

By Veronica Morgan With tax revenues exceeding expectations, the State of Colorado had to offer a tax-free day for marijuana dispensaries. The Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) places a limit on the amount of taxes the state can collect. … Continue reading

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Subox Mini by KangerTech

The Subox Mini is one of the newest all in one kits made by KangerTach. You get everything you need to vape besides juice and batteries, which you can get really cheaply online. Let’s dive into what you get in … Continue reading

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Can You Treat Shingles with Cannabis?

by Veronica Morgan Shingles is a painful rash that can happen to anyone who had Chickenpox as a child. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus associated with chickenpox that becomes reactivated as an adult. The blisters and rash associated … Continue reading

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Dayton Ohio Hosts Marijuana Town Hall Meeting

By Veronica Morgan This November, voters in Ohio will decide whether or not to decriminalize the use of cannabis. The issue is even more complicated than it is elsewhere due to another issue on the ballot that could negate a … Continue reading

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Pesticides in Your Pot? When Medicine Becomes a Danger

By Veronica Morgan Colorado has legalized recreational pot use, but is it safe? An investigation carried out by the Denver Post, had more than 1000 marijuana samples from two shops tested. Despite a statewide ban on pesticides instituted more than … Continue reading

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