AirVape OM

The AirVape OM is possibly the most concealable discreet 510-thread pen out for wax and oil. It’s awesome design of being a key chain makes it next to impossible to leave your home without it. This classy sleek device with a wood grain battery finish is priced around $90 and this pen rips better than most pens in it’s price range and beyond. It’s perfect for a starter pen or it’s also good for an experienced wax pen owner who is focused on performance and portability.

What’s in the Box

  • The AirVape OM vaporizer
  • AirVape OM Instruction Pamphlet
  • Dual-quartz atomizerfor waxy concentrates
  • Two Different sized covers used for discretion covering the atomizer and for covering 510 thread preloaded liquid cartridges (pre-loaded liquid cartridges Not Included)
  • Dabbing tool for loading product into atomizer
  • USB charger that screws onto the battery



The AirVape OM is designed to look like a regular keychain on your set of car keys and can easily be disguised as a tire pressure gauge or designed keychain. It’s power button doubles as the keyring holder to hold the wax pen on your set of keys or lanyard for easy transportation and it makes it easier for you to not forget it at home or lose it while you’re out. Super discreet the actual pen is smaller than your hand and can be used with ease the operation on it is similar to other wax pens on the market and everything on the device is pretty much self-explanatory. . Wither you use the provided double coil atomizer or a preloaded liquid cartridge the AirVape OM has three color coded voltage levels to choose from while using your product, highlighted by a color ring around the base of the pen before the keychain. The three color coded voltage levels are: white (2.4v), blue (3.2v), red (4.0v).

How to Use

The AirVape OM is extremely easy to use and very user friendly. To use the AirVape OM with the provided dual quartz coil atomizer screw it into the 510-thread keychain battery. Once connected lift off the magnetic top mouthpiece to reveal the dual coil oven/chamber for the atomizer. Load about .1 to .2 of waxy concentrate in the oven/chamber in the center between the dual coils. Once you have loaded your waxy material simply put the magnetic top back on the atomizer and screw the atomizer cover on over it. To turn on the AirVape OM simply press the button at the base of the unit holding the keychain rapidly five times and to change the voltage click the same button twice while the unit is already powered on it will scroll through the three voltage settings classified by color. As stated previously the three color coded voltage levels are: white (2.4v), blue (3.2v), red (4.0v). Once you pick your desired voltage setting hold the power button, draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy. To use the AirVape OM with a preloaded liquid cartridge simply unscrew the atomizer cover and then unscrew the atomizer from the battery. Once you’ve done that screw on your 510-thread preloaded liquid cartridge and then screw on one of the two cartridge covers provided for the preloaded liquid cartridges.

Vapor Quality

The AirVape OM rips like a champ! It’s Dual-quartz coil atomizer gives you a cloud of vapor when using it and the taste is still great as well since it is a quartz coil instead of another coil quartz preserves the flavor of your product and is less harsh. Dense, rich, flavorful clouds are present in every puff of the AirVape OM wither using a preloaded cartridge or the provided dual quartz atomizer.

Battery Life

The AirVape OM comes with a 510 USB charger but the AirVape OM can be charger universally with almost any 510-e-cigarette battery charger. It drains depending on frequency of use and the voltage you are vaping your product at, it can last a couple hours or a couple days. It takes about 2 hours on average to charge depending on what you plug the USB charger into. The provided USB charger is convenient as well it’s compact and small so it is also easy to carry with you on your journeys to make sure your pen is always able to be charged and it can also be plugged into anything with a USB to charge.

Final Thoughts

The AirVape OM is one of my favorite concentrate pens in this price range based on it’s top notch qualities such as it’s excellent discretion, hard to forget or loose portability, strong durable design and it’s reliable performance. It’s atomizer rips but could be better designed if it was a ceramic cup instead of dual quartz coils for longevity of the device and flavor of material while vaping but all in all it is a great buy that is very hard to be disappointed with.

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