Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

Extremely portable, very stealthy, and it has replaceable batteries. These are some of the improvements on possibly the best portable in the industry, the Arizer Solo, that Arizer made when they created the Arizer Air.

With these improvements, the Air has rocketed to the top of the portable vaporizer list, offering amazing vapor quality and efficiency in an extremely portable size.

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Arizer Air vaporizer

How the Arizer Air Works

The Arizer Air may be the simplest portable to use on the market right now. To turn it on, you simply hold down the up and down buttons until the top of the two lights blinks. Then, the top light will glow blue, which is the lowest temperature setting. Once the lower begins to blink, the unit is heating.

Air 1 LightAir 2 Lights

To change the temp setting, all you have to do is push the up arrow until you reach your desired setting. The different settings are:

  • Level 1 (Blue) – 180°C / 356°F
  • Level 2 (White) – 190°C / 374°F
  • Level 3 (Green) – 200°C / 392°F
  • Level 4 (Orange) – 205°C / 401°F
  • Level 5 (Red) – 210°C / 410°F

Once you set your temperature, just load up your stem of choice (pictured below) and insert it into the top of the unit. Then, once the lower light turns solid blue, the unit has reached the set temperature.

Air Stems

Air Stems

Overall, the vapor quality of the Air is amazing. You get fantastic flavor on the lower three settings, and great vapor production on the higher settings, too.

This vape is extremely efficient as well, because a full bowl is only 0.1 grams. I’ve personally never used a portable vape that is so efficient besides the Solo, and this is a much more portable version of it (see below).

Air vs Solo Size Comparison

Air vs Solo Size Comparison

The Arizer Air also offers a replaceable battery option, so you can buy extra batteries and keep them charged so you never have to stop vaping.

To replace the batteries, all you need to do is unscrew the base (see below) and insert the battery positive end up (the unit won’t turn on if it’s put in the wrong way).

In my opinion, every vaporizer that is battery powered should have user switchable batteries, so this is a huge plus.

Air Battery

Here are some little tips to make your time easier:

  • The unit beeps audibly when you turn it on and off, but you can turn this feature off by holding the up arrow for 3 seconds.
  • If you find you’re always starting on a higher temp setting than the lowest setting, you can go to the last setting you were at by holding the down arrow for 3 seconds.
  • Buying 1/2 inch pipe screens is a must with the Air. You can get them online or at any smoke shop, and all you have to do is insert the screens into the bowl of the stem.

Our Video Review of the Arizer Air

Best Place to Buy the Arizer Air?

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This is the lowest price online by far. You will also get free shipping and a free 3-piece acrylic grinder with your order.

Buy Arizer Air

Final Thoughts

The Arizer Air is one of the best portables I own. It’s that simple. If you’re thinking about buying this thing, do it. It is worth every single penny of the $199.95 you’ll pay for it.

If you want a portable vaporizer that has everything you could want in a portable, the Arizer Air is for you.

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