Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Review

The process of finding a portable dry herbal vaporizer that is on the same par as a desktop unit is highly tedious. Knowledgeable consumers are already aware that most low to mid-end units will not make the cut and they must be prepared to part with some money for the sake of quality. There are a few notable brands in the market that are trusted to get the job done, which include the Davinci IQ, the Boundless Tera, the Mighty, and last but certainly not the least, the Arizer ArGo. The Arizer company has been best known for its’ spectacular desktop units, the Extreme Q and the V Tower. In fact, the invention of the Arizer ArGo was reportedly a result of user demands for an improved portable vape with the taste and wonder of a desktop device. It is supposed to be an improvement from the company’s other portable units, the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2, both of which are high quality units in their own right. I recently tried out Boundless and Davinci’s new products, so I was curious and excited to see how the Arizer ArGo would compare when it showed up on my “to review” list.  While I do love the Arizer Extreme Q, I was eager to learn how their new, and very hyped up portable device would measure up. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience and I am happy to share my findings on this unit’s functionality, specs, and overall feel.

Build, Portability & Functionality

The Arizer ArGo maximizes on portability and is truly an improvement from its’ predecessors. It is extremely discreet and easy to conceal, with a width of two inches and a minuscule height of three and half inches. The unit has a great build and solid, dependable look. It comes in pure black and features an LED display screen with three surround buttons which act as a means to power on the device and control temperature, settings, etc. This vaporizer also comes with a choice of two glass mouthpieces that users pack the marijuana into, and then which may be pushed into place. Additionally, another really neat feature of the Arizer ArGo is the ability to extend unit’s build when the device is not in use, and thereby protect the glass mouthpiece.  The removable battery can be visualized as the bottom, and the USB charging port is located on the side. To sum it up, this device will definitely appeal to consumers in regards to design.

As far as facility of use, I have to confess I did initially struggle with this vape. The Arizer ArGo comes with a manual for a reason, and I recommend consumers actually glance through it. First off, I had problems charging and powering the device on since I failed to remove the clear plastic strip next to the battery. Then once I resolved that problem and I powered the device on by holding down the power and + button, I ended up having an issue pushing the glass mouthpiece into the handpiece. Users should be advised that it takes some force to insert the glass piece and to not hesitate for fear of breaking it. The good news is once users get accustomed after the first use, operation of the Arizer ArGo should be fairly easy.

Settings and Precision Temperature Control

The Arizer ArGo allows users to customize settings to their preference, and gives control over audio level, visual brightness, power-on time, etc. The device initially will display temperature in Celsius, but users in the U.S. can switch to Fahrenheit immediately. The precision temperature control provides for a range of 122 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and is easy to adjust by simply pressing the – or + button. The LED display screen will allow consumers to watch the unit heat up, and it’s a semi-lengthier wait of about fifty to sixty seconds. However, the unit does do a great job of actually reaching and maintaining desired temperature.

Oven Capacity and Battery Life

The Arizer ArGo has a fairly small oven capacity of around 0.15 to a max of 0.25 grams of marijuana. In the case of this unit, less is better and I found 0.15 grams to be the ideal, allowing for smoother hits and enhanced taste. Also, the oven efficiency is rather remarkable and it truly does a great job of conserving the herb and saving users money in the long run. As far as specs go; the device is a convection/conduction hybrid that utilizes a ceramic heating element in combination with the glass mouth-piece, which serve together to optimize flower flavor.

The Arizer ArGo contains a standard 18650 battery which will typically allow for an hour and half of usage time. The nice thing about this battery is that it’s removable and replaceable, which will definitely appeal to users on the run. Users should probably expect to get about eight sessions after a full charge.

Vapor Quality and Price Point

As I mentioned previously, the Arizer ArGo uses both conduction and convection heating methods and is unique in its’ design. It features an isolated airpath and the materials used- ceramic and glass, ensure a positive experience. I tried the unit at various temperatures, and I found at lower temperatures of 380 and below, the flavor of the herb is really preserved and highly noticeable. The vapor quality is excellent overall, and even at a max temperature of 428 degrees, users will not ever have to fear throat burn. Also, a little goes a long way with this device and users should experience intense highs in a very short period of time.

The Arizer ArGo is currently retailing for around $219.99 and therefore it is considered a high-end portable unit. I think the retail value is just about accurate for this device, although I personally prefer the Boundless Tera which sells for exactly the same price. Overall, I think it will ultimately come down to matter of user preference. The Arizer ArGo is top knotch for both portability and vapor quality.  The Boundless Tera also has phenomenal cloud quality and its’ ease of use is a plus as well. However unlike the Arizer ArGo, it’s bulky and not highly concealable.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Arizer ArGo is a great portable dry-herb vaporizer and I feel it will be highly enjoyed by most users. I scored it an 8.5 out of 10, since it succeeds in design, portability, oven efficiency, and vapor quality. I knocked off 1.5 points simply because I find it annoying to have to exert physical effort in placing the glass mouthpiece.

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