Atmos Aegis Review

Atmos is a brand-name that is both respected and trusted in the vaporizer industry. This company has been around for a long time, and they produce a variety of products for dry herb material, waxes, and e-liquids. As a professional reviewer, I’ve tried the vast majority of the Atmos line, and it’s always been a mixed bag for me since there are some devices that I love, and others that are not so great. Price has always been a big factor, too! A good example of this is the Atmos Jump, which is fairly basic but gets the job done for dirt cheap. The Atmos Aegis has been one of the last units on my ‘to try’ list, and it’s one of their pricier products. I went into the experience with semi-high expectations, but I was a little let down in the end, as the unit is kind of standard. The following review includes both the technical facts, as well as my personal opinions on this device.

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Design, Portability & Ease of Use

 The Atmos Aegis has a pretty simplistic design; it’s exactly five inches in height with a slightly bulky body, a rubberized finish and it’s only offered in the color black. The unit sports a plastic, pop & lock mouthpiece which conceals an anodized, stainless-steel heating chamber. The front of the device features an LED digital display screen, the ‘Aegis’ logo, and a single control that is divided into three sections: left, right and center. The center button acts as the means to power the device on and off, while the side controls serve to adjust temperature upwards or downwards in one degree increments. The bottom of the unit is where the micro-usb port is located for easy charging. All in all, my first impression of the Atmos Aegis was that it looked kind of cool, but definitely lacked the ‘wow’ factor.

As far as portability, and ease of use is concerned, the Atmos Aegis is highly pleasing. Although, it’s not the most discreet of devices, the overall design is semi inconspicuous and stealthy enough to use in public and then quickly conceal in one’s pocket.  Additionally, I feel that users will be happy with how effortless it is to master the device: there is absolutely no learning curve. To use this unit, first ensure it’s charged, then power it up by clicking the center button three times. The LED digital display screen will immediately light up and begin heating. Users will be able to see the current temperature, as well as selected temperature, and can make adjustments by using the side controls. The heat up time is typically about thirty seconds, and users are free to enjoy from there.


Precision Temperature Control & Oven Specifications

 The Atmos Aegis allows for exact temperature control with a range of 320 degrees to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. I expect precision temperature control to be available in all units that sell above $125, so this is more of a requirement than a bonus. What’s more important is the fact that the Aegis utilizes convection heating. Any vape that favors a convection heating method tends to get better flavor, as well as better conservation of herb material. This unit does a pretty good job with both of these aspects, and users will be satisfied.

The maximum oven capacity of the Atmos Aegis is around 0.35 grams, but less goes a long way, and packing around 0.2 grams is more efficient. The heating chamber itself is composed of stainless steel, and there is an isolated air-flow design which all leads to rather delicious vapor output. The unit also has a fast heat up time, especially for a convection vape, and it takes approximately thirty seconds to reach a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The internal build of the Aegis was well-thought out, and commendable.

Battery Life & Accessories

 The Atmos Aegis comes with a 1650 mAH 5V battery that can provide around forty-five minutes of continuous usage. This means that users can expect two to three sessions on average from this unit, which is slightly less than average for portable devices of similar size. The good news is the Aegis charges fairly quickly via the micro-usb cable, and is usually ready to go in an hour and a half. Customers should also be aware this product is built with an automatic switch-off of three minutes, which also aids in preserving battery.

In terms of accessories, the Atmos Aegis kit is very sparse. The box kit is extremely basic, as it only contains a cleaning brush, a manual, a micro-usb charger, and a loading tool. In my opinion, given the price point it’s listed it at, the company should have thrown in a bit more, even just a carrying case would have been a nice touch.


Vapor Quality & Price Point

 The vapor quality of this unit is very tasty, and the clouds produced are potent and dense. This device will great for users that prefer heavy rips over lighter, lengthier sessions. One thing I also noticed was the vapor is pretty warm at higher temperatures, and there is quite a bit of draw resistance, so users will need to be able to pull hard. In my opinion, the Atmos Aegis is the ideal choice for hitting hard and chasing intense highs, but I wouldn’t use it as daily choice when there are (in my opinion) preferable and cheaper alternatives such as the Pulsar Flow, or Boundless CF.

 Atmos Aegis is officially listed at a retail price of $139.95, however, there are now several online retail stores that are offering it for a discounted price of $119.95. Lowering the sales value was a smart move since it can compete more successfully in this range. The unit has several positive aspects going for it which include its use of convection heating, precision temperature control, simple facility of use, internal design, and portability. The thing is I have to be honest, and there are many devices out there that are viable alternatives, and have amazing cloud quality. My honest recommendation would be for users to check out the Boundless CF, Pulsar Flow, and X-Max Starry V3 before making a final decision.


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