Atmos Boss Vape Pen Review

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The rise of vaporizers over the last few years is a huge success story. With more people switching from smoking to vaporizing, there has been a huge supply of new products offering a healthier way to smoke.

This has led to your table top vaporizers being shrunk down into more portable devices for vaping on the go, and the vaporizer pen is now one of the must have accessories for those that still wish to enjoy their favorite herbal aromatherapy blends but without the negative health impacts associated with smoking.

These compact, portable devices are ever evolving as better ways to achieve true vaporization are perfected. The latest vaporizer pen by Atmos, the Atmos Boss is no exception.

For people unfamiliar with Atmos, they have already been producing many different types of portable vaporizers. These have had mixed reviews with many believing that Atmos are more of a mediocre brand, rather than a top contender. Up until recently, we would have had to agree.

With a variety of pens on the market at the minute providing different types of vaping, but no stand out definitive method, we have been due some innovation. Atmos’ latest vape pen offers something new that is a step in the right direction, in the way of a stainless steel anodized heating chamber.

Making huge improvements on the previous models, this new embedded coil system not only provides the perfect temperature for vaporization, but as there is no contact between your herb of choice and the heating element, the vapor it produces is one of the purest and smoothest on the market. The end result is a vapor that is packed with flavours, terpenes and active ingredients, yet free from harmful toxins and carcinogens.

The overall design of the Boss also gives it a premium feel. Compared to other pens that are generally bulky and plastic, this dry herb vaporizer is made with a stainless steel exterior with a laser etched design that is compact and sleek. The pen also comes pre charged and is ready to use out of the box, so you will be vaping like a boss in no time!

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