Atmos Dart Review: This One Really Delivers

Want an extremely small, easy to load pen vaporizer? Then the Atmos Dart is the perfect vaporizer for you. It’s extremely small, vapes both e-liquids and concentrates, and is very discrete. Lets get into how the unit works.

Also, please note that although Atmos claims that the Dart can vaporize herb, it absolutely will burn your herbs

If you’re looking to purchase the Atmos Dart, we recommend picking it up from They have it for a great price and will ship it to you for free.

Atmos Dart vaporizer

How the Atmos Dart Works

The Atmos Dart is simple to use. All you do is screw on your atomizer and click the button 5 times to turn it on. To hit it, all you do is hold down the button while you draw. It’s as simple as that. Now that being said, you load each bullet a little differently.

E-Liquid Cartridge:

Atmos Dart Oil Cartridge

To load the e-liquid cartridge, you simply unscrew the darker part at the base. Make sure the cartridge is upside down, otherwise you will get e-liquid everywhere. Once that is removed, load until you reach the inner tube. Do Not fill past this tube, as the e-liquid will drip out the mouthpiece. After filling, all you have to do is reconnect the base and connect the cart to the battery.

The vapor production is on par with most beginner units, the flavor is good, but the vapor is not very dense.

Concentrate Cartridge:

atmos dart concentrate cartridge

To load the concentrate cart, you unscrew the mouthpiece and load globs of your concentrate onto the coil at the base. Then, reconnect the mouthpiece and just hold down the button to vape.

The vapor is very smooth from the concentrate cart, and it doesn’t irritate the throat at all. Unlike most vape pens, this pen keeps the temperature lower so that the concentrate doesn’t burn, it only vaporizes.


As far as battery life goes, the Atmos Dart is pretty good for how small the battery is. It will likely last you a full day of vaping with the e-liquid cart, and at least a few sessions with the concentrate cart. It is good to keep in mind that this device is 601 threaded, not the standard 510 threading that most electronic cigarettes have. You can buy an adapter if you wish to attach 510 threaded devices.

Our Video Review

We recently did a video review of the Atmos Dart. Check it out below:

Best Place to Buy the Atmos Dart?

If you wish to purchase the Atmos Dart, we recommend picking one up from Minty Vapes is a great site to buy from. They currently have this unit for a very good price – only $54.95. You will also get free shipping on your order.

Click Here to grab the Dart from Minty Vapes and you will be taken to their site.

Final Thoughts

This is a great, discrete vape. It’s easy to load, has pretty good battery life, and performs really well. This vape costs only $54.95 if you know where to buy it, so it’s a decent price, and the performance you get is worth it. This is one of the best vape pens I’ve used for concentrates, and it is worth every penny for the vape experience you get.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Also where do we find that bong piece for it

  2. Stuart says:

    I tried the dry herb with it and it not only burnt my stuff I ended up eating some of my stuff. Wish I had read this or watched the video first, you can also use disposables as well. I love mine just wish it did dry

    • Jake says:

      Yeah, unfortunately it’s only concentrates and e-liquid. And as far as I know, they don’t have a waterpipe attachment currently

  3. Ben says:

    Hello, thanks for the info. If I do want to use this as an epipe, how much herb should I put in, and how fine?

    Also, when the battery is fully charged on the charger, should the charger stay green? Mine begins to flicker from red to green after charging for a while.

    Thanks again!

    • Jake says:

      I’d say grind it pretty fine, if there’s a glass screen at the bottom you should remove it, and it should flicker from red to green and stay green. Hope this helps!

  4. Eddie says:

    How well does it work with e liquid?

    • Jake says:

      It’s really good as a beginner ecig, but not much else.

  5. Tyler says:

    My dart won’t fire and I have no idea how to use it the fucking light flashes 3 times and won’t do shot please help me

    • Jake says:

      Sounds like the battery isn’t charged, or it’s shorting out. If it is fully charged, try it with another atomizer if you have one to see if that’s the issue.

  6. Pat says:


    Just bought my atmos dart off groipon and it was working great for two days. Now.. Absolutely nothing. The battery seems to have crapped out or soemthing. It won’t charge and I can’t get the blue light to light up. Any suggestions?

    • Jake says:

      Check the pin on the 601 connection (I think it’s 601 threaded, maybe it’s 610, I’m not sure) to see if that’s working properly. It should be spring loaded.

      If that isn’t working properly, the battery comes with a 30 day warranty I think, so you could send it in for a replacement.

  7. Christie says:

    Thanks for the outstanding review. New to vaping and I’ve probably learned more from your site than any other. I went ahead and ordered the dart through groupon even after reading your review about dry herb because i was mostly interested in it for wax and oil anyway and for 25 bucks and free shipping it seemed like a decent enough deal even without vaping dry herb.

    So here’s my question for you… I’ve tried googling this and just find a bunch of info on homemade oils and concentrates. Is it advisable or not to mix some concentrate (like honey oil) with regular ejuice? Obviously the honey oil that I buy is a bit thicker than my preferred ejuice, but I notice if I use both in small amounts and mix it well, it stays pretty well mixed for a couple of hours. And I definitely like the flavor doing it that way. My concern is, am I damaging my cartridges in any way? I realize that the honey oil is diluted some by doing this, but I’m okay with that aspect of it. I’d rather take a few more hits of great flavor anyway. But I don’t want to damage my device or cartridges if that’s a possibility.

    Thanks again for all of the great info. I’ve learned a ton from your site and I’ve barely tapped the surface (maybe the answer to what I’m asking is already here somewhere?). Looking forward to exploring more.

    • Jake says:

      The best thing to use is called ejmix I believe, it tends to not separate but it isn’t flavored. You could add your own flavorings, but using standard e-liquid it doesn’t mix well.

      Also I’m really glad we helped you out! Always nice to hear we helped someone learn something(:

  8. Edd says:

    Hey i have been using my dart as a beginner with e liquid for a little while and wanted to try the other compartment. But not sure what waxy oils/waxes i can use and where to get them from? can you help me please? Thanks

    • Jake says:

      You can put any wax/concentrate in there that isn’t a thin/liquid consistency. So anything from crumble to shatter will work, as long as it’s semi-solid. You should be able to get them at any dispensary (medical or legal depending on the state), or make them yourself (which can be a bit hard).

  9. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful review! I wish I had seen it before purchasing unfortunately I thought this could be used for dry herbs as well. I had a question about using liquids. I’m new to vapor pens as well. Can I use any e-liquid with this or should I only use the atmos brand? I’ve tried researching this but haven’t found anything helpful to answer this question.

    Thank you in advance

    • Jake says:

      Hey Sarah,

      Sorry about the whole dry herb thing, I hate that atmos does that but there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

      As far as the eliquids go, you can use any brand, and if they offer PG/VG ratios go for something in the 50/50 range (higher PG will be better for the tank that it comes with).

      A good website to start with is, they have cheap juice that tastes pretty good. Their Graham Cracker is so spot on, you’d swear you were eating one then and there. I recommend getting a sample pack from them, should be about $20 for 60ml of juice (and they usually throw in a couple extra too, I got two extra when I ordered). Hope this helps you out!

  10. krys says:

    Hi, I just bought this on groupon. I’m new to vaping, I do not intend on using this for dry herbs so I guess my question is how well does it work with oils? And how does the “smoke” or vapor compare to that of e-cigs?

    • Jake says:

      With the e-liquid tank, the vapor is on par with most beginner setups. It works well with more dense concentrates, but if you put a couple drops of liquidy concentrate on the coil that should work fine too.

  11. chris says:

    Hey Jake,

    Thanks again for all your help. I got one question tho. Is there an attachment for the dart that can burn oil that is not mixed with propylene glycol (eg. hummingbird co2 hash oil). The wax chamber burns oil inefficiently and did not want to take the risk of using the e liquid attachment. Any advise would be great!

    • Jake says:

      Depending on how thick it is it should work better in one or the other. If it’s really thin, the e-liquid should wick alright. If it’s pretty thick, a few drops on the wax coil should work pretty efficiently.

  12. Belle says:

    Well interesting reviews glad I saw this before I purchased. That should really be taken off of Groupon or maybe just edited. I almost bought something I can’t return bc that is clearly false advertising.. luckily the GPen already came in the mail. Hate to say that I will not be buying this product. Thousands of these have been sold via Groupon there’s gonna be alot of angry customers but thanks for the tip… always research before you buy!

    • Jake says:

      It really angers me that Atmos false advertises. Nearly none of their vapes actually “vapes”, but they advertise as such. Their products are good for concentrates, but nothing else IMO.

  13. Dave says:

    Hey Jake, thanks for all the good advice on this pen! I got a kick out of your response to the guy who got all bent out of shape over the Groupon bit. Ha! Keep on vaping dude!

  14. Andy says:

    Works good, if it’s not clogged and has battery. The battery is so much worse then my gpen. Is it normal to take two hours of charge and then not even last until the concentrate is gone? I used to charge my g pen once every couple days. I spend way more time charging this thing then using it. This is way too inconvenient, kind of defeats the purpose of this thing. Standard?

    • Jake says:

      Maybe you’re loading too much? My battery would last many sessions, but I would only load 0.05g dabs or smaller. Mine also would fully vaporize, especially when I would tilt it so the concentrate could drain in the coil.

      It should take about two hours to charge, but it should be lasting a long time as well. You could try getting a larger battery if it doesn’t last that long, but it should last atleast an hour of use.

  15. Jon says:

    I’m curious about the oil. I’ve only used the wax portion and was interested in trying the oil portion. The sample tobacco flavored oil is watery. I purchased a THC based oil, which packaging labeled it for refillable cape pens. However I realize it’s much like a syrup consistency. I warmed the oil as instructed and added it to the oil chamber. It didn’t flow down to where the wick is. So I’m curious, what kind of THC oil is recommended to use? Thanks for the help!

    • Jake says:

      Hey Jon,

      What you’re going to want to get is oil mixed with PG (propelyne glycol), as that will thin it out quite a bit. You can try mixing it with the liquid you currently have, but chances are it will separate after a day or so due to the differing thickness of the liquids.

  16. Joseph says:

    IT CLEARLY STATES ITS FOR DRY HERB. It’s called false advertising and you’ve wasted by time and money by lying. How does something clearly say for dry herb but only burn it?False advertising or just some real shady business dealings? I think the later. I debating on suing now. It’s really disgusting you guys are in business if this is really the case.

    • admin says:

      Do you not fucking realize that I am not Atmos, or were you too busy smashing your face on your keyboard to even notice where you were typing?

      This is simply a review site, and we made it abundantly clear that the Atmos doesn’t do dry herb well.

      You got an issue, take it up with Atmos. Don’t leave stupid, uneducated comments on my blog.

      • DanK says:

        Rock on admin! Great REVIEW of the dart. I too was under the impression that Groupon’s “atmos dart: special edition” I received today would be able to actually vape dry herb… Though now that I understand, seems like suing Atmos would be a major waste of my time. Lol.

        Happy vape’ing and/or burning… I must just be too old fashioned (was no such thing as vape when o started smokin ‘) to be as passed off as that other guy. Lol

        • admin says:

          Yeah Atmos has been doing this for a long time now, which is one of the reasons we don’t like their company as a whole. They just employ shady tactics like lying about their units in order to increase sales.

          As long as people are aware of this though and realize that the Dart will not do herb, but does in fact do well with concentrates, they won’t be disappointed in its performance.

          Glad you got a kick out of that other guy too. I have no idea what his deal was haha. Someone must have pissed in his Cheerios that morning.

  17. anon says:

    How do you clean the herb/waxy oil tank? I can already tell that any vaped/burnt debris will accumulate and get caked onto the bottom and sides.

    • Jake says:

      I’d just soak it in alcohol for a while. Something like 91% or higher should do the trick. Just do a dry burn after you soak it and it should be good to go.

  18. lauren says:

    is there a coil that needs to get replaced on here? i’ve tried researching it but can find nothing. thanks!

    • Jake says:

      To replace the coil, you have to buy a new wax tank. Hope this helps Lauren!

  19. Mas says:

    Hey! Super thorough review. Do you know if I can use cannabis oil with this pen? I have a vial of Liquid Gold.

    Thanks ahead!

    • admin says:

      Yeah you can. That’s actually what this pen is best for is waxes/oils.

    • robin says:

      Can u u buy this type of oil online?

  20. Mike says:

    New to the wax game and just got the Dart. Was wondering how much wax I should put in at a time? how long would say, a Gram of wax last?

    • Jake says:

      Hey Mike,
      I personally just load a 0.1g dab of concentrate onto the coil and hit it until I dont get any vapor any more. Lasts roughly 7-10 small hits or so.

      How long a gram will last depends on your consumption. If you dab every day, it’ll go faster than you’d think. If it’s more inconsistent, it can last a very long time. I’ve had a gram last weeks, and I’ve had grams last a day. It’s all about how you use it.

      • Mike says:

        i appreciate the reply. this really helps me out, your whole review of the dart has been very helpful. keep up the good work.

        • Jake says:

          Thanks for the kind words Mike, we’ll keep on keepin on (:

  21. Clay says:

    Does the dart on groupon release a lot of smoke I want one that blows out a good amount of smoke

    • Jake says:

      It doesn’t produce a ton of clouds. I’d go with the source orb on our 2015 Pen Buyers Guide, it produces the most vapor I’ve found in a concentrate pen.

  22. sav says:

    Hey, is it bad to use dry herb even if it’s not vaping it? What’s the difference between burning it and vaping it? And are there extra compartments to buy that can actually vape it? I’m new with all this, sorry haha

    • Jake says:

      Well, unfortunately the only pen that can actually vape is the V2 Pro Series 3 (the one we’re giving away right now).

      However, there shouldn’t be any issues with using it and a portable “e-pipe”. The main thing we wanted to clarify was that it doesn’t vape, meaning that it will burn dry herbs.

      Vaping is basically heating the dry herbs to release the active compounds in your herbs in the form of vapor.

      For example, with marijuana, when heated up it releases THC, CBD, and other compounds, but it doesn’t burn the herbs. This allows users to take the left over herbs and make edibles out of them, something not possible with smoke.

      Vaping basically give you more mileage when it comes to herb consumption.

      Hope this helps!

      • STYLEZ says:

        Thank you so much for all of your answers.I am a newbie and you have been extremely helpful! Thanks Jake

  23. Jessica Stout says:

    where do I find replacement atomizers for the dart, are they the same or they a specific kind I need. I got my dart from and I saw some on there but have no idea of which on to get.

  24. Johnny says:

    Hey. I got my Atmos dart today. The e liquid cartridge had the twine like string in under the tube. I accidentally time those string like things out. Is my e liquid no longer usable ? Please respond.

    • Jake says:

      Hey Johnny,
      You might be able to take it apart and reinstall them into the coil. You could also get some organic cotton balls and use that to wick the coils. Try looking up “how to rebuild kanger protank coils” and it should be very similar to that. Hope this helps!

  25. Jessica Stout says:

    I just ordered mine yesterday. I am excited to try this. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to quit smoking cigarettes and this looked like the perfect vaporizer. I have read so many good reviews on it and I saw your video and it looks easy to manage. 🙂

    • Jake says:

      It’s super easy to load and take care of. Before you know it, you’ll be buying new vapes left and right haha the rabbit hole is deep my friend. Hope you enjoy your new Dart Jessica!

  26. Marcie says:

    My husband received one for Christmas he likes it except for one problem. After recharging the battery it only lasts for 3 – 4 hours only used 3 times is this normal? Also recharging take about 1.5 hours of being plugged in is this also the norm?

  27. Julietta says:

    how do you clean the Concentrate Cartridge?

    • Jake says:

      Hey Julietta,

      I use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, usually gets anything that’s left in there. Just get the q-tip a bit wet and scrub until clean.

  28. Biggy says:

    I just ordered one off of Groupon. On the printed label from Atmos, on the little box that the Dart came in, it clearly says the Dart is for Dry Herb as well. But i can’t see myself using the same chamber for both wax and herb. I would probably get another chamber before I try it. So who really know if it is for dry or not. I can’t seem to find any reviews where people have said they tried it.

    • Jake says:

      I can tell you that it will definitely burn herbs. It’s just an exposed coil, which when heated will just burn whatever plant matter you put in. Works great as an epipe, like most atmos pens, but not as an actual vaporizer. But, if an epipe is what you want, it’s perfect.

  29. tmcd says:

    How does the dry section work?

    • Jake says:

      The unit that we had didn’t have a section for dry herbs, just for e-liquid and wax/dense concentrates. Sorry we couldn’t be more help!

    • admin says:

      Yeah like Jake said, the Atmos Dart is for e-liquids and wax/oil. We’ve gotten this question quite a few times now and I’m not totally sure why. Is Atmos or somebody advertising this unit as one for dry herbs too?

      • Chanda says:

        Groupon says its vapes dry herbs too

        • admin says:

          Yeah I see where the confusion is coming from now. The one on Groupon is the Atmos Rx and claims to do dry herbs (but it’s not a true dry herb pen as it just burns your material). The Atmos we reviewed here is the Dart and only does waxes/oils and e-liquids.

          The Rx kinda sucks to be honest and that’s why we weren’t a fan of Atmos in the past. The Dart is a solid unit though for sure, so Atmos is finally turning things around it looks like.

      • Lindsey says:

        The Atmos Dart ‘Special Edition’ I purchased off of Groupon says on the packaging “Dry herb, waxy & liquid vaporizer. New andonized heating chamber & advanced liquid cartridge.” Why would the Atmos packaging say it if it isn’t capable of doing so?

        • Jake says:

          Well Lindsay,

          Atmos says a lot of products vaporize dry herb when they don’t. I think it’s because they consider “vaporizing” as anything that doesn’t use a direct flame to burn it. I know for a fact it will burn your herbs, and if you want to use it for that it’s perfectly fine, it just won’t vape your herbs. Hope this helps!

      • Brandy says:

        Yes, Groupon is advertising it for dry herbs as well.

        • Jake says:

          I wish they wouldn’t do it, but they haven’t stopped since their first herb pen. Just know that all Atmos products with exposed coils will burn herb.

      • Melissa says:

        I recently bought my Dart Special Edition and have it 2 days. Liquid chamber has cracked for no reason and battery does not charge. Did great on Monday but was dead after three hrs. with minimal use. Tried to charge battery and it will not charge. Little push button light keeps flashing to indicate it’s dead. Don’t know how chamber got cracked. Never dropped it in the three hrs of use. Went to take off charger, put all together then noticed a crack that goes completely around chamber. Then noticed battery didn’t charge at all but indicated it was charged. WTF!

        • Jake says:

          Well the tank cracking can be from the juice you put in there. Any kind of cinnamon or high acid juice will do that.

          As far as the battery goes, it should be able to charge. The battery might have a warranty, so try contacting the vendor you bought it from to see what you’re supposed to do with warranty claims.

          Mine has been going strong for months with pretty frequent use, but the quality control of most Atmos products is notoriously bad.

      • pandajane says:

        yes, it is also advertised on groupon..stating you can use it for dry herb

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