Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Atmos is a big name in the world of vaporization that has been built off a wide array of products they have released with a variety of price ranges over the years. The Atmos Jump is a dry herb vaporizer on the affordable side of the market priced at under $60. The Jump is a little bigger than a sharpie and is easily concealable as well as easy to use. This unit is cut and dry, it lacks advanced features such as temperature control and display however, it doesn’t lack in performance the way you think it would, in fact a lot of the vaporizers in it’s price range in my opinion don’t work as efficiently.

What’s in the Box

– Atmos Jump Vaporizer

– Instruction Manual

– Micro USB Charger

– Maintenance Kit with Cleaning Brush and Packing Tool



The Atmos Jump is a simple design for a dry herb vaporizer and comes in two parts the battery bottom which is combined with the oven/chamber and the mouthpiece that swivels to lock in place up on top of the oven/chamber. The design for the mouthpiece to lock in is convenient being as many vaporizers have the mouthpiece in the same place and if it pops on and off it’s easier to break or lose it. The body of the device is made of carbon fiber with a single power button displaying the Atmos logo on the base of the unit that lights up orange while heating and green while ready for use.

Ease Of Use

The Jump is very easy to use. Pack your material into the oven/chamber located under the mouthpiece and lock the mouthpiece back in place once finished. To power on the device press the power button 3 times and the light will turn orange to signal the device is heating up. Once the jump reaches it’s ideal vaping temperature the light will turn green signaling that it’s good to go. Pull from the mouthpiece until the material is done. To turn off the device press the power button 3 times fast the same way you did to turn it on.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Atmos Jump is way better than you would expect for a $60 unit. It works easy with the push of a button and provides a decent cloud of vapor while using the device. However, it does burn material quickly and I think it would be more efficient with a bigger oven/chamber for longer session time and better vapor quality throughout each session but again with only paying $60, most units in it’s price range have the same issue or make a worse product than the Jump. If used for personal use the oven/chamber size is perfect and will be an ideal unit for you at this price range.

Final Thoughts

The Atmos Jump isn’t the best vaporizer on the market by far but it could be considered one of the best in the lower price bracket. It is very cut and dry with no bells and whistles, plus it’s easy to understand for a beginner just entering the world of vaporization but might be undesirable to someone who has owned a dry herb vaporizer before. As for quality of vapor it does the job better than a lot of the lower priced units but in my opinion the lack of temperature control and small oven/chamber are big cons that would keep me from personally owning this unit but might be ideal for someone else. If you are just getting into dry herb vaporization, have a small budget or need a personal dry herb vaporizer to conceal on the go you might be more inclined to enjoy this product more than I did.

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