Atmos Transporter & Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Reviews

The Atmos Transporter and the Atmos Orbit are two dry herb portable vaporizers from Atmos (and unlike some Atmos products, they actually vape).

The reason I’m doing these two vapes together is because they perform exactly the same, work the same way, but are in two different bodies.

So, if you’re thinking about getting one of these, you just need to choose which body you like more. Here’s how this review breaks down:

  • How it Works
  • Vapor Quality and Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Price and Warranty

Orbit (left) and Transporter (right) Picture courtesy of The Vape Critic

How the Atmos Orbit and Transformer Work

To start off, you open up the bottom of the unit on the Transporter and the top of the unit on the Orbit to load each unit. They both have the same long, thin chamber, and they both perform best when you pack the chamber down a bit, not super tight and not just putting your herbs into the chamber. I like to just pack it down until i get a slight bit of resistance.

Orbit Chamber (courtesy of Vaporizers Reviewed)

Transporter Chamber









Both of these vapes turn on by clicking the single button on the unit quickly 5 times. After turning the unit on, the heater only activates when you hold down the button for a few seconds.

Once the heater activates, it heats to the one preset temp, which is around 380°F (give or take a few degrees). What I like to do is take hits until I’m not getting a lot of vapor, stir the herbs, and then hit it until there’s no more vapor again. After that, the bowl is pretty much finished.

Vapor Quality and Build Quality

Not surprisingly, the vapor quality is not the best. Because of the design of the chamber, your material needs to be stirred to vape evenly, and the vapor gets a bit warm for my taste.

The Orbit is hotter feeling, and I believe that comes from the chamber being right near the mouth piece instead of as far away as possible on the Transporter. That being said, they both perform pretty similarly.

As far as build quality goes, I would say the Transporter is better feeling. It just feels more solid and has a much nicer finish than the Orbit in my opinion.

While they both feel better than some other vapes on the market (some of which are much more expensive), I feel the Orbit is lacking compared to the Transporter.

It basically comes down to the difference between a high quality feeling vape (Transporter) versus a vape that feels somewhat cheap (Orbit).

Battery Life

The battery life is the same on these, about 3-4 (maybe 5 for some people) per charge. While this isn’t the best battery life, it is by no means bad. You just end up charging these a bit more than some other units.

Price and Warranty

The Orbit comes in at $169.95 and the Transporter comes in at $164.95. This is more pricey than I would like them to be, even though these devices perform a bit above what a beginner unit would.

I think something in the $120-$130 range would be better, especially with how awful Atmos’ warranty is.

Atmos only includes a 30 day warranty with these units, which is probably the worst in the vaporizer market (obviously besides companies that offer no warranty, which isn’t many).

This warranty is a joke, and it makes me dislike Atmos as a company even more than I already do. That being said, these are the nicest Atmos products I have ever used, and that says something about these units.

Best Place to Buy?

For these 2, we recommend picking them up from Vaporizer Chief is quickly becoming one of the most reputable merchants in the industry and we love working with them.

Final Thoughts

Between the two, just pick the one you like the look of best and go with it. I greatly prefer the Transporter, but that’s 100% personal preference. They perform better than beginner units, but the price is a bit high I think.

If you can find these for around $125ish (look for sales), they’re worth about that and not much more.

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