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X-Vape Vista Mini Vs. Puffco Peak Enail

Whenever a premium product is released, it’s always expected that competitors will attempt to steal a portion of customers looking for a cheaper alternative. As a professional tester and vape reviewer, my job is to determine not only the functionality … Continue reading

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Pax 3 vs Ghost MV1

Vaporizers come in all different sizes, shapes, and price ranges, but there are also many units that are startlingly alike in both functionality and vapor quality. However, in the case of the Pax 3 and the Ghost MV1, there probably … Continue reading

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G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer Review

The vaporizer industry has an endless array of competing brands, but devices compatible with concentrates and waxes are a unique niche. Shatter, the concentrated form of marijuana, is a great way to experience intense highs and euphoria quickly, but finding … Continue reading

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Atmos Aegis Review

Atmos is a brand-name that is both respected and trusted in the vaporizer industry. This company has been around for a long time, and they produce a variety of products for dry herb material, waxes, and e-liquids. As a professional … Continue reading

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DaVinci IQ Vs DaVinci Miqro

Since the release of its first vaporizer in 2012, Davinci has been a brand name associated with elegance, premium quality vapor, and ultra-portability. This company has never been known to offer a vast line of products since they construct only … Continue reading

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