Best Delta 8 Products You Can Find in the USA (2022)

There has been a surge in popularity of Delta 8 products after the introduction of the Farm Bill of 2018, which unintentionally legalized the usage of hemp-derived products. Cannabis enthusiasts everywhere are excited about this news and are always on the lookout for different types of cannabis products and enhance their recreational uses.

When talking about Cannabis, Delta 8 comes to mind. It is derived from the hemp plant, which makes it legal in around 50 states in the USA. Many people use it for recreational uses, while others use it for medicinal purposes.

As more states are legalizing the usage of Delta 8, their usage is increasing. Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking for information on the best delta 8 products you can find in the USA? If so, then you’ve reached the right destination. Let’s talk about some of the best delta 8 products that will satisfy your needs and let you have a fun experience. However, before that, let’s get brief information on what Delta 8 is below.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 and Delta 9 are chemical compounds known as a cannabinoid. It’s also called Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol or Delta 8 THC. This compound is found in cannabis and hemp plants in tiny amounts and has increasing popularity, as we discussed earlier. It has a chemical structure similar to Delta 9 but includes a less ‘high’ than Delta 9. People even call delta 8 a “diet weed” since it contains less high and is less strong than Delta 9.  

4 Best Delta 8 Products You Can Find in the USA

Now that we know what does Delta 8 means, let’s get to know some of the best delta 8 products you can find in the USA below:

1.    Delta 8 Gummies

If you are someone new to cannabinoid consumption, you will find that the delta 8 edibles are the best choice. One of such edibles is the delta 8 gummies. They are an enjoyable form of cannabis consumption with a soft and chewy texture. Their sweetness masks the original flavor of the cannabinoid, which enables you to experience the wonderful and soothing effects of Delta 8 without actually tasting the strong flavor of the cannabinoid.

You can start by consuming one gummy at first. Once you start getting the hang of how your body starts reacting to it, you can increase the consumption quantity. Also, Delta 8 gummies take longer to set in compared to other delta-8 products.

2.    Delta 8 Vape Carts

Delta 8 Vape carts or Delta 8 cartridges or vapes are a popular way of consuming the cannabinoid. It enables you to experience the sensational way of enjoying delta 8. In addition, Deta-8 vapes usually have different flavors such as Papaya Rosin, Wedding Cake, Strawberry Sour Diesel, Honey Glue, etc.

You can use Delta 8 carts with compatible vape pods or vape pens. If you are a new user of such products, try starting with one puff. You should wait approximately 30 mins before you increase your dosage. However, if you are an experienced user of THC, then you won’t have any issues.

3.    Delta 8 Tinctures

In a bottle, you would find approximately 1,000 mg of Delta 8 THC (depends on manufacturers). These tinctures are usually made by dissolving Delta 8 compounds in an alcohol solvent, and you can get a clean liquid end product. If you want immediate effects from cannabinoids, then trying out Delta 8 tinctures would be a good choice.

Some of the delta 8 tinctures even contain omega fatty acids that your body needs. These can be taken orally or mixed with your food (if you don’t like its taste). That way, you will have a fun way of consuming cannabinoids, leading to immediate effects.

4.    Delta 8 Flowers

One of the most organic ways of consuming Delta 8 is the delta 8 flowers. These aren’t flowers already containing Delta 8. Instead, these are actually hemp flowers in which manufacturers add Delta-8 compounds. These flowers enable you to experience the effects of both Delta-8 and the original CBD flower.

The amount of high Delta 8 may depend on the flower type, manufacturer, and ingredients. However, it’s best to check the packaging details and consume accordingly. It’s better to start slow with small amounts.


Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking forward to trying different types of delta 8 products? If so, we hope this article helps you select one based on your requirements. Delta 8 products can be fun to try and have fewer side effects than its cousin, Delta 9.

While looking for such products, people often get confused about where to buy them. Hence, next time you wonder, “Where buy delta 8 near me?” Try out looking at Herbzdepot to look at the plethora of Delta 8 and other CBD products to choose from.

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