Best Pax 2 Accessories to Make Your Pax Experience Even Better

With the Pax 2 rising in fame, many believe that it is the best portable vaporizer on the market, but others believed that there were ways to make the Pax experience even better.

In this review, we will be going over the most useful aftermarket accessories that will enhance the performance of your Pax 2 to a whole new level.

Here is our list of the top Pax 2 accessories that we think you should check out

1. New Vape Pusher/Vented Lid & Updated Screen for the Pax 2

Pax 2 pusher and lid

Pax 2 pusher and lid 2

Simply put; these tools are a major game changer.

The pusher and screen by NewVape are a dynamic duo that will help improve the draw resistance and vapor production on your Pax 2. But the beauty of this tool is that it gives you control over how much you load into the oven.

Instead of consistently packing full ovens, you can fill it up half way, or barely at all, and it still functions as if it was fully packed. This works by raising or lowering the upper screen that is connected to the vented lid in order to press your dry herb against the second screen.

The updated screen is much more durable than the stock screen. It is not flimsy and weak like the stock screen, but much thicker and easier to clean. I drop both the pusher and screen into a small cup of ISO rubbing alcohol for about an hour and they come out looking good as new.

The only problem that I can report with these tools is that they can get hot if you attempt to hold them in your hands after they have been inside a heated oven. It takes a couple minutes in order for them to cool down.

The Pusher/Vented Lid goes for $35 and you can also opt out of the vented lid and get a non-vented lid, just in case you prefer the draw resistance.

The upgraded screen goes for $15, so this duo sells together for a total of $50. Although it is a bit pricey, you will definitely know where your money went with the upgraded performance.

2. Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

Magic Flight Grinder

It is a standard rule for the Pax 2 to always grind your herb as fine as you can for plenty of vapor production. But with this grinder, your worries of how to get such a fine grind will finally be settled.

Before I knew about this little tool, I would usually hold my grinder upside down in order to get as fine of a grind that I could possibly get. It would yield a pretty decent grind with the material being really soft and fluffy. But once I discovered this grinder, I never went back.

The Magic Flight Finish Grinder is meant to be used as a secondary grinder, after you have grinded your material once already. After you pass your dry herb through this grinder, it has a similar texture to keif; soft, powdery, but easy to pinch in between your fingers.

This tool also helps improve vapor production and vapor taste. Due to the grinder breaking down the herb to a much finer grind, it enhances the taste of your herb dramatically and also produces more vapor due to the grinded material covering more surface area.

These small grinders are hand crafted and built to last; they are made by the same people who make the Magic Flight Launch Box portable vaporizer. I have had mine for two years and it still grinds like a charm.

The craftsmanship, woodwork and convenient travel tin case are also a major plus.

In a variety of Maple, Cherry and Walnut, this grinder goes for $35 on the Magic Flight website, and also on Amazon for $21-$27 depending on which finish you choose.

3. Delta 3D Water Pipe Adapter

Pax 2 water pipe adapter

This adapter is a quick way to be able to filter your vapor through water. It is silicon based, so it is extremely durable and easy to use.

I have used this adapter on plenty of different glass pieces and I have not had a problem to this day.

This tool fits on both 14 mm and 18 mm stems, and it keeps a snug fit. Keeping a soft grip around the adapter prevents it from getting stuck on the stem, but regardless it is very simple to slip onto the Pax.

This water pipe adapter is also resistant to heat, so the warmth that radiates from the Pax 2 will not alter or damage the adapter.

Something that I noticed from this adapter is its performance when using the stock lid and the vented lid/upgraded screen combination. With the stock lid and screen, the vapor production is a bit on the weaker side and the draw resistance is extremely strong. You have to take long steady hits in order for you to get a decent hit.

But with the vented lid and upgraded screen, the draw resistance is basically gone and the vapor production is insane.  If you can take a strong rip, you definitely feel the vapor in your lungs and it is clearly visible with the excess vapor that you release.

So our recommendation would be that in order to get full functionality of the water pipe adapter, make sure you have the vented lid/screen combination as well.

This tool goes for $18 on the Delta 3D Studios website*, and to date is the only site that has this silicon based adapter.

*This is for the adapter only. You will need to buy an actual water pipe separately. Any 14mm or 18mm water pipe will work.

Which Water Pipe Works Best With This Adapter?

When picking the best water pipe to go along with your Pax 2, there are a couple key points to be taken into consideration.


For best performance, we suggest looking into small-to-medium sized water pipes and staying away from taller pipes with more than 2 percolators. Having all that restricted airflow will overwork your device and deplete your battery quicker.

Having a water pipe this size will also be beneficial for portability, so you can have your sessions on the go.


For optimal functionality with your Pax 2, a water pipe that has the percolator connected to the stem is recommended. Your best strategy is to choose percolators that are submerged within the water rather than percolators that aren’t, such as honeycomb, fritted discs, turbines, etc.

A classic and extremely portable piece that I use daily is this hammer bubbler with a 6 arm tree percolator. It holds the perfect amount of water; not too much to present draw resistance and not too little to not be able to cool down the vapor.


Another great example is this reti percolator water pipe. This percolator is double chambered with vertical slits which produce an insane amount of diffusion.


But my ultimate favorite water pipe to use is this beast. It has the same functionality as the 6 arm tree hammer pipe, but capable of standing on its own. It holds the perfect amount of water for vapor diffusion and comfortably fits in the grip of your hand.


All these water pipes can be found at Toker Supply, they will hook you up with the greatest deals on amazing glass and fast shipping.

What to get first for your Pax 2?

If you were to pick one of these accessories to get first, we definitely recommend the lid and screen from New Vape. This accessory amplifies the quality of the vapor IMMENSELY and is a must have for all Pax 2 users.


Altogether, these tools will unlock the true potential that your Pax 2 has to offer you.

Whether you collect these tools one at a time or altogether, it will be an amazing experience and you will not regret buying them. Once you experience what these accessories have to offer you, you will have trouble not using them again.

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