Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide 2019 – Best Vaporizer Pens of the Year

The vape pen market is vast, complex, and steadily evolving each year with the continuous introduction of new and innovative products. Customers may find themselves perplexed about how units differ in function and performance. Finding the perfect brand for each individual can be a vexing process. This guide has been created to act as a customer tool for choosing the ideal vape pen based off  specific user preferences, unit function, portability, and material compatibility.

The expectation for our guide to 2019’s best vapes pens is to simplify the buying process as much as possible. For the readers’ convenience, each product chosen has been separated by classification (not in order of price like our other guides) and will include a short summary about the unit’s overall specs. To read an extended review on the device, simply click the link for the extended review.

Additionally, please keep in mind that this list may change as new vapes pen emerge through out 2019, and that we reserve the right to make updates to this list. Customers are also encouraged to post their opinions in the comments section at the bottom of the page, as the Paint The Moon Team strives to give the most objective reviews possible and feedback is always welcome.

The following is a list of different categories of pens that will be covered:

  • Best vapor quality and most versatile pen 
  • Best vape pen for use on the move
  • Best vape pen for at home AND on the go use
  • Heaviest hitting and largest capacity pen
  • Best vape pen for dry herb marijuana

With all of that being covered, here are our picks for best vape pens on the market today:

Our #1 Ranked Vape Pen for the absolute best flavor, best versatility and top vapor quality is the:

Puffco Plus  Buy Puffco Plus Here

  • Retail Value – $89.95

The Puffco Plus is a pure masterpiece, as it provides amazing cloud quality at a highly affordable price. Whether a customer is new to dabbing, or a seasoned shatter veteran, the Puffco Plus is bound to impress. This unit can be considered a great all-around choice as it is easy to use, creates dense, and flavorful clouds, and has a discreet build for stealthy usage.

The Puffco’s Pros: This unit has the same versatility and powerful cloud production as an e-rig but without the hassle. It has a beautiful stainless steel design and a plated brass exterior, and it’s highly inconspicuous as it looks just like a pen. The Puffco Plus has all the elements of success with its large coil-less ceramic heating chamber, its white ceramic dart which acts as a dabbing tool for easy use, and its rapid heating time (12 seconds) on sesh mode. The unit has three different voltages for users that like temperature control, and they are color coded: green is the lowest at 3.6v, blue in the middle at 3.9v, and the hardest hitting choice is red at 4.2v. We recommend users that enjoy strong rips to start at 4.2v for thick clouds. Also in terms of versatility, customers will be pleased with the atomizer options since the Puffco Plus is compatible with both the coil-less ceramic chamber, and the Puffco Pro 2’s original coil atomizer.

The Puffco’s Cons: The battery life on sesh mode! So, the Puffco Plus utilizes a 520 mAH lithium ion battery that is expected to give about fifty hits on average, however, our experience on sesh mode on the strongest setting was significantly less than this. Users that are on the continual move will need to bring a charger with them.

Best Vape Pens for Discreetness & On-The-Go Use:

G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer – Buy G Pen Nova LXE Here

  • Retail Value – $59.95

Image result for g pen nova lxe

The G Pen Nova LXE Vape Pen is Grenco Science’s newest release, and it has been well received in the 2019 marketplace. This gorgeous pen kept the sleek, modern design of its predecessor, the G Pen Nova, but did major upgrades to the mouthpiece, the battery life, and heating chamber. These improvements brought this device to the next level, and work in unison to make the G Pen NovaA LXE, the ultimate vape for discreet users on the run. The price tag will also appeal to most customers.

The G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer Pro’s: It’s an easy and pleasurable experience to use! The new and improved mouthpiece was crafted specifically to avoid clogging, and there is a stainless steel loading tool within it that is fully detachable for instant packing of dabs. The company also did a great job with the unit by switching over to 650 mAH battery which close to triples the power life of the original G Pen. Additionally of note, is the device’s fully ceramic atomizer and reverse airflow tech which serves to enhance cloud quality and output. Aside from the enhancements, though, customers will mostly appreciate how easy it is to operate, and the ability to have a quick, stealthy session. For rapid use, just remove the mouthpiece and use hidden packing tool to load the wax, then reattach the mouthpiece. From there the device can be turned on by clicking 5 times, and users can select a temperature with three clicks. As soon as temperature is reached, simply inhale and enjoy.

The G Pen Nova LXE Cons: The only slight drawback to this unit is that fans of the original G Pen may miss the old option of switching up usage between dry herb and waxes. In our opinion, Grenco Science made a smart choice in making the G Pen Nova LXE strictly compatible with concentrates, as they greatly improved the unit. However, it maybe a drawback for customers that frequently enjoy dry herb material.

KandyPens Crystal – Buy KandyPens Crystal Here

  • Retail Value – $134.97

The KandyPens Crystal is the winner of the dual usage category. This means that our team found that this vape pen was the most effortless, tasty and convenient to enjoy for both on the go, and at home sessions. The full quartz atomizer is without doubt the highlight of the unit; it sits directly above the heating coil, but doesn’t touch it, for pure, flavorful vapor output. The Crystal also touts some cool goodies in the full box kit.


Image result for kandypens crystal

The KandyPens Crystal Pros: This unit is the ideal for tasty sessions whether at home, or traveling, and it has several advantages over competing products. First off, it’s extremely visually appealing, it’s concealable and overall, just very well built. The KandyPens Crystal is less than 4 inches tall, and it features a stainless steel build with medical grade electro plating, as well as a variety of voltage settings including 2.6v, 3.0v, 3.6v, and 4.2v. The device also truly caters to personal user experience with its 2 click sesh mod feature that allows consumers to alternate between ripping and short sips. The battery is 900 mAH and excellent for all day usage without the need for charging, and additionally, the Crystal has pass through charging so users can continue sessions even while powering up. Lastly, the device surprisingly comes with a lifetime warranty, and the ability to work with other 510-threaded atomizers.

The KandyPens Crystal Cons: The price! The saying “you get what you pay for” is definitely true, and since the KandyPens Crystal is fantastic, it also happens to be costly. The vapor quality is phenomenal compared to many other concentrate vape pens, but some customers may want to choose an economical alternative like the Puffco Plus which is also well known for good cloud output.

Hardest Hitting Vaporizer Pen and Largest Chamber:

R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer – Buy R2 Rig Edition Here

  • Retail Value – $129.00

The R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer will be the best pick for customers that vape excessive amounts of concentrates. It’s a hard hitter with a built in, silicone and food-grade jar for enjoying one’s shatter anytime and anyplace. The unit utilizes a dual rod chamber with Ti titanium coils which creates the most dense clouds possible and allows for intense highs for vape enthusiasts. Consumers should factor in the size of this vaporizer pen; as it is comparatively very large to the other offerings on this list. However, that is the tradeoff for owning the hardest hitting vape pen on the market.

The R2 Rig Edition Vape Pros: This bad boy has the same power as a dab rig, but with the convenience of using it as a hand-held device. The dual rod chamber, titanium coils and a 10mm  white ceramic atomizer all work in conjunction to provide some of the heaviest hits possible. Additionally, users get the benefit of a “visual reaction chamber”, which basically means they can physically watch the vapor build up in the glass (which will be green or orangey-red depending on which version was purchased). The 1100 mAH battery is intelligent so the previous session’s temperature is always saved, and the unit is pretty easy to use. The last benefit of note is the product’s oven efficiency: customers that want to save on wax material will be happy that in spite of the R2 Rig’s fairly large size, it does a great job conserving one’s shatter.

The R2 Rig Edition Cons: The size and discreetness factor, mostly. The design of this vaporizer is extremely cool, and it is an attractive unit, but customers that want conceal ability will not be pleased. The unit is close to six inches in height, and users won’t be able to hide it in the palm of their hand. Also, the low temperature atomizer that comes in the box is not very functional, so customers that are looking for anything but strong rips should seek other options.

Best Vape Pen for Dry Herb:

Boundless CFC Lite – Buy CFC Lite Here

  • Retail Value – $70.00

The Boundless CFC lite is the cheapest, most portable Boundless product out there, yet the functionality is still fantastic. This tiny vaporizer doesn’t resemble most pens, as it is thicker in the middle, but it is still fully concealable. The Boundless CFC lite is compatible for use only with dry herb marijuana, and it has great vapor output for such a small unit. This vape will be great for users that want to get the job done while still enjoying decent cloud quality. It doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles, and it’s highly simplistic in design and usage.

The Boundless CFC Lite Pros: Price, portability and functionality. So the CFC lite is affordable but still well crafted enough that customers are getting a deal. It features an all ceramic chamber with an isolated air path for enhanced flavor. The unit utilizes conduction heating, and it’s simple to operate with three pre-set temperature options (385, 403, and 421 degrees Fahrenheit) that can be toggled through. It’s also one of the stealthiest units out there, as it weighs less than a pound, and is just about three inches in length. It’s a bare bones vape for delicious, and discreet sessions on the go.

The Boundless CFC Lite Cons: It’s compatible only with dry herb. Most customers looking for vape pens tend to be wax, oil, and concentrate users, so this unit would be a no go for this demographic. Other than that, the CFC lite is really a great product in relation to its price.

Conclusion – Which Vape Pen is Best For You?

Overall, our team has been satisfied with each of the above listings, and feels the majority of customers will be of like minds. Each pen excels in the usage scenarios that were specified by category. Consumers that are looking for the definitive “best” vape pen are asking the wrong question. Each user must identify their precise needs, and find what best suits their lifestyle.

So review the following questions:

  • Am I only vaping on the go?
  • Am I primarily concerned about significant vapor production?
  • Do I care mostly for flavor and efficiency?

Sit down, and think about what material will be vaporized, where the device will be primarily utilized (at home or on the move), and how important is the vapor quality, and output. There is not a best all around unit for absolutely everything, but here is a basic summary:

If you want the vape pen with the best flavor and vapor quality, as well as the most versatility, the Puffco Plus is our team’s favorite.

If you primarily vape on the go, we like the G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer  due to its ability for rapid and discreet use.

If you’re mostly an at home user, you can technically go with any on this list, but first you need to decide whether you want big hits, more flavor/efficiency, or a little of both.

For the biggest hits and largest capacity, nothing beats the R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer.

And for a nice combination of flavor and big hits, as well as the option for portable usage, the KandyPens Crystal won’t steer you wrong.

Lastly, if you want a vaporizer pen for dry herb, purchase the Boundless CFC Lite.

Our hope is that this vape pen buyer’s guide aids consumers in the decision making process! If you have any questions at all or are still unsure which pen to go with, please hit us up in the comments and our team is always happy to help!

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