Best Way on How to Store Dab Concentrates

Storing your concentrates is important so they can keep their original taste and potency for long. But if you fail to preserve your concentrates as you should, it begins to lose its potency; it is no longer as flavorful as it once was. So you’d be wasting great cannabis and some cash.

What are Concentrates?

Imagine the ultimate joint in a safer form. Concentrated cannabis gives us an alternative to the toxin we initially got from smoking the herb. Concentrates are what you would call green high. It is healthy and better.

Concentrates come with as much as 90% THC potency in a gram. Now that will give you almost five times the buzz you get from smoking a gram of cannabis flower. Concentrates such as oils, wax, shatter, and tinctures are alternative methods of consuming cannabis.

storing dabs

Different forms of concentrates


Kief, also transliterated as keef, is the resinous trichomes of cannabis. These particles are collected from a mesh after cannabis buds have been sifted loose. These are the little sticky crystals you notice around cannabis flowers.  


Harsh is produced from trichomes, the head of a ripe resinous gland headlining the surface of the cannabis plant. While the process of making Hash has existed for centuries, it has undergone major improvement ever since the legalization of cannabis in some states. The Arabic word Hashish which when translated, means grass. It is a concentrated form of cannabis made by separating cannabinoids from its plant.

Butane Oil

Butane oil, also called butane hash, or BHO, is a relatively new method of using cannabis. The oil or wax is created using butane oil to extract THC content from cannabis plants. You may know this as marijuana or cannabis wax.


Rosin is a type of concentrate made by combining heat and pressure to squeeze the resinous sap from raw material in an instance. The end product is rosin which is very versatile as it is made of a range of raw materials like harsh, marijuana flower, and kief.

Rosin is a translucent sap that can deliver great pleasure. There are also full-plant rosins that carry the full cannabis plant’s profile.


Cannabis isolates have a reputation for being the purest form of cannabis. Isolates are manufactured by splitting or isolating THC from the other components of the cannabis plant. The final product is usually over 99% pure THC. Isolates are a white powdery substance that can be added to anything, including food, medication, cosmetics, and more.

storing concentrates properly

How to Store Concentrates Properly?

Many bad things can happen to your concentrates if not stored properly. Simple factors in our environment, such as humidity or moisture, can cause the growth of mildew and mold. Leaving it under direct sunlight or exposing it to open flames will cause the cannabinoids to break down and lose potency.

Poor or lack of proper storage practice can also cause your dabs to become harsh, stale, or they could lose their flavor.

Silicone Jar

Silicone jars have non-stick properties that suit the stick properties of concentrates, making them one of the best methods to store concentrates. When storing concentrates in medical-grade silicone jars, get a size that will carry your concentrates perfectly. It would help if you didn’t go for containers that wouldn’t let too much air in.

Store your silicone jar in a cool dark place with little exposure to air. Getting an air-tight silicone jar would be preferable as they keep concentrates fresh for a long time. 

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a specialty non-stick paper that is used with wax dabs, wax, and any other concentrated cannabis oils. It is mostly used for storing or packaging concentrates. Its non-stick nature ensures your concentrated oils are stored in perfect conditions, and you won’t have to worry about oil soiling the paper.


The quality and flavor of concentrates are preserved when wrapped in parchment paper or aluminum foil and stored in a freezer. Keeping concentrates at a low temperature in water-tight wrapping helps it last longer. Sometimes, freezing is the best storage option, particularly for the stoners who live in hot regions where cool and dark corners are still quite warm.

Glass Jar

Glass jars are one of the most common ways to store cannabis. Glass jars are both effective and efficient because they are easy to scope concentrates such as rosin, kief, and isolates. It is also easy to reuse and keep clean. All you need is a clean jar that can be sealed with a plastic twist-off cap if you plan on storing your concentrates for a long time; vacuum seal and place the jar in a cool dark area.

Plastic Jar

Plastic jars are more of a short-term storage option. Using a plastic jar is ideal when storing a concentrate like hash. Concentrates like hash oil and crumbles are distributed in plastic containers, but you should transfer the concentrate to another storage container once it arrives. 

Why Do You Need to Store Concentrates Properly?

Storing cannabis the right way is vital in preserving its quality. Sure, you can smoke what you have even if you fail to store it properly, but the quality will never be as good as what it was when you first bought it. Vaping wax with mold is definitely not a good experience.

The longer wax stays exposed to air, the more its THC concentration gets depleted. If you know that so many things could go wrong, there is no point in taking such an unnecessary risk. The safer your concentrates are, the happier you are.

Tips for Medium-Term Storage

If you plan on storing your concentrates for a few weeks, it’s best you use a glass container. Also, silicone is air-tight and won’t allow your concentrates to stick to the surrounding container. Another important factor to consider is where you store your concentrates. The perfect place will be away from light and heat.

Tips for Long Term Storage

The fridge is the best option for many concentrates as they won’t last for months on their own. However, it would be best if you looked through the text on your concentrates to see recommendations on how they are best stored. 

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