Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer Review

As technology grows and the populace moves forward into the new and exciting year of 2019, the vaporizer industry can be expected to introduce some exciting and original, cutting-edge products. The recent trend in the market has been the creation of low-cost units that are still well built and are designed with functionality as the highest priority. As a vape enthusiast, and professional tester, it is my job to determine which new releases are up to standard. The Boundless CFC lite is one such product, and it will be premiering in the U.S. in the winter of 2019. Boundless is a reputable company that has been dominating the vaporizer world with quality devices for the last two years. The CFC lite will be their newest, most cost effective edition and I suspect it will easily end up on this year’s list for top quality vaporizers for under $100.

Boundless CFC Lite Build, Portability & Ease of Use

The CFC lite addressed consumer demand for increased concealability, and it is extremely discreet. The unit is significantly slyer and diminutive than its predecessors, as it reaches just below four inches in height and under one and half inches in width. Like all Boundless vapes, it comes in plain black and features a ridged-appearance to assist with gripping. The build feels fairly sturdy, and the oven can be located underneath the mouthpiece at the top, while the removable battery is found at the bottom of the device. The device, although it’s tiny, can definitely survive a fall without breaking. The overall look it achieves is both strong and attractive.

The Boundless CFC lite is super simple to operate and will not require users to thumb through the manual. There is only one button on the side of the unit that acts as both the power button and temperature control. To use the lite, first make sure to charge it, then pop off the mouthpiece and load the oven, and finally power the device on by pressing the side button five times in a row. Initially, the button will display a flashing blue color which signifies the user is in the preset temperature of 385 degrees Fahrenheit. It will vibrate and the color will turn solid when temperature is reached and the vape is ready to be enjoyed.

As a word of caution, my experience was the Boundless CFC lite was a piece of cake to use, except for the mouthpiece. I think it’s important that users be aware that the mouthpiece is hard to get off and I felt like it was the equivalent of trying to pop a champagne bottle. Even after repeated use, I still had trouble taking the mouthpiece off, and some consumers may not appreciate having to exert that much force.


Oven Capacity & Pre-Select Temperature Control

The Boundless CFC lite comes with an ultra large oven and I was delighted to find that the oven easily holds 0.4 grams of herb without overpacking. A big heating chamber is usually conducive to group sessions, which is personally important to me, as I tend to vape with friends. Many other products that retail around the same price, and that are of similar stature tend to hold less flower. For example, the Vapium Lite, which is around the same size, only has 0.3 grams capacity. Also, most users will be pleased to know the oven is very efficient and does not burn through the herb too quickly, so they should save in the long term.

The Boundless CFC lite is also slightly different in that it has less temperature control options than many competitors. The pre-set temperatures are 385 degrees – blue color, 403 degrees-green color, and the highest temperature of 421 degrees – red color. To cycle through temperatures, simply hold the side button down for three seconds until the color changes. It should be noted that the device works extremely well at every pre-set temp and has a pretty quick heat up time of about twenty to thirty seconds which is on par with the Pulsar APX. I think the CFC lite will be ideal for users that are more concerned with function and vapor quality rather than specific features like precision temp control, etc.


Batteries and Accessories

The Boundless CFC lite comes with a removable 18650 battery and a single charge will give about an hour for continuous use. The charge life is not bad given the size of the unit, and users are welcome to buy an extra battery if they know they are going to be on the go.

It also comes with a manual, usb charging cord, and a scrubby cleaning brush; so all the basics are provided as is expected with devices at this price point.


Vapor Quality & Price Point

The cloud quality of the CFC lite is exceptional, especially when consumers factor in the retail price of $65.00. The vapor is very tasty and the herb flavor is captured well by this unit. The pre-set temperatures are on the higher side so the vapor tends to be warm when inhaled, but it is never uncomfortably hot and users will be able to pleased to know the device powerful and capable of providing big rips.

The bottom line is the unit gets the job done, and it still allows for an excellent user experience whether enjoying a solo or group session.

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