Boundless Tera Dry- Herb Vaporizer Review

The company, Boundless Technology was first founded in 2016, and it has been consistently impressing consumers with superior products since its’ conception. One of their newest vaporizers to hit the market is the Boundless Tera. This particular vape is considered a high-end product which retails around $220, and it’s unique in the fact that it is a portable unit which utilizes convection heating. I am a big fan of some of the predecessor units including the Boundless CF, so I was really curious how this pricy, newer model would compare. This review will cover several topics, and focus in on specs, price point in reference to quality, and my personal evaluation of the device. I attempted to be as non-biased as possible, but I will say Boundless products almost always tend to be great, and there are close to zero negatives especially in the case of the Tera.

Build, Portability, & Facility of Use

The Boundless Tera, unlike most portables, is rather bulky in both width and height- it stands above four inches tall, and the width is about two inches thick. It’s not easily concealable, and it will be visible in your palm. That being said, lack of discreetness is pretty much the only flaw I noticed. I personally loved the heavier, more powerful look and feel of it, especially the way the hand-piece is designed with ridges to act as finger grips.
The color of this unit is solid black, it features an LED display screen at the top, and it comes with two different mouthpieces a regular one which slides to the side for easy use and my favorite- the cylinder glass mouthpiece. For adhesion purposes, the Tera uses two tiny magnets for simple attachment of both the regular and glass mouthpiece. Therefore, loading the heating chamber is a painless, quick process. As someone that hates fighting with equipment and snapping pieces on and off, I consider the use of magnetized parts a major benefit.
In terms of facility of use, operating the Tera is hardly rocket science. There is one large rectangular button that is used to turn the device on and power it up to temperature, and two side buttons which act as up and down controls for the temp. If you want to blaze immediately- charge it, pack your herb in the oven, attach desired mouthpiece, click the rectangle button five times to turn the device on, select your temperature using the side, up and down button, and then hold the rectangle button down for three seconds. The vaporizer will take approximately thirty to forty seconds to heat up, and then you’re good to breath it all in.
The Boundless Tera displays both the temperature and battery life on the top digital screen next to the mouthpiece. When heated to the selected temperature, the device stays ready for good five minute period of continuous usage. In my opinion, the Tera gets things right by keeping things simple, the technology is very user-friendly.

Temperature/Oven Specs, Price Point & Vapor Quality

The Boundless Tera allows the most specific type of temperature control, by allowing users to choose any temperature in one degree increments between 104 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this device has a nice, size oven capacity, allowing for 0.3 grams of flower. The most important feature of this vaporizer is indisputably the convection heating system. The Boundless Tera uses a ceramic heating rod, which is located underneath and completely separate from the oven. Indirect heating methods like convection are mostly only seen with desktop units; convection heating styles are efficient, and great for conserving herb- Boundless Technology did a fantastic job of creating a portable vaporizer with the cloud quality expected of a desktop device.
A price point of $220 for this particular vaporizer is more than fair. Actually in many ways, I feel like it should be listed at a higher value. Before I go into discussing the vapor quality which is undoubtedly phenomenal, I want to cover some of the products’ minor highlights.
The Boundless Tera, unlike huge number of portable units, is super comfortable to hold for an extended period. Unfortunately, there are a large variety of products that heat up in the palm and burn both your mouth and fingers. A good example of one such hellish device is the CloudV F17, which I hated. The Tera has the finger grooves, and a padded feel to it, which allows for comfortable handling, and both mouthpieces never get hot. Another addition that must be mentioned is the glass mouthpiece. The manual states that the glass mouthpiece gives an “enhanced” flavor. During my session, I tested both mouthpieces out repeated to verify the claim. The end result is I can say that the glass mouthpiece really does serve its’ purpose- the taste of the herb is way more powerful with it, and the flavor is potent enough to linger on the tongue.
The vapor quality of the Boundless Tera is 10 out of 10, and it is comparable to that of desktop units like the Volcano. The device is more than capable of making large clouds, and it allows for strong rips especially at temperatures above 405 degree. The vapor does not seem to get too hot, and there is smooth, enjoyable taste with each inhalation. I firmly believe that any user will be happy with experience, whether they are a vaporizer expert or a complete new-comer.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Boundless Tera comes with two LG 18650 2500 mAH batteries, which are removable, and a USB charging cable. Having these swappable batteries that can be popped into a wall charger is priceless. One of the main downfalls of portable units is poor battery life, and the Boundless Tera does a great job of remedying this situation. I have not run out of juice on this vaporizer even once as of yet, and my assumption is that any consumer that travels a lot and is on the go will lean towards purchasing a device like the Tera.
Additionally, it should be noted, this vaporizer does come with a multitude of goodies including a water pipe adapter, five stainless steel chamber screens, a stainless steel mesh concentrate pad, screens for the mouthpiece, and the usual accessories like the packing tool and scrub brush. I am not personally obsessed with getting tons of mini gear, but I think it’s important for many users who do have these expectations with their purchase of a high-end product.

The Bottom Line

To sum everything up, the Boundless Tera is a five star product with consideration to its’ retail value. It meets the consumer demand of convection heating in a portable unit. The oven capacity and temperature control are both more than satisfactory. The clouds produced are smooth, with a strong density and the vapor quality is great, especially when paired with the glass mouthpiece for enhanced flavor. The battery life is long-lasting and the removable batteries were a great idea. After this experience, I look forward to trying all the new Boundless Technology products in the future.

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