Can Medical Marijuana Actually Improve Lung Health?

Since marijuana is a naturally occurring substance that is not processed with thousands of chemicals, like tobacco, many people believe it is good for your lungs. The good news is, clinic research is starting to support what most of us already knew. Marijuana can in fact, help improve a person’s overall lung health.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Combat Lung Inflammation

Roughly 3,000 die each year due to asthma attacks. It is a chronic inflammatory condition that haunts millions of Americans, and people around the world. Smoking cigarettes constricts bronchial passageways. Therefore, people with asthma should not smoke cigarettes. Medical marijuana is well known for being anti-inflammatory and has led people to ask if medical marijuana can help asthma suffers. In fact, it does. Medical marijuana has been shown to expand the bronchial passageways.

People who smoke cigarettes have a decreased lung capacity. This, in combination of the tar that builds up on a person’s lungs, leads to what has been dubbed, smoker’s cough. Marijuana doesn’t cause a smoker’s cough or decrease lung capacity. In fact, marijuana actually expands the lung capacity of user.

Marijuana Versus Cigarettes

Marijuana has several beneficial properties including the ability to promote better sleep, support the immune system, pain relief and has anti-microbial properties. Marijuana itself it less dangerous to the human body than smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco. While cigarettes employ the use of a filter, it still is not as clean as smoking marijuana. Even electronic cigarettes are more dangerous for the human body than marijuana.

Vaporized marijuana on the other hand, makes the process of smoking marijuana easier and removes even more potential impurities. Vaping heats the marijuana to the point of releasing the beneficial properties of the marijuana without combustion. This means no longer inhaling the residue from any non-organic papers used to roll your marijuana or the caked-on resin from your pipe or other delivery methods. For the best cannabis delivery service in Orange County and marijuana vaping options, visit Green Door West for more.

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