Canna Bumps: Are They Real?

Ever since weed became legal across some states in the US and countries around the world, we’ve seen several innovations in the industry, some of which include new ways through which users can consume cannabis. One of these recent developments is Canna Bumps.

What are Canna Bumps?

Cannabis Bumps are cannabis concentrates that are designed to be taken through the nasal cavity. As the name suggests, users can consume this form of THC by sniffing it directly or by consuming it with food by sprinkling it on their salad, omelets, etc.

Cannabis Bumps are designed to allow THC molecules to move directly into the blood circulation via the nasal cavity. This process bypasses the liver and the digestive system giving instantaneous pleasure with no bitterness.



As cannabis bombs stir up different reactions, here are some benefits of using this THC product:

Quick hit:

Consuming Canna Bumps through the nasal cavity means you get to feel the effects of THC quickly. In no time at all, you will be sky high as the breakdown process skips the stomach and liver. Through the nasal cavity, the THC molecules get absorbed into the bloodstream, so you should expect a decent hit in no time.

No Bitterness

Canna Bumps are not bitter. This means you don’t get the bitter taste you would have gotten from the cannabis plant. Consuming them through your nose or mixing them with your food also means you wouldn’t even need to know what they taste like.

Other benefits include:

  • They can be easily purchased online via shopping portals
  • They are 100% vegan
  • They have no added gluten
  • Can be consumed directly or mixed with food

what are canna bumps


Not a good look for the Cannabis Society

The cannabis society is at a point where it needs the world to see reasons why cannabis is good, and Canna Bumps doesn’t help propagate that message. Instead, canna bumps make cannabis look bad. Its color and method of consumption spell doom for the cannabis industry.

Not sold yet

With so much controversy over the canna bumps, it’s no surprise that it’s yet to hit the market. There is no publicity for the product, and only a few sites sell these products. Verified eCommerce platforms like amazon are yet to add this product to their shelves.

Can you really snort THC cannabis?

At this point, there isn’t enough data to suggest whether or not Canna Bumps are safe but they are produced in such a way that allows users to snort THC weed with ease. However, this is not something you would want to use in public and you know why.

What Does the Cannabis Community Think of This?

While there have been mixed reactions to this development, the larger majority have been negative. Cannabis bumps look and sound a lot like coke, and that isn’t something that most cannabis users want to be associated with and for obvious reasons. 

Imagine getting pulled over by the cops or by your loved ones, and you have to explain to them that it isn’t cocaine but weed. With no way to test your cannabis bombs, you might as well just start packing your bags for rehab.

Certainly, cannabis bombs don’t represent cannabis products the right way, and products like these will eventually tarnish the image of the cannabis industry in general. The last thing we want is to have to argue that cannabis and cocaine aren’t the same thing or that cannabis is a gateway drug argument.

Where to buy CannaBumps

This product is not widely available at this time. However, you can purchase it from a few online cannabis stores. Nonetheless, it is important to consider the pros and cons of cannabumps and ensure you’re comfortable with using the products before throwing big bucks at it. 

Very little info about Canna Bumps

Canna Bumps puts us in a tight situation because while it tries to associate with the cannabis family, it is too vague and suspicious. Despite its promise for an alternative way to consume cannabis, there are too many unanswered questions surrounding this product at this time. 

Due to its mode of consumption and the very little information around it, the cannabis society is trying to distance itself from this product until we get answers to those important questions.

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