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We have created one of the best marijuana blog so anyone can contribute in the cannabis community. This site is for long time cannabis advocates and newbies alike. You are welcome to write for us and submit a guest post.

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3. Guest posts must be a minimum of 800 words (We will be checking this too!)

4. You can put links to your client’s website as long as it is not affiliate links, the links must also be relevant to our sites content. Just visit the site to check the niche.

5. Adding authority links will be very helpful.

6. Once the article is published, YOU MUST NOT PUBLISH IT ON OTHER WEBSITES. Neither sites would benefit from a duplicate content

7. Put image link sources at the bottom of the article, below the author bio.

8. Send your guest post to with “Guest Post for Paint The Moon” as email title.

9. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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