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Nectar Collector: The New Way to Dab

When it comes to using wax concentrates, a nectar collector dab kit is the best way to dab. Users are typically confined to two products: dab rigs and portable dab vaporizers. Both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages … Continue reading

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Weed Tolerance Break: How Long Should it Be?

Stepping away from marijuana is vital at a certain point in the life of a regular smoker. However, taking that break can be quite challenging, especially for those who have become best friends with cannabis products. Knowing why, when, and … Continue reading

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Best Way on How to Store Dab Concentrates

Storing your concentrates is important so they can keep their original taste and potency for long. But if you fail to preserve your concentrates as you should, it begins to lose its potency; it is no longer as flavorful as … Continue reading

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Canna Bumps: Are They Real?

Ever since weed became legal across some states in the US and countries around the world, we’ve seen several innovations in the industry, some of which include new ways through which users can consume cannabis. One of these recent developments … Continue reading

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Fake THC Vape Cartridges: How to Tell Real from Fake Carts

The continuous boom of the cannabis industry has attracted a lot of fake products to the black market. Due to the lack of awareness, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a fake vape cartridge and an original one. … Continue reading

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