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CloudV F17 Vaporizer

When a consumer is choosing a vaporizer, there is a large selection to look at which range from cheap, cost effective devices to the ultra, high end products. As an avid vape user, I always like to stick with the middle ground and spend just a little bit more in order to ensure the unit meets my expectations. I was recently given the CloudV F17 vaporizer to test out, and I admit that I have very mixed feelings about this product. The CloudV F17 hit the market earlier this year and it is considered a solid, mid-range vaporizer which retails around $140. The following review will entail the most pertinent details about this unit, the specs, and my opinion on the overall experience using the device.

CloudV F17 Appearance, Design & Portability

The CloudV F17 is extremely visually appealing; the unit has an elegant feel to it and it also utilizes a digital display when powered on that enhances the overall look. Like most portable units, it is tiny enough to conceal very easily – the height reaches exactly four inches. The device features a black center button to power on, and two smaller controls to change temperature. In my opinion, one of the coolest aspects about the CloudF17 is that it utilizes magnetized pieces. The mouthpiece easily clicks into place without the slightest of effort, and the charger also connects via magnets. The CloudF17 vaporizer definitely has the build of a high-end device and I think the more techy-type consumers will enjoy it.


Easiness of Use, Vapor Quality & User Experience

Operating this vaporizer is a painless, pleasant experience. In fact, I didn’t even have to crack open the manual. All you have to do is charge the unit, pack the herb, and power on my simply pressing the center button 3 times. Once it’s activated, the temperature will display in the center button in blue, and from there you choose your temperature by clicking the smaller control system up or down. When you’ve selected the desired temperature, press the center button again two times, and it will immediately begin heating up. You can actively watch the heating process on the digital display.

On the negative side, the vapor quality produced by this unit is pretty average. I tried the device at five different temperatures, ranging from the highest temp of 430 to the lowest point of 385 degrees Fahrenheit, and I wasn’t that impressed. I would recommend using a temperature of 405 to 415 in order to get the best, smooth flavor, but there is still a chance that you won’t be satisfied in general. Although there is no risk of the dreaded throat burn with the CloudV F17, personally, I felt like the vapor was still too warm and almost uncomfortable even at lower temperatures. Also, while you can taste the herb, the flavor is not as potent when compared to other mid-end units such as the Boundless CF. If you are looking to get high as quickly as possible without savoring the sensation, it will do the trick, but I feel a good portion of consumers will be disappointed.

Additionally, all users should absolutely be warned that the hand-piece on this unit gets excruciatingly hot. The device actually became intolerable to handle after a short period of time. I was so displeased and aggravated with having to stop my session every two minutes that I almost gave up on it and considered not doing this review. In order to verify that I wasn’t being completely biased, I passed the unit off to my friend to get his input. He also agreed that the unit becomes too hot to hold very quickly, but noted that at least the mouthpiece remains cool.


Oven Capacity & Temperature Control

The CloudV F17 has a fantastic oven capacity and can hold up to 0.5 grams of flower. The heating chamber utilizes conduction like most portable devices, and prepping the heating chamber is not a chore due to the magnetized mouthpiece. I think that most consumers will be pleasantly surprised with the fact that it does conserve herb. I used the device during a single session of 15 minutes and I did not have to reload it even once.

The temperature control on this unit is very specific, and it allows users to choose any temperature from 385 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Pickier users will probably love this feature and the ability to make adjustments in one degree increments. Regardless, I would have been fine with a selection of five or six predetermined temperatures so this aspect didn’t excite me.

Battery Life & Cleaning

The CloudV F17 comes with a standard battery and USB charging cable. The battery life runs fairly long when you consider the size of the unit, but it definitely will not last all day long. The device also comes with a packer and a cleaning brush in the accessories box. Cleaning it is easy and the device does not require significant maintenance. All in all, it’s the standard fanfare.

The Bottom Line & My Rating:

This vaporizer only scores a 5.25 out of 10. I came to this determination for a multitude of reasons including the scorching heat of the hand-piece, poor ability for handling, the average to sub-part quality of the vapor, and the listed retail price. The unit does have some nice features such as the great oven capacity, and beautiful design. However, the negative aspects are just too glaringly obvious to be glossed over. The manufacturer should consider knocking off about $50 from the current price and it would probably be a better buy. The bottom line is if you choose to buy a mid-end vaporizer, consider a different product.

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