Davinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

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The DaVinci company has a selection of several quality vaporizers, all of which merit being reviewed. Unlike competitors such as Atmos, this conglomerate only creates mid to high end products and is geared towards select users who are serious about vaping. I previously had the privilege of trying out the DaVinci Miqro, which retails around two hundred dollars, and I was highly impressed. Therefore, when I was recently given the opportunity to review the Davinci IQ, I went into the experience with very high expectations for the performance of the device. The DaVinci IQ has a multitude of features, accessories, and specs which should all be covered in depth, so that consumers may understand what they are receiving in exchange for their money.

Design, Portability & Facility of Use

The DaVinci IQ is well-crafted with a solid feel and gorgeous build. It’s also considerably portable, reaching around 3.5 inches in height, and just under 2 inches in width. The unit is offered in four different colors including black, blue, grey, and the limited edition olive green. It features a conduction based oven at the bottom of the unit, and a built in mouthpiece at the top for an enhanced vapor path. The device was designed in mind for top functionality, and sports a USB charging port on one side, an LED visual display on the front piece and three buttons on the other end which act as a power button and a means for adjusting temperature.

The IQ does not actually require a high IQ to operate, and is fairly simple to use. To get ready for an immediate session, have the unit charged up, load the heating chamber and press the power button five times in a row quickly. The vaporizer will indicate that it is powered on with a simultaneous vibration and noise alert, as well as LED light display. For instant use, select one of the four smart path blocks, by using the up or down button, and then press the power button once to choose the desired, preset temperature. The device does take about forty to fifty seconds to heat up, and then, the blinking LED light block will become solid, and it will vibrate to indicate it is ready for inhalation. It is important to note that this vaporizer does come with precision temperature control, as well as boost mode which will be discussed below.

Smart Path Technology, Precision Temperature Control & Modes

The Davinci IQ does everything right in regards to features. The device offers temperature control with a range from 250 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit to users that want exact control over the experience, and a smart path for the eager. I’m personally a fan of ready to go units, and I initially played with the smart paths. The smart path technology offers four different preset temperatures including 351, 371, 391, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. I honestly enjoyed the session at every temperature and I would recommend 371 degrees as the sweet spot for continuous, delicious sips. At temperatures above 400, users will start getting very heavy hits and producing thick clouds so exercise caution for those new to vaping.

buy the davinci iq

Also, this unit comes with a boost and stand-by mode which is guaranteed to delight hard-hitting users. To use boost mode, you simply hold the power button down while you are inhaling and you will receive rips at the max-end of the selected temperature. This is one of my favorite features, which is also present in the Davinci Miqro, and it really helps with achieving an intense high. The standby mode acts in unison with boost mode to ensure the handpiece does not over-heat.

Mobile App & Customization

One of the many selling points of the Davinci IQ is the mobile app which allows users to change settings and also to create their own personal smart paths and customize their experience. Downloading the app is very simple and it’s available in both the google play store and apple store. The Davinci website also provides a getting started video for users with further questions. I tried out the app for the sake of this review and I personally didn’t experience any issue using the application. However, many users did report problems utilizing the app according to Google Play’s reviews and there seems to be many complaints in regards to the app connecting correctly and remembering users’ vaporizers. Therefore, I would recommend consumers that are primarily interested in this product for its’ smart phone feature to carefully read through Davinci Vaporizer App reviews.

Oven Capacity & Battery

The Davinci IQ has a ceramic zirconia oven and vapor path. An interesting fact about ceramic zirconia is that it has one of the best mechanical strengths of all ceramics and its’ thermal conduction tends to be superior when compared to other materials. In the layman’s terms, the vapor is tastier and cooler due the material used, and the hand-piece never gets uncomfortably warm. The heating chamber’s capacity is relatively modest and it can hold up to 0.3 grams of marijuana, so I would say it’s ideal for single user sessions.

Also of note, this vaporizer comes with an 18650 battery which is removable. The ability to switch out batteries for consumers on the go is priceless, and I think will really appeal to users looking at portability. A fully charged battery will typically provide about an hour and a half for vaping.


The Davinci IQ comes with a water adapter/extended mouthpiece, a keychain tool, a convenient carry can, the usb charging cable, alcohol wipes and a chimney brush. Basically the device comes fully loaded, which is expected given its’ price. I thought the carry can was an especially nice touch, for users like myself that are frequently traveling.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The most important aspect of a high end vaporizer is usually universally agreed to be its’ vapor quality. The Davinci IQ goes above and beyond in terms of cloud quality. This device consistently pumps out flavorful, thick clouds, especially at temperatures of 371 and higher, and the taste of the flower is never lost. My lips actually tingled after five minutes of use and I was extremely pleased with the entire experience. The Davinci IQ’s retail price of $274.99 sounds pricey in theory, but I can honestly say this unit is the best of the best, and creates cloud that is on par with desktop units like the Volcano, so the retail value is pretty reasonable.


The Bottom Line

As with most of my reviews, I like to consider all the devices’ flaws versus benefits and then come up with a score. The DaVinci IQ scores a 9.5 out of 10, since it is perfect in reference to its’ build, discreetness, facility of use, temperature control, various modes, and cloud quality. I knocked off half a point for the mobile app since it appeared many users had some trouble with it. All in all, it’s a near flawless unit.

buy the davinci iq

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