DaVinci IQ Vs DaVinci Miqro

Since the release of its first vaporizer in 2012, Davinci has been a brand name associated with elegance, premium quality vapor, and ultra-portability. This company has never been known to offer a vast line of products since they construct only mid-to-high end units. Any reader that has perused my previous writings is most likely already aware that I am a big fan of this brand. However, I have to acknowledge that many users may feel their products are almost too similar in nature. The Davinci IQ and the Miqro are startlingly alike in design, yet their prices vary greatly. Today, I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss the differences between the units and also cover what they have in common in order to assist buyers in choosing the appropriate product to meet their needs.

Build, Portability & Facility of Use

The Davinci IQ reaches exactly three and half inches in height, and about one and half inches in width. It weighs just under half of pound, so it has some heft to it. The IQ has an attractive sleek build with a built-in mouthpiece at the top, and the oven at the bottom of the device for an extended vapor path. The front of the IQ has a series of LED columns which serve as temperature and mode indicators, as well as three buttons on the side: one that serves as the power button, and the other two for control of unit. The unit is currently offered in four colors which include blue, green, black and gun-metal. The overall feel of the IQ is a splash of classiness combined with futurism.

The Davinci Miqro is the miniature, identical version of the IQ with very minor (but important!) distinctions. The build itself is the same from top to bottom; however, this unit stands at 3.1 inches and weighs only 0.2 pounds, making it about thirty three percent tinier than the IQ. It’s one of the most discreet vapes to date, and it is the perfect piece for users on the go. One downside that users should keep in mind is that the oven is significantly smaller and the battery is different as well. These details will be covered in greater depth further into the review.

As far as facility of use is concerned, both units are operated in the same exact way. They are extremely easy to use and enjoy. Users should also know that the IQ and Miqro provide the same smart path technology, precision temperature control, ability to pair with a mobile app, and the beloved boost mode. The main distinction is the display since the IQ can show all details with its larger LED column, while the Miqro must be scrolled through.

Which is better? Both units boast the same gorgeous build and are simple to use. For users that don’t require a large oven and desire stealthy sessions on the go, the Miqro should do just fine. For customers that want every feature possible, a full display, and use more heavily, the IQ will be the better long term choice.

Precision Temperature Control & Oven Capacity

The Miqro and the IQ both utilize smart path technology with pre-set temperatures via the actual vape, and they allow for precision temperature control. The ranges offered are slightly different, as the Miqro allows for 300 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, while the IQ offers more variety for flavor connoisseurs with a range of 250 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, both units utilize conduction heating methods, and utilize extended air-paths with ceramic zirconium ovens for maximum flavor.

The oven capacity is one of biggest differences between these Davinci vapes. The IQ has a huge oven capacity in relation to its actual size, and it can hold anywhere from 0.3 to 0.45 grams depending on how finely ground the herb is. This large bowl makes it ideal for users that enjoy sessions frequently or that participate in joint sessions. It also must be stated that the IQ does a great job of conserving on herb, especially taking into account this a conduction-based device.

On the other hand, there is the Miqro, which has a very small bowl that loads up to 0.25 grams max, and tends to function better with smaller amounts. For users that enjoy sessions constantly and often through-out the day, since there is a constant need to repack. Even if users pack it tightly, they will also find that they need to stir for flavor purposes. On the bright side, like the IQ, the Miqro has a good efficiency for more savings.

Which is better? They both allow for great flexibility with temperatures, the same heating methods, and are constructed from high quality material. The IQ allows for just a tad more in regards to temperature control range, and it has a considerably larger oven. The Miqro, however, is the less expensive of the two and will be a good option for users that don’t use non-stop.

Batteries & Accessories

The Davinci IQ contains an 18650 battery and provides up to an hour of continuous usage. Customers can expect to get up to six sessions on average, which is not that remarkable. However, there is a silver lining- the battery is removable! Having the flexibility to pop out batteries and buy an extra for customers on the go is a huge a bonus, and it was surprising they were able to provide this feature in such a small unit. The battery can be exchanged at the top of the device by snapping open the mouthpiece.

The Micro is equipped with an 18350 battery that only allows up to 30 minutes of constant use. Consumers that enjoy lengthy sessions are not going to be happy with this, and are definitely recommended to pay more and opt for the IQ. Fortunately, the Micro also made the battery removable and replaceable, which slightly redeems the limited power supply. My personal recommendation is that users purchase the “Explorer’s Collection” version and get the extra battery.

As far as accessories go, the Davinci IQ comes fully loaded with every accessory known to man, and users will not be left lacking. The Miqro, however, requires some choices. Customers will be able to choose between buying the standard version of the Miqro with just the vape, or the “Explorer’s Collection” for those that prefer all the goodies, which include a carry can, a glove, a grinder card, 2 batteries, an adaptor/extended mouthpiece, a usb cable, a cleaning tool/pick, an extra pearl post & gasket, cleaning swabs, a mouthpiece gasket and a carry case.

Which is better? The IQ wins hands down when it comes to the battery which offers a full half an hour more for continuous use. Both units come with fully-loaded kits if customers elect to purchase the collector’s edition of the Miqro.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The vapor quality on both the IQ and the Miqro is wonderful, as the clouds produced are smooth, creamy, and potent. The mouthpiece doesn’t get too hot on either device, and users can get expect some serious rips, particularly in the fan-favorite setting- boost mode! The ability to alternate between intense highs, and enjoying light sessions by simply switching modes and customizing settings is bound to appeal to most of the populace.

The price point is where the IQ and the Miqro differ. The IQ is a premium product and comes attached with a price tag of $274.95, while the Miqro, just the vape retails at $149.00, and the full version is $199.00. This major price difference will be a no-brainer for customers on a budget that want quality and affordability. At the end of the day, in terms of functionality, both devices are fantastic.

Which wins? The cloud quality on both Davinci vapes is phenomenal; however price is definitely a factor. If users can afford to splurge and get the IQ, they will be happier with both the battery life, and oven capacity. For customers on a budget, the Miqro will still satisfy without hurting their bank accounts.


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