DaVinci MIQRO Dry Herb Vaporizer

The vape industry is both highly competitive and ever-expanding. There is a constant stream of new products hitting the market every month or two, and it is challenging to figure out which devices are worth upgrading to. Fortunately, there are some companies that are extremely well known and are considered highly reputable such as Arizer, Storz & Bickel and Davinci. I always make it a point to try out the newest vaporizers from the businesses listed above, since many of their products are excellent. My latest acquisition is the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer; this is a unit that I think most consumers will fall in love with, and it requires a thorough analysis. The following paragraphs are devised to help users learn about this vaporizer’s specs, functionality, and overall value.

DaVinci Miqro Design, Use & Features

The DaVinci Miqro is discreet, modern and stylish looking; it comes in a myriad of colors including black, silver, orange, purple and blue, and it is one of the smallest units with a height of 3.12 inches. The portability of this unit is really impressive, to give a frame of reference- its’ predecessor the Davinci IQ is about thirty three percent larger. Also, the device really has a unique feel since the mouthpiece is part of the actual handpiece, while the oven sits at the bottom allowing for a longer vapor path in order for the cloud to cool. On one side of the unit is the USB port for charging, and on the other side, the power button and controls are visible. The front part displays five tiny rows of dots which are used to display important information such as smart path setting, temperature and battery life.

This unit retails at a mid-range price of $149, but it comes with a multitude of features that makes it a true steal for customers. To start with, verify that device is charged, fully load your heating chamber at the bottom, and turn your vaporizer on by clicking the frontal power button five times. From there, the DaVinci Miqro will show 3 highlighted rows. This signifies that you are currently in the smart path mode.

The smart path mode has four different paths to select from, which you will choose by using the up or down button. Smart path one utilizes a start temperature of 350 degrees and an end temperature of 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Smart path two runs from 370 degrees to 390 degrees. Smart path three ranges between 390 degrees to 410 degrees, and finally, smart path four maxes out at 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smart path technology works great, and is simple to use. Once you select your path, the rows will blink, and become solid once the desired temperature is reached. If you’re curious about the exact temperature the vaporizer is running at, simply press the power once and the rows will display the exact number. I tested the vaporizer in all four different paths, and was happy with the vapor quality in all of them.

The additional modes included with this DaVinci model are precision mode, boost mode, stealth mode, and standby. I believe everyone’s favorite mode will probably be boost mode. Boost mode can be activated at any time, by simply holding the power (control) button down and it enables the vaporizer to stay at the max end temperature. I took several rips in boost mode, and was amazed that it hit me so hard- it gave me an intense high which I haven’t experienced with some other brands.

Standby mode is used after boosting to cool down the vaporizer and conserve the herb. It’s accessed by releasing the control button while in boost mode. Considering the device gets semi hot, I found it useful. The other two modes I previously mentioned are precision mode which allows you to select a specific temperature and stealth mode which dims the lights on your device, and can be utilized by clicking the power (control) and down button simultaneously. Personally, I think stealth mode is a nice touch if you’re on the go and don’t want to attract attention. However, I didn’t find much of a use for precision mode since I’m not that particular and the smart paths work just fine. To sum the features up, this unit did an A-plus job; it feels like you’re getting a high-end vaporizer for half the cost.

Oven Capacity, Vapor Quality, & Experience

The Davinci Miqro has an even smaller oven capacity than the DaVinci IQ, and it is recommended to not exceed 0.25 grams. Smaller doses go a long way with this unit, and it is important to not over-load the heating chamber. The oven heats up relatively quickly and takes about thirty seconds at lower temperatures and about forty to fifty seconds at higher temps. The best results I had were loading the vaporizer with about 0.15 grams and hitting it in smart path 3. Try out using boost mode, if you want to get a major punch. The standby mode that follows will ensure that you won’t burn through the herb too quickly. I found that doing it this way, I didn’t need to reload during an 8 minute single session. To sum things up here, the unit is very efficient.

The clouds produced by this tiny unit are going to exceed most customers’ expectations. The vapor quality really impressed me; the vapor was cool, dense and smooth due to the elongated ceramic zirconium vapor path from oven to mouthpiece, and the rips you get from the Davinci Miqro are stunning and powerful. The one negative thing I will say is the flavor of the herb is lost a little bit, but even that doesn’t detract from the experience.

Also, it is important to note that the handpiece does get warm around the four to five minute mark, and the mouthpiece can get warm too, but not uncomfortably so. Compared to other devices such as the CloudV F17 which nearly burned my hand off, I don’t think most consumers will take issue with this either.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Davinci Miqro comes with a single 900mAh 18350 battery, and USB charger. The battery life is not that amazing, and will typically give you about thirty minutes of use. It’s ideal for someone looking for a quick, strong session. The box also includes 10mm water tool adapter/extended mouthpiece, a packing tool, some cleaning swabs and pearl posts and gaskets.

If you want more battery life, consider opting for the DaVinci Miqro Explorer’s Addition which comes with an extra battery and significantly more accessories. The price difference between the basic edition and explorer’s addition is about forty dollars, and it will be worth if for the consumers that like to have all the toys.

Price Point & Device Score

In conclusion, the Davinci Miqro scores a whopping 9 out of 10. The listed retail price of $149 is super cheap when all the factors are taken into account. This vaporizer has the ideal size, look, and feel. It’s easy to use, comes with sweet features, and it produces the kind of sky, high quality cloud that will literally blow you away. Bottom line- Davinci did things right yet again.

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