Our Top Rated Desktop Vaporizers

For most people I know, combustion is their preferred way of enjoying their tobacco or other herbs. Unlike them, I prefer a cleaner alternative. This is why I use vaporizers, and a great vaporizer on the market right now is … Continue reading

The Hot Box has a very stylish design and comes in the shape of…you guessed it, a cube! 🙂 Now, for some strange reason every time I look at this thing I get the idea of a rubix cube. Then … Continue reading

It seems like just about all of my friends are die-hard herb users, and because of this i‘m usually one of the first to learn about any new products hitting the market. Well, as it turns out for the past … Continue reading

In terms of ease of use, the Easy Vape definitely lives up to its name. Out of all the products I’ve tried this one seems to be one of the most beginner friendly. But before you head out to pick … Continue reading

For those of you looking for something right in the middle in terms of price, the Arizer Extreme Q is right up your alley. It’s not cheap, but at the same time it’s not as expensive as a few other … Continue reading

If you’ve read my blog for some time then you probably realize by now that I’m all for standing out of the crowd. And this is one of the reasons why I’ve chosen the Silver Surfer vaporizer as my next … Continue reading