Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen Review

Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen: A Review

Dr. Dabber has made a name for themselves in the industry for their various concentrate vaporizing products and are widely known, even to casual concentrate users.

To add to their long list of products, Dr. Dabber released another concentrate vape pen, but this time, they kept it extremely small.

Easily concealable, yet it can pack a potent punch, the Dr. Dabber Light is an ideal form factor and function for those looking to be using concentrates on the go with little to no attention being drawn to them.

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Light

The Dr. Dabber Light is as easy to use as any regular e-cig; 5 quick clicks of the button to power on or off then simply hold the button down for the duration of your draw, and that is it.

Anyone who has used an e-cig or uses e-cigs regularly will feel right at home with this unit both in form, and in function.


The button is small and tactile, providing a reassuring click to ensure it is entirely engaged. The small Dr. Dabber logo on the bottom of the unit lights up when the button is activated, ensuring the user knows when the unit is on.

Pieces and Assembly

The Dr. Dabber Light is also simplistic in its assembly, only having a few parts.


The two main parts of the unit are the atomizer and battery. That’s all!


The atomizer can be taken apart into 3 pieces for maintenance, coil replacement, or loading.

It is simplistic to disassemble as well, as each piece is held on by silicon O-rings that provide a good seal while still being easy to pull apart.

In my extensive use, I didn’t take just the mouthpiece off frequently, and personally preferred to simply take the entire sleeve and mouthpiece combo off to load or inspect my atomizer.

The only real time I would take just the mouthpiece out was for either a quick check of my wick condition or how well the concentrate is melting.

Atomizer Performance and Vapor quality

The Dr. Dabber light is much like its older brother, the Dr. Dabber Ghost, just shrunk down.


The atomizer is a titanium wire wrapped around a ceramic fiber wick. As you can see my coil is relatively dirty just because of the amount I have used it, which brings me into some pretty large cons with this unit. 

I have used other concentrate pens on the market and I personally find these style of wicks to be awful. In my experience, they do not hold up for very long and can cause performance to degrade quicker than I like.

On top of all that, they’re not cheap. Luckily, there are 2 included in the box with the vaporizer, one attached and one spare, but they only lasted me around a few weeks of intermittent use.

There are other, similar form factored concentrate pens that I feel have better coil and wick set ups, but it all boils down to personal preference.

Keep in mind, regardless of what kind of coil and wick set up there is, your atomizer will become dirty and dark with use. This is normal. My issue here is that I find the ceramic fiber wick to “gunk up” and dirty much quicker than other atomizers that don’t use fibers, rather a quartz or ceramic rod to wrap the coil around.

With that rant over, this atomizer certainly has some upsides. It has a near instant heat up time (1 second or two and begin drawing) and holds around 0.1g of concentrate. To load, don’t pack your material in there, but place it on top of the coil and pulse the battery a few times to get it to melt and absorb into the wick.

The vapor quality is extremely surprising from something this size and is definitely one of its shining qualities. The draw is only slightly restrictive, which I actually like, and the taste (on a new or clean coil) is good. 

You can produce decently large hits from this small unit that are both pleasant as well as potent.  The performance of this unit is on par with its older brother, the Dr. Dabber Ghost, just with a smaller concentrate capacity.

Battery Life

The included battery is extremely small, but I found it sufficient to power the unit for a surprising amount of time. This isn’t a battery you can set out with for a week of significant daily use and not worry about recharging, but for the short trips (hiking, grocery getting, concerts, etc) and intermittent use, it would last me through all of those (with a charge in between) with no issue.

As long as you use the battery reasonably and aren’t planning on trying to use this as a daily rig, I think it will be more than sufficient.

Included in the box is the USB charger for this device with an indicator light telling you charge (red for charging, green for complete).


The crown jewel of this unit is its form factor and stealth. This thing is seriously small.



You can honestly stash this thing anywhere and even entirely conceal it in your hand fully assembled.

This is exactly what this vaporizer was made for: incognito use of concentrates, and it absolutely excels in that department.

Pros and Cons


  • Stealth and form factor is king.
  • Good vapor quality even at its size.
  • Ample battery life.
  • Easy to use.


  • This unit and replacement atomizers are fairly expensive and there are other options on the market that are cheaper.
  • They gunk easily and once they start to gunk up, performance and vapor quality quickly diminishes.

Final Thoughts

The Dr. Dabber Light vaporizer pen performs great for its size, but with the cost when compared to competition, makes it hard to consistently recommend.

I personally used this often during the summer months when attending concerts and going on short hikes, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Unfortunately, it has been sitting idle for quite some time now after purchasing a different concentrate pen, and I don’t foresee it coming out of retirement any time soon.

I upgraded to a Source Orb Slim kit, at a minor reduction in form factor, but an extremely large increase in cost effectiveness, variety, and overall performance.

Source also offers the Source 10cig, which is the same form factor as the Dr. Dabber Light, and for only $10. Additionally, it uses a ceramic rod (which I personally prefer), and can be replaced without much worry if lost due to its low cost.

I would love this and absolutely recommend it to everyone if the cost for the unit was lower and the coils were better, but unfortunately, both of those played largely into the retirement of this unit for me, taking off two and a half stars. It’s great, but some of it’s competition simply does better.

Overall, 2.5/5

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