Dry Herb Vape Pens Are Booming

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Millions of people are partaking in the 2015 craze of buying a dry herb vape pen. No more blunts, joints, bongs and pipes, a better name for this mechanical art would be a weed pen. As the most popular manufacturers keep coming out with a new pen that not only performs better, but costs less. Herbal vape pens are an ever growing epidemic to the biggest revelation of the century, marijuana becoming legal. There’s many reasons why you want to vape out with an herb pen. The nature of these devices is life changing for each new vapor enthusiast that comes on board and makes their first purchase.

Though it is a growing trend that proves it costs a pretty penny, it is easy to explain the hundreds of benefits an herb vape pen can carry for the consumer. It all boils down to how much are you willing to invest? You end up paying for the design, materials,development and performance.

Why Buy an Herb Vape Pen?

Not only will you save over 8 grams per ounce, you will no longer be putting your cardiovascular system in harms way. There’s no more inhalation of smoke when using a vape pen and the potency increase makes it to where you save tons more herb in the long run. The whole point of an herb vape pen is to extract the botanical on the herb and turn it into a gas form called vapor. You’ll inhale clean, tasteful vapor, and unlike smoke, the vapor will harmlessly pass into your cardiovascular system significantly reducing harmful effects of carcinogens and toxic materials that’ll ultimately lead to cancer. Other benefits that aren’t significant but play an important role on the popularity of these herbal devices are the quick, on-the-go; load, turn on and vape your medicine, it doesn’t get easier than that.

If you have a vape pen that holds e-juice as well, you may want to look into getting 120 ml ejuice bottles, to save money.

How Do These Weed Pens Work?

As most vape pens use conduction heating, there’s an improved method of heating that greatly enhances the heat produced from the coil into even air-flow. Anodized heating is when a ceramic glass filter and/or stainless steel screen create some space to allow the air-flow to circulate fully around the herbal chamber that makes it a clean, smooth and even pull when using an anodized device since it produces pressure to enhance the heating experience as well as the even distribution of heat. Your herbs never actually touch the heating element and the well designed structure with the right air-flow holes can turnout to be an a very effective vaporizer that will ensure you won’t experience combustion.

Quick Herb Vape Pen Facts

  • It is true that herbal vape pens save over 8.5 grams per ounce which will save you hundreds of dollars every-time you buy the popular 28 gram bundle.
  • in 2014 the vape pen market was at $2.3 billion, it is now around $5.3 billion in 2015
  • Portability, enabling easy storage in your pocket, purse and comfortable to travel around in your hand without ever raising an eye-brow. Enthusiasts can get away vaping their herb in public places where it wouldn’t be permitted without anyone ever knowing since vapes don’t create a lingering smell.
  • Herb vape pens are powered by batteries which require no flame
  • Enthusiasts can expect over 6 – 24 hours of non-stop use depending how large the battery is.
  • Although vape pens have small herbal chamber, the amount of herb you can add can go a long way. It is said all you need is a pinch (.2 grams) to equal out the strength of an entire gram.
  • Vape pens provide a discreet and harmless environment. Unlike smoking which causes secondhand smoke, vaping a dry herb vaporizer is completely safe and harmless. Carcinogens, poison and toxic smoke are no longer present when using an herbal vaporizer. There’s no more burning leaf, herb particles, glass pipe, lighter fluid or wasting your medicine. To cannabis users today, owning a vaporizer is a no-brainer, we guarantee you will thank us if you shockingly don’t own a vape pen yet.
  • Never buy your herbal vape pen from 3rd party marketplaces like eBay, none of the manufacturers offer warranty for these type of purchases because of the growing number of knock-off and fake vaporizers being sold online is growing at staggering rates. Beware of buying online, only make a purchase through a trusted authorized retailer.

It may seem expensive to invest over $100 on a hand-held device, but you’re investing in your health and well-being when you take quality into consideration. It would be pointless to buy something that ends up being a combustion pen. Smoke defeats the purpose of vaporization and you should steer clear of vape pens that do not have anodized heating. Although some vapor pens such as the Atmos Rx can be effective if used properly, the exposed coil directly on your herb can quickly lead to combustion. That’s why many retailers offer the honeycomb glass screen for vaporizers such as the Atmos Rx, but that just creates a less user-friendly experience and more mess when done. It also restricts that air-flow of the vapor path, if you stick with anodized heating vape pens, you’ll find yourself enjoying the experience from start to finish.

Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Price: $59.95

The Atmos Jump is the newest created anodized vaporizer that is made out of carbon fiber, is very small and handheld only at 5.8″ tall. with strong design, the vaporizer can withstand any amount of drops and still work like it’s new. The Lithium Ion Battery it comes with ends up being a big 1200mAH battery that charges up with a USB cord fully in about 3 minutes. The loading area where you put your herbs underneath your mouthpiece is surrounded by ceramic glass. The advanced air-flow holes around the heating element will ensure you, you’re using the entire heating chamber when you take a pull as temperatures reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit depending how hard you pull. The Atmos Jump just came out in the beginning of June 2015 and is an incredible pen vape that’ll be sure it can take care of your everyday needs. The best part, the Atmos Jump can be yours for only a $60 investment. This unit has stacked up well against big time players like the PAX vaporizer, when we had an old fashioned square off on which one works better, we were able to conclude that the Atmos Jump is worth every penny. This pen was made to be the herbal pen vape everyone can afford as it works better than top rates vape pens like the Atmos Orbit and the Boss .

Atmos R2

Atmos R2 Vape Pen

Price: $89.95

A True vaporizer the Atmos R2 was designed to hold more herbs than the average herbal vape pen can carry. It is a portable vape pen designed to fit discreetly in a pocket or purse. The exterior stainless steel structure will ensure that you are carrying a durable product at all times. It is made to travel as well as made to withstand a drop or two since it would be an herbal pen vaporizer that has the chamber capacity to be the pull and pass type of pen vape model to go nice in a group setting. If there’s one small vape pen that can share without having to fill it after every pull it is the Atmos R2, the perfect weed pen to be able to function to fulfill multiple users with long vape sessions. The herb chamber uses quality ceramic glass as the heating type is anodized heating, this unit is a true vape pen that won’t bring your herbs to the point of combustion.

Atmos Orbit

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

Price: $139.99

If there is one herb vape pen that is worthy for any user to buy it is the Atmos Orbit. Structurally made out of anti-scratch material outer later fitting with a sued leather grip the Atmos Orbit is a true anodize vaporizer that uses all the high quality components that only the best vaporizers online incorporate. The thing about the Orbit that stands out of the rest is the enhanced structure the build is made out of where it would be pretty hard to destroy the outer layer due to the strong and enhanced durable exterior. On top of that feature is the anodized heating factor which like the Atmos Jump, will separate your herbs away from the heating element. The Orbit has an all ceramic glass structure that indicates to you when it is ready to begin pulling your vaporizer. The Orbit is built for comfort and quality vaporization, handheld vaporizer fits perfectly anywhere as it is only 7″ long and 2″ in diameter.

Investing in Weed Pens

Once you purchase your first herb pen and realize how effective using one is you’re going to understand why everyone is buying the latest and greatest technology in vaporizers. You’ll understand the importance and role a vaporizer will take on your life and be keen to finding out which manufacturers see the most value to create the best Weed Pens in the world.

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