E-Clipse Portable Vaporizer Review


The E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer really hits the nail on the head when it comes to fulfilling what you want in a portable vape for herb.  It stands at only 3.5 inches tall and had me vaping in less than 30 seconds.  I started off enjoying some very light, smooth vapors, but was also able to get huge rips when I increased to the max temperature setting of 435° F – which was achieved in well under a minute.


Surprisingly, this vape will not break the bank and is very affordable versus some comparable peers.  So if you are looking for something nice, but you need to stretch the dollar, the E-CLIPSE is worth a look. 

Features of the E-CLIPSE Vape Pen

  1. Fully Customizable Temperature Control – With this vape I have the ability to change the temperature up and down by a single degree between 300° – 435° F. This is very important, especially if you are sensitive to thicker vapors.  The flexibility is great and allows you to fine tune exactly how much and how quickly vapor is produced.
  2. Digital Screen Display – The screen display is nice and bright, easy to read and it has all of the basic information you would expect to see. It shows the battery level, current temperature and the temperature you are looking to heat to.  It also will indicate whether the chamber is heating up or maintaining.
  3. Super Fast Heat up Time – This is one of the fastest heating vapes I have ever experienced. Once the vaporizer is turned on, the chamber starts to heat up right away and within a quick 20 seconds vapor is already forming at over 300 degrees.  Once upon a time you had to wait a couple minutes to start vaping, but not anymore.
  4. Discreet & Very Portable – This thing is real sleek looking so you’ll want to show it off to literally everyone. But for when you need to be discreet, it is very slim and compact so I could easily stroll around anywhere while the vape more or less disappears in my palm.  Some portable vapes can be a bit bulky to travel with, but this one fits anywhere and might be the best in terms of portability.
  5. Vape Battery Performance – The E-CLIPSE has a 2200mah battery capacity. You can definitely find vaporizers with a larger battery and longer run time but I can’t complain about this battery, especially when you consider how small the unit is.  The one charge could easily last all day, but if you are headed for an extended period that involves vaping with friends, it would be prudent to bring the charger along; and that just might be some good advice regardless because no one likes an abruptly ending vapor session.
  6. Vapor Quality & Thickness – The heating chamber is made of ceramic and thus far the vapors coming out of it have been very tasty. With the completely adjustable temperature settings I was able to produce a variety of vapor levels.  I was able to produce light vapors that were barely visible and very easy on the throat.  On the other side of the spectrum I was also able to turn the heat up to over 400 degrees and get some pretty big rips that produced large vapor clouds, but at that heat the vapors were not as smooth.


Some things that could use improving

  1. Chamber Positioning – There are top-loading and bottom-loading vaporizers. The E-CLIPSE is top-loading which means that the heating chamber is located at the top of the vape sitting below the mouthpiece.
  2. Vape Bottom – This vape pen is very sleek and stylish, but that comes at a cost and there is no way to stand this vape on the table so you can easily load the heating chamber. It is not the end of the world but I had to hold the vape or lean it on something while I was packing it.
  3. Chamber Size – Not the biggest deal, no pun intended, but I would give this vape a few more points if the chamber could be larger to accommodate more herbs.


The Verdict

I have been using the E-CLIPSE and overall I cannot complain.  It is very consistent, easy to use and allows me to get vapor sessions in quickly.  This is a solid vaporizer and you can be confident if thinking about giving it a try.

Best Vape Shop to Buy the E-CLIPSE

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