E-Livi8 Portable Vaporizer Review

Hey guys, we have another guest review today from the guys over at EveryoneDoesIt.com. Hope you enjoy it!

The E-Livi8 is a new portable vaporizer which has been designed by a team of three notable industry bigwigs, led by Captain Redeye (the guy behind Red-Eye who produced the Rokit waterpipe and the Alivi8 vaporizer among other top products).

The E-Livi8 is a ‘Red-Eye Remix’ of the Flowermate Vapormax V. Team Red-Eye took the original design of the Flowermate and carefully made a series of modifications and upgrades that completely transform the performance of this vape.

Through extensive testing, the Red-Eye team worked out the optimum temperature settings to maximize the performance of the E-Livi8. They settled on 3 new settings: 172C / 340F is the first setting which is known as Rejuven8. 185C / 365F is the second pre-set, known as Medic8. Finally, for a final purge of your herbs, set the E-Livi8 to 216C / 420F which is known as Sed8. These new temperature settings were incorporated onto a new circuit board which replaces the one from the Flowermate. These are unique and exclusive pre-set temperature settings, not available on other vapes of this type.

Next, team Red-Eye addressed the issues with airflow. The original Flowermate draws air over batteries and other electrical components. That’s why the vapour is often tainted with a metallic, powdery taste that ruins the experience. To remedy this, the E-Livi8 vaporizer is equipped with a re-routed, silicone-sealed air path which does not draw air over anything that can taint the vapour. This is a unique and exclusive feature which is not available on any other vape of this type. It results in clean vapour bursting with natural flavours.

Finally, to distinguish the E-Livi8 from the Flowermate or other similar models, the team gave it a stunning chrome finish, etched with the Red-Eye logo. Again, this is an exclusive feature. If it isn’t chrome, it isn’t a real E-Livi8 and chances are it’s a lesser vap.

Performance-wise the E-Livi8 is head and shoulders above any vaporizer of this type we have seen to date. This vap produces clean, tasty vapour completely devoid of contaminants or nasty metallic tastes. Using the variable draw control, the user can tailor the airflow to produce denser or thinner vapour depending on personal preference. The twin 2600 MaH batteries give the E-Livi8 enough vaping power to last a heavy user most of the day without running out. The design of the heating chamber ensures that your herbs or tobacco blends do not come into direct contact with any heating coils – this means that the E-Livi8 offers ‘true’ vaporization. No combustion occurs whatsoever – this is a much healthier way to vape.

The E-Livi8 comes complete with a host of extras and accessories including stainless steel ‘bullets’ which can be pre-loaded with herbs and taken with you on your travels for rapid reloading on the go. Also included are a universal worldwide charger, spare gauzes, cleaning and loading tools and two mouthpiece attachments – one silicone, one borosilicate glass.

The E-Livi8 vaporizer is available now from Everyonedoesit.com with FREE SHIPPING, same-day dispatch and EDIT’s famous price match guarantee!

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