Exxus Mini Portable Vaporizer Review

The Exxus Mini is a small and discreet lightweight portable vaporizer that I feel is a great low cost competitor to the PAX and also is a better option than our previous budget PAX alternative, the G Pen Elite. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that doesn’t break the bank and is very concealable – this is probably what you’re looking for in my opinion. There’s a lot to talk about here so that’s why we’re going to break this review up into a few different sections. The following list is the features and topics we’ll cover in this review.

  • Oven Capacity and Efficiency
  • Vapor Path
  • Vapor Quality
  • Temperature Control and Unit Operation
  • Portability and Build Quality
  • Battery Life and Charging
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Pros/Cons Breakdown

With all that out of the way, let’s see what makes this tiny device so special!

Oven Capacity and Efficiency

For starters, this is only a herbal vaporizer so it does not have any sort of concentrate pod or anything like that.

The chamber I found is a good size for 1-2 people, I can comfortably load about .2 of finely or coarsely ground flower. If you grind the material finer you may be able to fit more but I found a coarse grind was more than sufficient.


Overpacking the oven I found led to subpar vapor production, I found a full loosely packed oven is the best method of the loading this vape. Tamping down the flower impeded the airflow to much.

From a full oven I would expect about 15-20 minutes of vaping, I like to start from 350F and work my way up to 400F for reference so your mileage may vary if you like to vape differently than I do.

At the end of the session I found the herb to evenly vaporized and no charring even at the higher end of the temperature spectrum.  The unit utilizes all the active compounds in your flower is a great use of your flower which is great since some of the entry level units can be pretty hit or miss in this department, but I’m happy to say the Exxus Mini excels here.

Vapor Path

The Exxus Mini is sporting a pretty short vapor path overall.

For starters the oven is anodized steel.


While the mouthpiece is plastic with a silicone insert on the inside of it to filter out particulate matter.


I did do a short burn off before I used the Exxus Mini as you should do with really any vaporizer before you use,and after the burn off I didn’t notice any off flavoring during my first session.

Based off my observations, it seems like the unit primarily uses conduction heating to vaporize your material, pretty standard for vapes of this size.

The Mouthpiece does have a little silicone mouthpiece cover that you can put over the plastic mouthpiece.


It’s pretty necessary as the mouthpiece gets really hot after extended use. I didn’t have an issue pressing my lips against it when the mouthpiece was hot, but pretty much all my friends agreed that I was crazy and I see where they’re coming from. 


This is, in my opinion, the biggest flaw of this unit, the hot mouthpiece can be a little off-putting, and I think that’s due to the short vapor path. With the silicone guard, the mouthpiece just gets warm but not unusably hot, but I think it might be unusable for some people without the guard after vaping for 10+ minutes.

Vapor Quality

This is the area of the Exxus Mini where I think it really stood out the most. This unit produces fantastic vapor. It’s smooth, it tastes pretty good, and you get a good amount of it.

The vapor is very smooth in the beginning of the session, but I did find the vapor got hotter as the session continues and you as begin ramping up the temperature. Not unusably hot vapor that makes you choke up, but vapor that definitely tickles your throat on the way down. I experienced this most once I went past 380F. Compared to the G Pen Elite which is what I would consider its closest competitor – I find the vapor from this unit much smoother in comparison.

Also, I found the flavor to be above average for the price range in my opinion.

To clarify, I had my doubts about the flavor this unit would produce before I used it. I wasn’t a fan immediately of the silicone insert inside the mouthpiece; I thought it would produce a noticeably bad flavor.


However, I didn’t notice any plastic flavors or anything like that if anything the unit leaves a more distant conduction burnt popcorn flavor as the session continues if anything.

the first few draws taste really great, with each subsequent draw getting noticeably more roasted in flavor.

Vapor production all around the board is good with this one. I start my sessions typically at 350F and even at that setting I do get a noticeable amount of vapor which is great for a unit like this. You will get larger clouds if you skip right to the higher temperature but it will be at the expense of flavor and smoothness.

Temperature Control and Unit Operation

Off the bat, I liked the simplicity and ease of use of this vape. Simply click the power button 5 times to power the unit on, and from there the LCD screen will give you an unlock symbol and then display your current temperature and your desired set temperature.


To change the temperature simply use the up and down arrows that are on top and right below the LCD screen.

The Exxus Mini is utilizing a fully adjustable temperature spectrum up to a maximum temperature of 410F. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how exactly you want to vape.

Portability and Build Quality

Portability and vapor quality are what I feel make this unit a great bang for the buck. There aren’t a lot of portable vaporizers I feel confident bringing along with me for use in the public. Before I used the Exxus Mini, I used to recommend the G Pen Elite to someone who’s looking for PAX like portability but in a cheaper package. However that has since changed because I feel this unit as all around better.


Regardless, this unit is super small coming in at 4 inches of height and 1 inch in width making this a really small vape.

The exterior of the unit is aluminum with the base and mouthpiece being plastic. The Exxus Mini is also pretty light coming in at about 70 grams of weight.

The vapes build quality feels about right for the price range and I have no complaints about it.

Battery Life and Charging

I was pretty impressed with the battery life, but not blown away due to the lack of replaceable batteries but it is a small unit and compromises probably had to be made.

I got about 4 or 5 20 minute sessions per battery on average. This should be enough for most people, but you may need to bring a portable battery bank if you’re a heavy user and need this for all day use on the go. This is where I would like to see replaceable batteries but we can’t always get what we want in these cheaper devices.


The unit is charged via a standard micro USB cable, and I found needs about 2 hours to be fully charged which is pretty standard with a lot of vapes.


What you’ll get in the box besides the Exxus Mini includes the following itemsv7bx43s

  • Cleaning Brush
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Tool

There are also some glass mouthpieces you can purchase separately from Exxus Vape’s website. I haven’t had the opportunity to try them but I’ll look into it and see if I can get one to give you guys an opinion.


The Exxus Mini is covered under warranty for two years. If you have any issues during the warranty period they’ll take care of you via a repair or a new unit. I always like to see longer warranties but two years is acceptable.

Pros/Cons Breakdown

To summarize the review, I’m going to break down what are in my opinion the pros and cons of this vaporizer.


  • Small and discreet form factor
  • Good vapor quality
  • Quick heat up time
  • Fully adjustable temperature spectrum


  • Hot Mouthpiece
  • No replaceable batteries


Ultimately what we have here is a small and discreet portable vaporizer that delivers great vapor without breaking the bank.

I think Exxus Vapes have a great vape here for their lineup, it hits the nail on the head in the areas that count in a true portable vaporizer. The ability to be discreet, produce good vapor, and have good battery life – all of which this unit has.

Now I would also like to mention. If you are going to vaping at home primarily but still don’t wish to be tied to a desktop take a look at the Boundless CF and Boundless CFX. Both of these vaporizers are coming in at a very respectable price points, and are great for home and for bringing along with you but mind you they are not quite as discreet as the Exxus Mini. Be sure to check out our full written review of the CF and CFX if you don’t need your portable vape to be small and discreet!

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