Firefly Vaporizer Review

UPDATE: The Firefly 2 is now out!

We know there were a host of issues people were having with the original Firefly, mostly having to deal with battery life. For that reason, we did stop recommending the original Firefly.

However, after extensive testing with the new Firefly 2, we are happy to report that not only have the battery issues been resolved, but the Firefly 2 has improved on the original in every way possible.

While we do not recommend the original Firefly anymore, we are huge fans of the Firefly 2, and feel it is one of if not the best portable vaporizer out right now.

>>Click Here to read our full Firefly 2 review.<<

The Firefly vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that made its debut in December of 2013. This vaporizer is sleek, smooth, and packed with tons of useful features. It comes in three colors, Grey (which is very dark grey, nearly black), Red, and Silver, and is a great portable vaporizer.

However, this is one of the heaviest portables to date, weighing more than almost every portable I have ever seen (and even heavier than some light desktop units) at 278 grams. But, this is a good sign, showing that the Firefly is made with high quality materials, and you will never lose your precious vaporizer from your pocket ever again.

This vape is a bit different from all other models to date, as it has a removable battery and a fully removable air path for easy cleaning. All you have to do is remove the magnetic lid to open the chamber, and the vapor path is actually carved into the top of the magnetic plate. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping down with an alcohol wipe. Unfortunately, this system of taking the lid off to load and unload tends to be very messy, so you may have to clean it a bit after each session. I will expand more on this later in the review.

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firefly vaporizer

How the Firefly Vaporizer Works

Loading the Firefly is very simple. All you have to do is remove the magnetic lid to reveal the chamber. Then, place your finely ground herbs into the chamber, being sure to pack lightly, because it is a convection vaporizer.

This vape does have a very small chamber, and after weighing it out, I found that the maximum capacity is 0.2 grams. I have personally found that using around 0.1 grams is really the optimal amount for this device.

After placing the magnetic plate back onto the unit, you then flip the on/off switch to the “on” position, and once you see the green light, you can activate the heater.

firefly vaporizer reviews

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. You see, the Firefly works by you pushing a button to engage the heater, thus allowing you to vape. However, this is the major flaw of the Firefly, because it means there is no exact temperature control.

The manual explains that you simply charge the battery, load up the unit, turn it on, and push the heater button while you draw. However, I have found that contrary to the manual, it is a little more complicated. While their method does work, using the technique I describe below, you will get much better vapor.

Here is the optimal way to use the Firefly:

I have found that if you do a bit of a “pre-heat” before starting to vape, the vapor quality is much higher. Here’s how to do it:

Hold the button and count to seven or eight, at which point you’re going to see the light start to glow. This indicates that the herb chamber is being heated. I think this is where they got the inspiration for the name “Firefly”, because the unit does actually slightly resemble a firefly when it heats with the way the back/chamber piece glows.

Then, after you hold the button for seven or so seconds, let it go, wait about one second, then push it in again. Wait between 2-4 seconds, let it start to glow again and then start your draw.

firefly review

Once the unit heats up a bit more, you don’t have to do the seven second preheat, and you can just hit it as the manufacturer states in the manual. I have found that the pre-heating helps you get better vapor quality and have thicker, more potent vapor.

To get a visual of how the Firefly works, check out our in-depth video review we just made:

Click Here if you’re ready to purchase the Firefly.

Concentrate Pads

The newest version of the Firefly comes with concentrate pads so you can vape e-liquids and concentrates all in one vaporizer. To use these, you take one of the pads (1), place it in the chamber (2), and apply your concentrate or e-liquid. You don’t need much, just a couple drops of liquid or less than 0.1 grams of concentrate.





You have a preheating method with this, but it is longer than with dry herb. You hold the heat button down for a full 30 seconds, let it go, and then draw normally while holding down the heat button. You can also hold the button down for a couple seconds before you hit it to get denser vapor right off the bat.

These concentrate pads perform alright, but I think they would do better if the Firefly had a higher max temp than 400°F. Concentrates don’t fully vape at that temp, and it takes a lot to get any vapor going. It works surprisingly well with e-liquid, but the vapor was very dry. So, while concentrates and e-liquids work, it still needs some refinement.


Now I want to state the main problem that the company had in the first month or so of its release, which was the horrible battery life this vaporizer had. Many people who got this vape as soon as it came out found problems with the batteries immediately, which could barely get through one session on a full charge. Thankfully, Firefly fixed the problem with the batteries and they are now good for 2-3 solid sessions until you need a charge.

With that being said, I do wish it lasted more than the 2-3 sessions, but it’s still a big improvement over the issues they were experiencing early on.

*Recent Update: It has come to our attention that FF has not improved the battery life, and it does not last (for most users) more than one session, and dies very quickly. Some have even had their FF be fully charged, and have the battery die even before using. This is a huge issue, so we recommend not purchasing this vaporizer until these issues are fixed. *

You can also buy extra batteries and an extra charger for the Firefly, extending the battery life to longer than most other vaporizers. This does cost a total of $60 with the extra battery and external charger, and at the expensive price of $269 for the unit, many people will not see this as an option that they would choose until they decide they want the Firefly as their main vaporizer. But, as stated, more batteries does not solve the problem.


  • Heat-up Time: with the second fastest heating time on the market, but with a much higher quality experience than the fastest option, you really can’t go wrong with the Firefly.
  • Build Quality: the Firefly is a quality vape built with high quality materials. It will survive falls and will provide you with great vapor for many years to come.
  • Warranty: the Firefly has a generous five year warranty, giving you plenty of time to get it fixed if anything goes wrong with the unit.
  • Vapor Quality: this unit produces some of the best tasting and strongest vapor that I have tried, and it rivals the top portable vapes on the market.


  • Price: the Firefly is currently one of the more expensive portable vaporizers on the market in the United States, and while it produces some of the best quality vapor, it’s still a lot to spend regardless.
  • Ease of Use: Every other vape within $50 of its price range, you just turn it on and hit it, making pushing the heater button and preheating the unit a bit more involved than other units. However, it does produce a higher quality vapor, so in my opinion it’s worth it.
  • Messiness: when unloading this vape, much of the material comes out, but some is left behind. This excess material does not come off simply by tapping or blowing on the device, so you actually have to clean the device after each use. Not a huge deal either, but worth mentioning.
  • Battery: the battery life of this vape is just non-existent. Until this gets fixed, please do not purchase this vaporizer.

Best Place to Buy the Firefly Vaporizer?

For purchasing this vaporizer, I highly recommend buying from Vape World as they are one of the largest authorized dealers of all vaporizers. The shipping is not only free, but it’s also fast and discreet. They also throw in a free grinder with your purchase.

Final Recommendation

The vape is not worth the price for the issues with the battery. It’s a high quality device with the lowest quality battery. If you would like to get a different high end vaporizer that works really well, check out our Portable Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide (I know the graphic says 2014, but it’s the 2015 version).

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  1. Okko Eskes says:

    Just received my Firefly 2…

    If you live in Canada be aware that you will have to pay $54 on import charges.

    Didn’t see any info about this when I purchased the Firefly and was expecting some additional tax charges but this is excessive.

  2. Wayne Brown says:

    I’ve had my Firefly since December and have had nothing but problems. Out of the box it wouldn’t hold a charge for longer than 12 hours or 4 hits whichever came first. I returned it to the company who sent it back after two weeks and with no packing slip listing what was work was done. The unit had the same exact problem. After contacting customer service again they told me that they replaced the circuit board and heating coil and sent it back. They also said that the technician noticed that the battery was near the end of it’s life… That means that they sent it with a bum battery to begin with and didn’t bother sending an email or a note with the reconditioned unit. Also, this assumes that they replaced the board and coil knowing that the problem was most likely the battery, which… wait for it… has only a 30 day warranty. Great job guys! While this appears to be a quality product, it is made and serviced by amateurs. Possibly great product but a garbage company. Buyer be forewarned!

    • admin says:

      Hey Wayne,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the Firefly.

      I believe all of these problems have been fixed with the Firefly 2. We’re in the process of reviewing it now actually, and will have the review posted soon.

      So far, the feedback on it has been excellent, so I’m hoping everything has been worked out as far as the battery and other issues people were having goes.

    • Anon says:

      My original Firefly stopped heating (with known good batteries) six weeks ago. Firefly customer service is very slow. It took 3 weeks for them to have me send it to a reseller. That then took 2 weeks to tell me that the parts for repair no longer exist, but I can upgrade to the FF2 for an additional $99.00. Oh, and they can’t process this order either. I have to wait for Firefly to call me. Per the cs rep at the reseller she has had ‘ a lot’ of unhappy Firefly owners having to ‘upgrade’.

  3. ADHH says:

    Any plans to review the Lotus?

    The Firefly is basically an electronic Lotus, just curious as to how you would compare vapor quality between the two.

    • Jake says:

      There may be some down the line if the firefly 2 solves the issue of the first one. However, they screwed a lot of people over with the first batteries, so we’ll see

      • Radrado says:

        If you look on the site, the F.F. 2 shares the the same battery as the first F.F. Maybe it’s a revised battery, but do not think so based on what I saw. Looks like it’s just a different body/unit utilizing the same old battery, but cannot confirm. Something to check on when you review it anyway.

  4. Rob says:

    Firefly finally responded that they are no longer servicing the firefly 1. All they can recommend is buying a firefly 2. So those that bought the 1 are just out of luck. As I understand it, they don’t have and won’t be getting any more batteries for the 1. There were too many problems to honor the warranty I suppose.

    • Jake says:

      That’s ridiculous, they should at least honor the warranty somehow.

      • Local says:

        That’s appalling. The financial investment involved in buying one is huge, and deserves far better support than this. Unbelievable. I’ve lost all goodwill towards them on the basis of this.

  5. Rob says:

    Well, I sent firefly another email about this. My mail program shows I’ve sent 27 so far. Since December of 2014 when I bought a broken (new from the store) unit. I’ve gotten 3 responses none of which they followed up on. One of the worst customer service experiences ever. How are they still in business?

    • Jake says:

      Honestly I’m not sure, it’s just a bad time for all

  6. Local says:

    I don’t think they would be allowed to sell an adaptor to use it plugged in. Probably not safe to suck on the mains.

    The batteries definitely have flaws, but I do wonder if people are burning the coil out by overriding the cut-off. It is quite irresistible.

    I like the style very much, and would like to see the improvements. But I cannot lay out the investment again. Some kind of trade-in though, maybe? 50% off on trade-in?

    • Jake says:

      A trade in option would definitely be good. I think you should get at least 50% off of the FF2 if you purchased the original one

  7. Bonnie says:

    I have not had a Firefly for an entire year, in fact, this will be my 3rd one in a little under 11 months, all of them have died, the “firefly” quits completely. I get very little use out of it when it does work it has to be recharged after one chamber. For health reasons I have to use a vaporizer so I am extremely disappointed as each one that I send back I have to wait about 4-5 weeks for a new one (if they can’t fix my old one). Lots of money for little use.

    • Jake says:

      Firefly really dropped the ball on these batteries. Mine just recently crapped out too, hopefully the firefly 2 will be improved, but people should get refunded or better batteries from FF.

    • Rob says:

      I’m glad firefly even replaced it. They promised to send me a return shipping label twice. I never got one though. I don’t even know where to send it. Mine basically never worked and they have done nothing about it. Doesn’t make me want to run out and waste money on the new model either. No one should give this company a dime until they take care of curent customers.

  8. Brett says:

    Not even a year now and my first battery is bad and a new one that I just bough a month ago. Also my heating element went out already to, and now they want me to pay to ship it back to them for a second time, you would think spending almost 300 bucks would get you a reliable product? Not from firefly.

  9. NiagaraWarrior says:

    i recently bought the Firefly and i love it. It is working perfectly (so far at least) and is very efficient.
    i thought id let you know though, they seem to be giving an additional (and better) battery in their kit.
    If they didnt include the second battery i would definitely complain about its usage per battery charge, but as it stand the additional battery gives me the perfect amount of usage time when im outside for the day. im sorry to hear there are so many people having issues with this vapourizer i find it quite charming and most suitable for rough mountain bike trails.

    • admin says:

      Good to hear it’s been working well for you.

      The unfortunate thing is, the Firefly really could be an awesome unit if it weren’t for not only the short battery life per charge, but the short life of the batteries as a whole.

      We feel it performs really well in all other aspects.

      It’s just odd to me that after all these years, they haven’t worked the issue with the batteries out. Their sales could be way higher than they are if they did.

      And it’s because of that reason alone that we cannot recommend the unit anymore.

  10. admin says:

    Thank you to all who have posted their feedback about all of the issues with the Firefly.

    We have added an updated section to the top of the review steering people away from this unit until they can get the issues worked out (which they probably won’t).

    We apologize to anyone who bought after reading our initial positive review and ended up with one with a shitty battery. We thought they had the battery issue fixed, but apparently it wasn’t.

    • Linda Allington says:

      Then make it right!!!!!!!! I was lied to and so disappointed!

      • admin says:

        Agreed Linda. On the plus side, they did release the Firefly 2 recently, and so far the reviews seem promising. We should have one soon and will be posting our review of it here on the site.

        Stay tuned!

  11. Local says:

    Thanks for the review, really helpful. Also most of the comments. Just thought I’d add that they have all the cleaning and support info on the website if anyone needs it:

    • Local says:

      We’ve had ours for 3 months now, still really happy, no problems at all. Bought a spare battery and external charger, so we just swap out the battery when it’s done.
      Works for us as a couple using it at home and not heavy users. Hard to get really far gone, but that’s OK, those deep days are behind us.

      • Local says:

        And just as an update, the coil packed up after 6 months fairly solid use.
        I’m based in the UK, so I just sent mine back to the friendly folk at Namaste that I brought it from and they aent me a new replacement and sent the original back across the pond.

        All good so far. I think we probably should’ve changed the gauze maybe, and certainly tried to resist the temptation to “overburn” by repeatedly pressing the button to get longer hits. I don’t think we helped ourselves keep it working, tbh. Battery remained ok though, we had two and a charger

  12. tom says:

    I concur with AC. The ongoing battery issues makes this vape pretty useless. If I was lucky, I’d get one bow used it straight after charging. If I charged it then stowed it, it would deplete before I got to use it later that day. FF didn’t recognise it as a fault and refused to fix/refund the unit. Just suggested I bought some extra batteries.

    A few months later and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge at all.

    I was super-excited about my foray into the vaping world. Firefly was getting glowing reviews for it’s build/vape quality which seemed to justify the the premium price tag but the battery issues should’ve been ironed out. Even when it did work, the constant need to charge means this isn’t a portable product. 🙁

  13. A C says:

    Absolutely do not purchase this vape. I have had mine for only a few months of light in home use and the heating mechanism has stopped functioning. Firefly will have you pay to send it to them and wait 2 weeks for them to fix or replace it. Horrible customer service. An item this expensive shouldn’t break so quickly.

    • Jake says:

      When did you get the vape? Some of the earlier ones had bad batteries that occasionally shorted and made the vape unusable (but this was a pretty long time ago). I and a lot of other users have had there’s for more than a few months with more than moderate use and they still seem to be going strong.

      • A C says:

        I purchased it in March. Didn’t really start to use it very much until a couple of months later. I spoke with them today. Expected better customer service and response than I received. Also, would not expect to have to pay to send them an item that is defective so shortly after purchase. I did a lot of research before choosing this vape. Have since used others at a friends homes, and based on several factors would not choose the firefly again if I had it to do over. Definitely expected a better product based on the price point.

        • Jake says:

          Wow, I’m sorry that happened. I’ve been seeing more and more issues with FF, from customer service to defective units. I think I’m going to add that to our review, so people know what they’re getting into from now on. It’s a great vape, but if it only works for a few months for most people, it’s not worth it (especially for the high price tag).

          Thanks for the honest input, it really helps everyone.

  14. Larz says:

    Hi Jake, Love your reviews !!

    Hey man, may I ask you one question? In your experience, how is the “high” of the FireFly different from other vapes like the Air or the Crafty/Mighty? I mean, I know vapor is vapor, but I read a lot of people stating that the Crafty/Mighty deliver more potent hits and getting you higher.. Maybe because they can reach higher temp? Or how would you compare the FireFly high to other vapes? Does it feel lighter?

    Thanks for your help man.

    • Jake says:

      The Firefly is very much on the lighter side from a vapor production standpoint, but I’d say it gives similar results to the Air/Crafty/Mighty. However, you can conserve more with the FF because you only activate the heater when you want to hit it. It does, however, have much less battery life as well.

      It basically boils down to how you want to vape. If you’re more of a session person, the Air or the Crafty/Mighty would be better. If you’re more of a “hit it when you feel like it” kind of smoker, the FF would be better.

  15. Omar says:


    I need your help.. after doing my homework and investigating about all portable vaporizers, I decided I will go with the Firefly or the Arizer Solo. What I like about the Solo is that it has temperature control but is not very good, I mean, level 1 is 122 ° F and level 2 is 365 ° F. There is nothing in between and I would like to vaporize different herbs that require different temperatures.

    The Firefly doesn’t have a temperature control but, if you press the button for like 10 seconds it will heat up to 400 ° F, maybe if you press 5 seconds it will be 200 ° F ? Is it proportional or how does it work for lower temperatures? I know it increases but maybe you can play with the button to keep a “medium” temperature?

    Your help would be much appreciated, mostly if you have experience vaping other herbs in the FF. THANKS IN ADVANCE !

    • Jake says:

      If you’re looking for more precise temp control, you might want to check out either the crafty/mighty (both are substantially more expensive, but you pay for quality).

      Another vape to look at nearer to the vapes you’re looking at is the Davinci ascent. It’s degree by degree as well.

      Between the two you’re looking at, I would go with the Solo (or the air, it’s smaller cousin). It’s just more fool proof, with the firefly there’s a lot of technique involved and low temp vaping is harder to do.

      As far as other herbs in the FF goes, I’ve vaped chamomile in there and it slightly burned it, which wasn’t the best experience. However, in the solo it worked great.

      • Omar says:

        What a quick response, thank you, Jake.

        I mostly prefer convection heating that’s why I was leaning towards the Solo and FF. I mostly vape by myself so taking individual hits instead of heating the bowl for a full session would be the best way to save weed I guess. But I heard the Solo is good for saving weed despite of being both a convection and conduction vaporizer. And there is the plus of vaping other herbs at lower temp and lower price.

        Maybe the FF heating for lower temperature is indeed to hard to master. Thanks for your help. I will be deciding what vape to get today. 😀

        • Jake says:

          No problem, glad I could help and good luck with your decision!

  16. BT07030 says:

    I’ve been experimenting with the FF for 6 weeks now. I’m new to vaping so it actually took awhile before I figured it out. This post is for new users, like me.
    I was initially unimpressed with vaping. The draw was way too tight, I was not getting consistant hits, I felt like I was using a LOT of expensive weed (very pricy still in metro new york), and tasted weird. The following “discoveries” have mitigated the bulk of these complaints.
    First, it is really important how you control your draw. You have to learn to pull really slowly. If you feel resistance, you are pulling too hard. This screws up the temp, clogs up the air passageways, and is just annoying. What I am finding out is the pull is easier once the unit warms up. Not sure why – the metal expands with heat and makes the passageways bigger? Anyway, warm the unit up, don’t pull too hard. Start with mini sips with short pauses in between (holding the button down the whole time) finish with one long draw. If you don’t see clouds of vapor when you exhale, don’t worry – pretty sure invisible vapor is just as good. Half of my hits are invisible. You should taste fresh weed while exhaling, that’s a good indication you are doing it right.
    I have tried super dry herb crushed up, and i find that does not work as well, and definitely does not taste as great as softer herb. I just use a santa cruz, fill completely but don’t pack the bowl.
    You have to stir after 4 hits. You will notice that it browns in the center of your herb mass first. The center will turn black and the outsides stay green if you don’t stir. I believe this is why just putting in one hit doesn’t work: it needs a full bowl of herb to get to a proper temp. Like building a good campfire.
    Save the brown stuff! They say you can eat it but I use it to make one-hit bowls. Mix one part fresh green with 5 parts brown, there’s your on hit.
    I still keep my bong handy – vaping is def a different high. Sometimes I want a bong high (heavy, sleepy, full body buzz). FF high is a super high frequency buzz centered right in the middle of my brain. It actually keeps me awake – for the first time in my life I can get high and make it through a whole movie, past midnight, and not fall asleep! This is what sold me on the FF in the end.
    Anyway, good luck and don’t give up if you are a n00b!

  17. Rado says:

    I just received my firefly a few days ago and really love it. Still mastering the technique though, which brings me to my question…
    Sometimes I get some charting on the herb, not sure what I’m doing differently than other Times. It’s not a common occurance but something I’d like to avoid. Could I be packing too tight?

    • Jake says:

      You really shouldn’t pack it tight at all. The herbs should just be loosely placed in the chamber. Another good way to deal with your herbs cooking too much is to shake the unit every couple hits. That’s what I do and it’s always an even brown afterwards.

      • Rado says:

        Quick follow up to my issue of my herbs charring, does this happen with other units/users? Meaning is it my technique or is it more likely a faulty unit? Wouldn’t think that it would char when it heats to 400 max.
        I am also only able to produce very little vapor until the unit gets hotter and then get vapor but also charring of the herb. Trying to figure out if it’s actually vapor or smoke. Doesn’t taste very good, but use tastey, high quality herbs. Trying to limit variables to hone in on causes / solutions to improve the issue.

        • Jake says:

          You may have a defective unit. Some people had that issue early on and it stemmed from the unit just not cutting off where it’s supposed to. I would try contacting Firefly or whoever you bought it from and see if you can get a warranty replacement.

  18. Gene says:

    This is a really nice portable if the size/weight isn’t an issue for you. The simplicity should help with long term reliability too-not a bunch of buttons for potential ‘contact’ problems, or a digital display to go bad. Super easy to clean too. My favorite portable by far, and I’ve used quite a few. Very few vapes have a warranty this good as well.

    You should update the “most expensive portable” tag. The Elevape is $80 more, and the S&B Crafty and Mighty are $399 and $469.

    • Gene says:

      On the battery issue, they’re using a 770 battery now, in place of the original 750, and it’s a big improvement. As for cold weather draining batteries, it doesn’t when they’re idle. Batteries actually retain charge better in the cold. It’s when you use ’em in the cold that they don’t do well. They have to work a lot harder when it’s cold. So leaving the Firefly in your cold car isn’t an issue, but using it when it’s cold is.

    • Jake says:

      You’re totally right, we’ll update that right away. Thanks for the info!

    • admin says:

      Good call Gene. The review is a bit dated now so when we first did it, the Firefly was the most expensive portable out there.

      Just updated it though.

      Thanks for your input on the batteries too. I’m glad Firefly took that into consideration and improved upon it. Shows they stand by their product.

  19. Rado says:

    Hey Jay,
    Ready to invest in a quality vape. After reading reviews, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the FF or the Alpha by Goboof. It seems the Alpha has been getting better reviews than the Pax, which was one of my original contenders, so ended up knocking it out of the running.
    I know there are heating type differences between these two which brings me to my question about the FF. It seems that when the glass bowl gets red hot, it would act similarly to a conduction, is this not the case?
    Also, do you have any idea the waste I might expect packing the same amt of herbs in a convection, like the FF, vs a conduction like the Alpha? I am a lone wolf mostly when it comes to sessions, and like to hit and go, one or two hits at a time. Would I be wasting a lot w a conduction w the few and sporadic hits I take?

    • Jake says:

      If you’re mostly a solo vaper, I can tell you that the FF will give you a better experience than the Alpha. I’ve seen mixed reviews of the Alpha over on FC, so I would go will a well tested vape like the FF. It’s kind of a convection/conduction vape, but it’s really efficient, like 0.1g is all it takes to fill the bowl. It fully vapes the herbs, but it does get kind of hot and the battery life is not very good. You’ll probably get like 2 sessions off one charge, maybe 3. I definitely recommend getting another battery and an external charger if you’re going to be using it a lot.

      • Rado says:

        Thx for the reply Jake. Was kind of leaning that way anyway, I appreciate the push.

    • James says:

      Other than the battery life, love mine. Here in Maine though you leave it in the car, your battery is toast, even with the car charger.. I am a lone vaper at college though.

      • Jake says:

        Yeah, I find cold always kills batteries. At least it’ll be summer soon!

  20. Dan says:

    I have found if the bowl is not completely filled….doesn’t seem to work as well.

    • Larry says:

      I have noticed the same thing Dan, seems to work best when you pile it up until the glass touches the herbs. Had my FF for about 2 days now.

  21. Lynnsey says:

    Please help! My new firefly arrived yesterday, and I could not wait to try it out. I read many reviews about various vaporizors before choosing the firefly. So when it arrived, I was ready. I made sure my herb was dry and finely ground, and I let it heat for a few seconds before using it like many of the reviews recommended for the firefly. It lights up, it heats just like the manual says it should, but then absolutely nothing happens after that. No vape at all

    • Jake says:

      I would try holding the heat button down longer. A lot of people hold it down for like 10-15 seconds to preheat, keep holding it down for the first hit, then let go and only press it when you take hits. Hope this helps Lynnsey

    • James says:

      I am going to assume that you charged it fully, until the blue light stops blinking, before you tried it. I tend to hold the switch down for about a 8 count before I start to toke. If this is your first vaporizer, and it sounds like it is, there will be a learning curve on how to hit it. You can not hit it like you are torching a bowl. You have to do slow hits to make any vape work right. I am just starting to figure out how to get a good hit off it without the popcorn flavor from hitting it a bit too slow, ecig habits there I suppose.

    • Manishboy9 says:

      Manual says not to use “finely ground” material as it’s a convection vape and hot air must circulate through the material. I use a generic shredder and it works fine. The fine shredder from a Launchbox was too fine and I got no air circulation in the oven.

  22. Dan says:

    After whining a bit FF had me send the unit back…they returned it promptly with a new batt…seems to be working fine now. Will keep you posted.

    • Jake says:

      Thanks for the update Dan. Hopefully they’ve fixed the issue. I think a few of their units have had some quality control issues, but it seems to be sorted out now

  23. James says:

    I have had mine about a week now, got another lower priced unit before it and it was meh.
    The firefly just rolls out the vapor. Mind you I also quit smoking cigs using E-cigs and doing stuff like rebuilding my own so I have learned how to take a vapor hit. This thing can roll some clouds. My other unit had the typical 1+ minute warm up, even worse when you are out in 0 degree weather walking from one class to another. The FF just take it out, push the button and bam, your bud is hot. 3-4 seconds later your vaping. The only ones that really notice are the other stoners. There are a lot of people who vape on campus, so no one bats an eye to anyone taking a device to there mouths and blowing out vapor.
    BTW I am on a college, and a medical user. I have been pesudo cleared, to the point of almost no officials will care as long as I am not smoking a joint between classes. They love the vape idea.

    • Jake says:

      Thanks for the input James! I’m glad the FF is treating you well (:

    • James says:

      Well that battery gremlin bit me, even with the car charger it will not get a full puff. Just ordered one of the new ones and it is getting warmer. Next payday another battery if they can keep them in stock :).
      In all I am pleased with this one, just hope the new batteries are made to not break down as fast.

  24. Rob says:

    Yes, the batteries are still having problems or they are still being sold with the old batteries. I have had my firefly 3 days. I worked a couple times after the first charge. It burned up one bowl full black and messy. Was really hard to clean. I had only held the button 10 seconds. There was nothing but ash left. Now the battery will barely charge enough over night to take a single puff. The light on the side doesn’t work like the startup sheet states. Overall, the almost no directions they give for using it are useless. Wouldn’t you think for $259 they’d write a manual for it?

    • Rob says:

      Oh, the issue with the light is it blinks alternately blue and green which isn’t mentioned. After about 8-10 seconds of pushing the button it goes red, then off.

    • Jake says:

      Hey Rob,
      I think it’d be best to contact Firefly and file a warranty claim. It seems like an issue with the unit itself, not the battery. It shouldn’t get to combustion temps, so I think there’s an internal problem.

      • Firefly80 says:

        Hey Guys,

        I have been having issues with material heating up too fast and only getting 2-3 draws per bowl (filled to top). My unit gets extremely hot if used for multiple bowls in a row. I had mastered the technique earlier in my experience, but it seems now that no matter what technique I use (including little to no pre heat), I still only get about 2-3 draws per bowl until the material is completely brown. I believe I was getting 5 good long draws before and now using way shorter draws with the same results mentioned above. I have been using this bad boy for about a month with lots of practice in different methods. I contacted firefly regarding the unit getting extremely hot and they said that was normal. Please advise.

        Thank you

        • Jake says:

          Did you just recently start using a different strain of material on the firefly? Different herbs vape differently, so it could be that. If it isn’t that, that isn’t normal and you might want to contact Firefly about a warranty claim. If it’s a problem with your unit, they’ll replace it.

          • Firefly80 says:

            Hey Jake,

            Thank you for the fast response. I will admit that the strain is different and could be a variable. I’m getting some new stuff shortly so I can confirm then. Other than that, I did contact firefly and they offered for me to send it in, but I purchased it on ebay and not through an authorized dealer. It is for sure authentic as I did my research prior to buying. I’ll probably see what happens with the new material, and if I still have issues, send it to firefly. Thanks again.

          • Jake says:

            No problem, glad we could help(:

      • Rob says:

        Yeah, so I’ve had my firefly for a year now. I think I got it to work ok about 5 times. Each time it took several hours of maintenance to use it. Constant plugging in, unplugging, removing and replacing the battery. Stand on your head and hold your tongue just right and it will almost work. I talked with firefly several times. That say it’s normal. One guy claimed he was one of the engineers who designed it. He said it will combust everything if you hold the button too long. Totally normal. He doesn’t know why the marketers said it has a thermostat. It clearly doesn’t according to him. The “thermostat” is the directions to never hold the button more than 8 seconds (which isn’t included in my one page instructions). He said that just sounds good to the advertising folks. In my opinion this is a totally useless design if not an outright scam. It does not vaporize anything. It combusts. It is not a vaporizer nor is it designed to be one. Use any actual vaporizer and you will know what I mean. This is a fancy pipe with an electric lighter built in. And it doesn’t work for that either. They never offered or agreed to fix mine. Everything I complained about is “just how it works”, which means just how it doesn’t work.

        • Rob says:

          Other problems are that the magnetic lid falls off if you put it in your pocket. It’s best once you load it to always keep it flat. Otherwise everything will pour out on the ground. It only holds a tiny amount of material. Since the battery doesn’t work I guess that makes sense. Really, I would say do not buy this, please. We here have wasted our money and don’t want others to. There is no warranty or support for this product. : (

          • Jake says:

            Well Rob, I’m sorry your experience has been so bad. I haven’t personally had any problems with the unit, minus the battery only lasting me a session. It hasn’t combusted on me a single time, and if the battery is charged I have no problems.

            To me, it sounds like your unit is defective, but the company should have been much more helpful than they were. Maybe their customer service has gone way down, because when I talked to them a few months ago they were incredibly helpful. I’ll look into it

          • Robjempire says:

            Well, I’m glad some have had a good experience with it. Mine has so many problems I’ve lost faith in it. It was pretty expensive and I’ve not replaced it with any other vaporizer. I was very excited to try vaping when I bought it. From the few times I actually got it to function I still am interested. I just don’t have the time and patience to fight with it and constantly waste material. If I could get the company to stand behind it I’d be happier. I emailed them again with no response. I don’t have good phone coverage on my mountain so maybe I can try calling again from town sometime. So far I don’t think they’ve ever responded to an email.

    • Manishboy9 says:

      I had the same thing happen, a bowl “exploded” and turned the whole thing into a burnt mess, even after a thorough cleaning it still tastes burnt. And it’s done it several times since then. And this unit had just come back from repair because the entire heating ring was not lighting up. When it works, it’s great, there are few to touch it, but when a unit goes south, like mine did, it’s a big waste of material. BTW, the material didn’t explode in any of my other vapes. When the unit works, it works great, but for the money and the flexibility (and the cell phone app to check temp and charge), I’d get a Crafty. Neither one is particularly portable, so that doesn’t make much of a difference. And the Crafty is way less “technique dependent” than the FF, it’s hard NOT to get a good hit off a Crafty.

  25. Dan says:

    The battery problem you speak of still exists. My unit is 30 days old…been used maybe a total of 10 times and now the battery won’t hold a charge long enough to get a single pull. Talked to Firefly and their response was” it’s best to have a spare battery and remote charger.” If that is best and you are trying to be the best portable…you should include two batterys and a charger.

    • Jake says:

      The batteries hold a notoriously low charge. Shouldn’t take 30 days to deplete it that much, but sometimes you get a bad battery. Unfortunately, I don’t think the warranty covered batteries, so you’ll have to buy more. Sorry about that, but sometimes this stuff just happens

  26. Don Monk says:

    No one mentions how many pulls per bowl? Looks like a small chamber, so I figure 3 to four puffs per bowl?

    • Jake says:

      It depends on how hard you hit it. If you take 5 second pulls, it’s around 10-15 hits easily. If you take 20+ second pulls, it’s more like 5ish hits. Hope this helps!

      • Leroi Brown says:

        I easily get 5 hits before my first stir, I scrape the top layer off, which usually is still moist and is original color, and stir up the bottom part, then replace the top layer, replace the cover and get another 2 hits. Then I open it again, scrape of the top layer, remove the used product on the bottom,put what I scraped from the top into the bowl and cover it worth the used/previously vaped periodic and get another 2-3 hits. I can then stir it another two times and hit it again after each stir..all tolled,about 12 hits. Plus. can roll and smoke whatever you tap out after vaping! Or use it in baked goods…

  27. Pat says:

    I just got my red FF and love it! It’s a great vaporizer, but it comes with a hefty price. I searched online and found this: if you follow the link below, it takes you to a survey from FF. Finish the survey and you get a coupon code for 20% off any and everything they sell. I just got my FF delivered for $215.

    • Jake says:

      Thanks for the code Pat!

    • David says:

      the main reason that I might get one – is that it has a glass heating chamber – I believe that’s why it taste so good – instead of stainless steel – like a stainless steel spoon taste metallic compared to a wooden spoon – now I have to compare a ceramic chamber to a glass chamber – I know a plumber that using a galvanized pipe to smoke weed – it’s an extra horrible metallic taste – crappy idea

      • Jake says:

        The FF gives some of the best flavor you can get out of a portable vape, you won’t be disappointed (:

  28. lou says:

    I just got my firefly last week. I find it difficult to draw and the chamber light dims when I draw. I’ve been preheating the chamber but get little to no vapour the first draw. I keep reading there’s a learning curve but I’m just not getting it. Any suggestions?

    • Jake says:

      Hey Lou,
      With this vape, it’s all about technique. It’s totally normal to not get a bunch of vapor on your first draw. In fact, most vaporizers are like that. The best advice I can give you is preheat longer and hold down the button for a few seconds before you draw if you take more than say a 10 second break between draws. Preheating longer might be a solution to all of the issues you’re having, something like holding the button down for 10 seconds, pause for 1 second, then hold it down for 5 more seconds and continue to hold for your first draw. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions.

  29. Kate says:

    Have been using my Firefly Vaporizer for a few months and is simply amazing. Had used Davinci Accent before but I lost it =(

  30. JoBo says:

    Bought one of these a little over a month ago now and can safely say it’s one of my best ever purchases!! I also have a pax but this is another level, a little chunky for taking out so I still use my pax for mobile vaping but as an in house portable this is the nuts!! Super sleek design, the flavour is amazing especially if your herb is pungent. It’s so simple to use and now firefly have started putting cards in now telling you to preheat the chamber before vaping and giving instructions for different vape depths, I say turn that shit to 11!! The cleaning isn’t as bad as it seems I got myself a batch of 100 alcohol wipes from eBay for a couple of quid it’s as simple as wiping it clean and letting it dry and use a microfibre cloth to polish it back to a shine, I need to clean once a week and I use my vape anywhere in the region of 5-10 times a day. Happy Vaping hope this helps sway a decision for someone.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing that awesome review JoBo, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Firefly. I like the Pax for bringing out of the house too especially if I need to be carrying it around in my pocket all day, but the Firefly is right up there with it.

  31. rashid says:

    Very detailed review man, thanks.

  32. Gabriel Garcia says:

    My firefly vape was great, got in 3/12/14 had it less then two months and now the oven isn’t working. Any ideas? I keep it super clean.

    • admin says:

      Hey Gabriel,

      I think it could be an issue with the electronics. With the way the Firefly is designed, the hot vapor travels over where the electronics are. Another possibility is with the way you have to press the button every time to get it to activate, it could be an issue with the connection between the button and the heater as well.

      The batteries also aren’t super great, they have a shorter life than most, so the battery just may have been overworked to the point where it won’t operate anymore. It has a 5 year warranty though, so I would give them a call and see what they say. You should be able to send it in and get it fixed or get a new one sent to you.

      Hope that helps.

    • AdirondaxRex says:

      I strongly advise against this vaporizer. After using it for several months, the battery ceased to charge. Upon contacting Firefly, I was told that the batteries have a life expectancy of 3-6 months, and they generously offered to sell me a new one for $30. In other words, you’ll have to spend between $60-$120 more a year just to keep this unit running.

      • Jake says:

        Did you have the old battery or the newer one? The newer ones are supposed to have better battery life and last longer.

      • Eric crafton says:

        I notified firefly about my unit when it was working it was great , I said the battery life is not good it is getting worse, a month or two later they said all of us know that as batteries get older the don’t hold a charge, during this time there add said they where improving battery life and then strangely the stopped selling batteries, I received another email after I complained again the told me I should be using the second generation of batteries, we’ll they are not selling batteries still , I keep reading email after email review after review of people who are having trouble with the battery they still do nothing, they give no answer to the battery life issue, how about a discount or a free battery something anything ,I have a great vape that has no battery which makes it worthless, now they say the battery is not under the 5yr warranty just great , they are now advertising the new firefly2 with an improvement in battery life and charging , what is wrong with these guys , how about an adapter so we can use it plugged into the wall if they won’t fix problems they are admitting to , I want a working firefly vape I paid for

      • Rowen says:

        Just one site that has an opinion that I think is right on.

        I did not buy a state of the art vaporizer with a RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, and expect to have to replace that battery every few months with a new battery that cost about $35 each. All my electronic devices that have rechargeable batteries rarely need new ones, not for years. It was supposed to be rechargeable, and that means that you can recharge it and it works. I do not want a toy that costs as much in batteries every two years as the device did. Now that is very clear, logical and reasonable. I think one you are having a problem with the batteries or two with certain (a rather large number it would seem) devices being faulty and having problems with the batteries. You should either find us a battery that is truly rechargeable, and/or fix the device so they last longer. I would like a refund, unless you can fix my problem. It seems that you would prefer to obfuscate, and avoid responsibility? You should fix the problem, or refund expense for the purchaser. I hope you can do what is necessary and salvage your enterprise, and continue to supply a valuable product, rather than stonewall, and if so then in the end you will fail.

        Come on now. Be reasonable (as opposed to desperate)
        Thank you

    • Steve Rappaport says:

      The Firefly vaporizer I received was defective – it could not be used for more than 10 minutes without recharging – so I phoned Firefly tech support. I was told not to worry: the unit is under warranty for a year and I could send it back for repair at any time within that period, but I was NOT told that the battery is only warranted for 30 days. When I sent the unit back later in the year, Firefly determined that the battery was defective but they informed me that I would have to pay for a new battery. If I had been told when I phoned shortly after purchasing the unit that the problem might be the battery and I should send the unit back immediately, I would have done that, but I was not given correct information by Firefly support, so I did not return the unit immediately. Although the fault lies with Firefly support for failing to give me accurate information, I must now pay for a new battery. Lousy product, terrible support, insensitive customer service!

      • MP says:

        Sounds like a lot of people won’t be buying Firefly.

        • admin says:

          Not the original for sure, but check out our Firefly 2 review. They fixed the battery issues and made a badass portable in the process. It’s our #1 portable vaporizer right now.

          • Joe says:

            Still, I don’t trust the Firefly brand after this. I have no confidence in their product or their unhelpful customer service.

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