FLYT LAB has us taking flight today with the LiFT, a small hand-held convection style vaporizer that is very easy to use, durable, concealable, and heats up in under 60 seconds. It’s built like most vaporizers, a small cylinder that resembles a marker, button in the middle, with the mouth piece at the top and the bowl/oven underneath it hidden by a screw on cap.


What’s in the Box?

– LiFT Herbal Vaporizer

– FLYT Lab Power Plug

– FLYT Lab Mini USB Wire

– FLYT Lab Tool Set

– FLYT Lab protective rubber case



The LiFT is super small and portable, it can fit in a pocket or handbag with ease. Designed like about 80%, of all the other vaporizers on the market, the LiFT has one button on the face of the unit, mouthpiece on top of the unit with the bowl underneath and is shaped like a marker. The mouthpiece, if the bowl/oven is empty, can be pushed down into the bowl/oven for extra damage protection. FLYT Lab also included a protective rubber case that you can put on the outside of the unit and mouthpiece for extra damage protection, it also absorbs a lot of the heat while in use as well. The ceramic bowl/oven is located under the mouthpiece and is decent in size and burns product evenly.

Ease of Use

This unit is very simple and easy to use, start by grinding your dry herb between fine and course and pack the ceramic bowl/oven located underneath the mouthpiece of the LiFT. Pack the product down but not too tight as it will restrict the airflow and cause blockage of vapor while drawing from the device if packed too tightly. The LiFT turns on like most one button vape devices, you press the button 3 times and it will power on. The LiFT has 3 temperature settings that are color coded, as follows:

BLUE is LOW TEMP 180-190C (365-375F)

YELLOW is MID TEMP 200-210C (395-405F)

GREEN is HIGH TEMP 215-225C (415-425F)

To select the temperature you want to vape at, simply wait for your color choice as the device scrolls through all the colors, then press the button once on the color of your desired temperature, once it appears. The light will turn red as it heats to your desired temperature and change back to the solid color you chose (BLUE, YELLOW, OR GREEN) once it’s done and ready for use.

Battery Life

FLYT Labs claims the LiFT battery lasts 13 to 20 sessions before dying depending on the Temperature you’re vaping your product at, in my experience this estimate is pretty accurate. I didn’t get an exact count on the sessions while using the LiFT but I used it for sure was well over 10 sessions before the battery died. It takes 3 hours to charge and FLYT Labs recommends giving the LiFT the full 3 hour charge every charging session.

Final Thoughts

The LiFT is a decent vaporizer but at it’s price mark of around $150, it’s way too similar to so many other vaporizers in the market. If given as a gift, don’t get me wrong, I would definitely be happy with the product, but if I had a $150 budget to spend on a vaporizer this most likely wouldn’t be in my top picks at that price range. It’s a good product that’s not good enough for it’s price. With that being said the LiFT is still an efficent vaporizer with decent vapor quality, reliable battery life, and convienant portablity. I would rate this vape 7 out of 10.


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