Four Simple Vape Hacks for your Plenty, Herbalizer, Crafty and Volcano

While there are plenty of reviews on the net about all the great vaporizers out there, little known hacks which enhance the utility of your vapor experience and everyday living are out there. We have compiled some cool tricks for you to try out with the Plenty, Herbalizer, Crafty and Volcano.

Getting reclaim from your Plenty

The cooling whip on the Plenty is almost 2 feet long when stretched out (don’t stretch it out, you will ruin it) This coupled with the helix shape gives maximum cooling to your vapor, but also makes for alot of trapped resin to get stuck in the twists and turns of the cooling whip.

This reclaim can be very tasty but what is the best way to get it out ? We have heard about placing the cooling whip in an oven with a catch tray under or soaking it in ISO,  but the oven is labor intensive and difficult to set up and ISO will ruin your reclaim and worse, get stuck in the whip.  We have found a much simpler step which will also clean your cooling coil in the process.

  • Boil a pot of water
  • Place some parchment paper in the sink
  • Use a tongs to hold your cooling whip over the parchment paper
  • Slowly pour the hot water down the whip. Using a funnel can assist getting the boiling water through your cooling whip in a more efficient manner

Doing the steps above your reclaim will flow out of your Plenty cooling whip and stick to the parchment paper. The water will drain and you will be left with plenty of reclaim to vape – pun fully intended.

Using a pic you can put the reclaim on your concentrate pad or in your favorite pen vape pen.

Keeping your Herbalizer clean

Storz & Bickel recently rolled out a product called dosing capsules, which fit perfectly into the Mighty and Crafty. These are great little pods which you can fill before hand and toss into your Mighty or Crafty leaving virtually no mess after use and making cleaning your vape less of a chore.

Of course this was something so cool Storz & Bickel  wanted to extend it to the other vaporizers in their line up so they built dosing capsule adapters (chamber reducers) for the Plenty and the Easy Valve. Kind of a pain to have to use an adapter and then remove that adapter if you don’t want to use dosing capsules.

Ironically there is a desktop vaporizer ready for use with the Storz & Bickel dosing capsule, no adapters required. The Herbalizer bowl is perfectly suited for use with the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules and let us tell you, it works great.

Why to use Storz & Bickel dosing capsules in the Herbalizer ?

The Herbalizer’s heating element is powered by a halogen light. Much more complicated circuitry and electronics go into this than say the Volcano heating element. Unfortunately this also makes for more technical issues which cannot be handled at home and particles ruining your heating element and fan are not covered under warranty.

The dosing capsules will keep your Herbie bowl as clean as can be and add an extra level of protection from particles getting into your Herbie’s heating element / fan

Scratched off serial number on the Crafty

The Crafty vaporizer was one of the first to appropriate bluetooth integration for use with your smart phone. Unfortunately  the technology will not automatically sense the device like it does in other vaporizers like the IQ and Firefly 2. One must input the serial number which is found on the bottom of the device. Another downside to the Crafty is how easy the serial number on the bottom will scratch off through normal wear & tear.

If you are anything like me you probably throw away packaging to your new electronic devices the moment you get them. With a scratched off serial number and no packaging on the Crafty it’s hard to sell it to a friends or integrate with another phone.

However with one swipe of a marker you can bring your Crafty’s serial number back to full form and have the device looking brand new in no time.

The numbers on the Crafty serial tag are slightly recessed so doing a quick one over with a permanent marker and then quickly rubbing your finger over the tag will leave behind only the numbers.

Voila you can now get back to doing what it is you were doing when your Crafty was boasting a beautiful full serial number

Cooking chicken with your Volcano Vaporizer

It is no secret that Oven bags are a great and cost effective alternative to OEM vapor bags, but what if I told you that throwing a seasoned bird in your volcano bag and then filling it with some herbs before cooking  that chicken in the oven will add an insane level of herb flavor you can only dream of.

Your Volcano is an amazing kitchen apparatus

Adding this level of flavor to my chickens could only be possible with the Volcano. My favorite recipe is to put a lemon medley from the local Berkeley Bowl  into my solid valve filling chamber. The chicken itself is seasoned with paprika , pepper, lemon, thyme, garlic and sea salt. I then throw the chicken into my volcano vape bag put on the solid valve and fill her up. I like to vape the herbs at 385 to ensure a thick herb vapor. When about ¾ the way full I remove the bag from the chamber and valve and seal it up real quick. A 5 lb chicken out of the oven cooked in a vapor bag fueled by the Volcano is pure magic.

These are just a few cool tricks we found. Please contact us to share some of yours or ask us any questions on the ones above.

If interested in any of the vaporizers mentioned above or elsewhere check us out, we offer trial periods and lifetime trade ins on every vaporizer sold as well as new and used vaporizers for every budget.

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