G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer Review

The vaporizer industry has an endless array of competing brands, but devices compatible with concentrates and waxes are a unique niche. Shatter, the concentrated form of marijuana, is a great way to experience intense highs and euphoria quickly, but finding the best device for one’s needs is a challenge at times. Most concentrate vape pens are on the affordable side, but users really have to identify what’s important to them. No unit is alike, and some produce cloud quality out of this world (think the Puffco Peak!), while others are more affordable, and offer portability, as well as discreet use. I personally look for ‘all-arounder’ type device, meaning I want something with good flavor, a simple user experience, and that can be utilized on the go. The G Pen Nova LXE is one of Grenco Science’s newest releases, it’s an upgraded version of the original G Pen, and it looked like it would be right up my alley. In fact, the reputation of the company alone was enough to justify trying it. Fortunately, I am pleased to report the LXE met all my expectations and more; the summary below includes my experience and the device’s technical details.

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Build, Portability and Facility of Use

 The G Pen Nova LXE is slim, sleek, and simply gorgeous. It’s a vape pen that holds true to its name, and looks almost identical to a high-end regular pen. The unit is brilliantly designed and features four pieces: a mouth-piece with a built in stainless steel dabbing tool, a connector, the atomizer, and the base where the usb charge port is located at the bottom. Each piece is easily removed and reassembled with a quick screw on and off. The LXE is about six inches in length, with a very skinny body, a singular power/control button, and it comes in a bold black color. The device feels great and natural to hold in the palm of one’s hand, and it’s effortless to enjoy stealthy sessions anytime and anywhere.

The other beautiful part of the LXE is the user experience. This concentrate pen is one of the easiest products I’ve ever operated, and the built-in dab tool really adds to the convenience factor. In order to use the LXE, make sure it’s charged and then tap the center button fives times in succession. The button will briefly turn blue, and it will immediately begin heating the shatter. Next, simply hold the same button and inhale to enjoy creamy, smooth cloud. (Alternatively, users can also tap the button twice if they want to stay and hold temperature for passing during joint sessions, or for enjoying several hits at a time.)

Voltage Settings and Atomizer Specifications

 The G Pen Nova LXE offers three different voltage settings which include 3.2v, 3.6v, and 4.1v. (There is also a specialty setting which I will expand on at the end.) The primary settings can be easily switched by clicking the single, center button three times rapidly, and each voltage setting is color-coded respectively as blue (3.2v), green (3.6v), and the max setting, red (4.1v). Having the ability to customize settings, and enjoy heavier rips at 4.1v, or take to it slower at 3.2v  is one of my favorite points of the device. The final setting of this unit is the ‘extended-draw’ mode: this feature is accessed by pressing the button two times in a row, and it allows users to continuously draw for a short period. It’s by far the best setting for joint sessions, and for non-stop hitting.

The atomizer is another win for the LXE! It has a fully ceramic atomizer and Grenco designed a ‘check-ball’ valve system and air-flow reversal system to provide the best possible vapor production. The idea behind this system, and atomizer was to allow for even heating of one’s concentrate with every draw. In my opinion, they definitely succeeded in this endeavor!

Battery and Accessories

 The G Pen Nova LXE is decked with a 650 mAH variable voltage battery, it features pass through charging, and the device is 510-threaded. The 650 mAH battery is a considerable upgrade, as the original G Pen was only 300 mAH, and users will appreciate the flexibility of a 510 thread tank’s compatibility with most pre-loaded cartridges. The unit gets kudos for all these improvements.

Unfortunately, as far as accessories go, the box kit is completely lacking. It’s not surprising that the device doesn’t come with much, given the ultra cheap price point, but customers that like extras will have to make do. The package only contains the actual vape (tank & battery), and a micro-usb charger.


Vapor Quality and Price Point

The G Pen Nova LXE creates smooth, cool, and crisp clouds. The concentrate flavor transmits really well, and the vapor quality is excellent. I was actually surprised at how much I ended up liking this unit. The LXE will delight both hard hitters, and gentle users alike, as the variable voltage truly makes a difference in potency. Additionally, the device is super easy to draw from with little to no resistance, so it’s easy to intake large clouds with zero effort. I would say the LXE is comparable to the Puffco Plus (one of my favorite wax pens!), with the Plus producing clouds that are just slightly better.

Currently, the G Pen Nova LXE is listed for sale at a super affordable price of $59.95. The price point for this product is incredible; given the quality, I feel that Grenco Science probably could have listed it for $10 to $15 more, and it still would be a great deal. Honestly, the company did a magnificent job updating the original G Pen, while keeping it inexpensive for the masses. In summary, the G Pen Nova LXE is an amazing unit in relation to its retail value, and the vapor quality effortlessly exceeded my expectations.

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