Gas Mask Bong: Coolest Water Pipes

If you’re someone who is an avid smoker, chances are that you’re looking for new and inventive ways to enjoy your cannabis. After all, you can only smoke from so many bongs and pipes until you get tired of the different glass variations that different products have to offer you.

The good news? There are some exciting inventions out there that you can take advantage of, with one of them being the gas mask bong. If you want a novel smoking experience, let’s dive deeper into this product!

guy smoking gas mask bong in public

What Is a Gas Mask Bong? 

Aptly named, a gas mask bong is a water pipe or bong outfitted to a silicone gas mask that one can place over their head. Whereas a traditional gas mask is designed to filter toxic fumes and protect you from them, this gas mask is designed to trap smoke inside of the mask. This achieves a sort of hot box effect without having to light up in a confined space. If you’re looking for something entirely new, this product is perfect for you. 

Do Gas Masks Get You Higher?

The short answer is yes, it will definitely get you higher. The main reason that gas mask water pipes will get you higher is that not only do you have a better airflow but you are also surrounded by extra smoke. You might not necessarily clear the entire bong but when you have the mask on, you have no choice. Just a simple breath in and all the excess smoke is inhaled too.

Incase you’re also wondering, YES! These are worth it. Not only does it add to the cool factor but it makes it easier to take one hit and not need to smoke for a couple hours.

How to Use a Gas Mask Water Pipe 

Once you purchase a gas mask bong, you’ll discover that they’re quite easy to use (despite looking a little intimidating). Simply secure the mask over your face after filling the reservoir of your water pipe. Make sure to to not leave any open gaps so that you can keep the smoke in. Grind your herbs, pack the bowl, and take a rip! Gas masks traditionally have ventilation holes so that you can exhale while still keeping the smoke in. 

It may be overwhelming at first as few smokers are accustomed to breathing in so much smoke at once. Start by taking it slow and taking off the mask if you feel like you need to at any point during your session. The last thing you want to do is only breathe smoke and run out of oxygen!

smoking and clearing acrylic gas mask water pipe

What Are They Made From?

For most of us, we’re accustomed to our bongs being made out of glass. After all, glass allows us to preserve the flavors of our herbs and makes for the best flavor experience. However, with regular bongs, these types of items can be set down so that we can smoke them. If you were to attach a heavy glass water pipe to a gas mask, you can already imagine where that would lead you. 

Fortunately, the gas mask bongs that you’ll find online use acrylic bongs instead of glass. This makes it easy for you to hold onto the pipe as you use your mask. Additionally, if you should feel lightheaded or dizzy at any point, accidentally letting go of your bong won’t result in a mess to clean up at the end of your session. 

Different Face Masks 

In regards to the different face mask options you have, most face masks are made out of silicone to create an airtight fit around your head once you begin securing it down. However, there are a ton of different options out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional gas mask or something that resembles a mask from your favorite movie, you’re sure to find the perfect gas mask for your needs.

star wars grey stormtrooper gas mask bong

Gas Mask Bong For Sale 

When you begin shopping for your first gas mask bong, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices out there. So, what should you be looking for? Some of the most important features to pay attention to include: 

  • A real, silicone gas mask to give you an authentic experience
  • Tightening straps to help you or others secure the mask to your head
  • A long acrylic waterpipe to ensure you’re getting cool hits that won’t irritate your eyes and throat
  • All of the features of a regular water pipe (carb, removable bowl, etc.)
  • Ventilation holes

As long as you get a gas mask bong with all of the features you need to have a desirable smoking session, you’ll be good to go once you strap the mask on your head and light up your herbs!


Bongs and pipes get the job done, but everyone wants to try something new every once in a while. Although a quick Google search will bring up a ton of items you’re likely familiar with, the gas mask bong is a product that many stoners may not have even heard of. If you want to try something new and believe that the gas mask bong is the next product for you, use the guide above to learn more. Find which types of gas mask bongs you should be looking for when you start shopping. Also check for which features are most important in your overall smoking experience when you use your new gas mask bong!

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