Gentleman’s Ambassador Kit V4 Pen Vaporizer Review

The Ambassador Kit V4 vape pen by Gentleman’s Brand is the newest edition of Gentleman’s all-in-one concentrate kit. It comes with two concentrate attachments, a great battery, a fill tool, a non-stick concentrate jar, a charger, and a wall adaptor. We’ll break the review down like this:

  • How it Works
  • Concentrate Carts
  • Battery Life
  • Warranty
  • Is it worth buying?

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gentlemans ambassador kit v4

How the Gentleman’s Ambassador Kit V4 Works

Like most concentrate pens, the Ambassador Kit is very simple to use. That being said, it has some quirks that make it unique. We’ll get into the concentrate carts in the next section, but once you pick which one you want to use, you have to load it up.

First, you have to prime the coil, which involves putting 0.1-0.2 grams onto your fill tool. Then, you heat the concentrate with a lighter (you need the tip of the flame to be one inch away) until it melts down into the coil. After it melts on, it is ready to fill with the rest of your concentrate, which you do in the same way.

After your cartridges are filled, you attach whichever one you want to use to your battery.

To activate the battery, you click the center button 5 times within 2 seconds. There is also a dial at the bottom of the unit to adjust your voltage, from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts.

I usually find myself starting at 3.2 volts and working my way up to around 4.2. This preserves flavor while vaping the concentrate really well.

Check out our video review and demonstration to see exactly how this pen works:

Concentrate Carts

There are two different carts that come in this kit, the V2 and the Mega V2.

The V2 holds up to 0.5 grams, and the Mega holds up to 1.0 grams. That’s a ton of concentrate!

This kit is really perfect for the vaper that’s always on the go and doesn’t want to worry about running out or loading while they’re out and about.

The V2

The V2 Concentrate Cart

In my opinion, this high capacity is really what sets this vape apart. It can be a pain to load sometimes, but with this high of a capacity, you won’t be loading often.

The Mega V2 loaded up

The Mega V2 loaded up

Battery Life

Battery life is usually the biggest drawback of pen vaporizers. Thankfully, the people over at Gentleman’s know this and they include a nice high capacity battery with this kit.

The variable voltage is also a really great feature, because this lets you dial in the heat of the vapor and how fast the coil heats up.


The Ambassador Kit comes with a one year warranty. While this isn’t the best warranty as far as vaporizers go, in the world of pen vaporizers, this is pretty good.

That really all I have to say about the warranty, but I also wanted to say that Gentleman’s customer service is amazing. They’ll help you out if you’re having issues, and they’re more honest than a lot of companies out there.

Is it worth buying?

Ah, the question everyone always wants to know. In short, yes, it’s definitely worth buying.

For as great of a pen that this is, the price is pretty reasonable. For $79.95 you get a high quality pen.

If mine broke today, I would go out and buy another one. It has found a permanent place in my collection, and it is my go to concentrate vape whether I’m home or on the go.

Best Place to Buy the Ambassador Kit V4 by Gentleman’s?

If you want to pick this pen up, we recommend buying it directly from Gentleman’s official website here.

By going through the official site, you’re getting it for the lowest price online, free shipping, the full warranty, and you know you won’t be getting ripped off.

Final Thoughts

The Ambassador Kit V4 is an awesome concentrate vape pen. As a matter of fact, after testing it out, we bumped it up to #2 in our vape pen buyer’s guide.

It’s especially good for the user who is always on the go, since you can load up the Mega concentrate cart with a full gram of material and have it last you through the day. The convenience of not having to keep refilling your carts while out in public is worth it alone.

If this sounds like the pen for you, grab it from Gentleman’s website today!

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