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The vaporizer industry is saturated with distinct units that vary in price, build, and vapor quality. Additionally, the majority of these vapes will only be compatible with either dry herb or concentrates, with the exception being some select brands that work with all materials. Therefore, when a customer is ready to purchase a vaporizer, it can be a difficult decision to consider all the factors and select the most appropriate product. My job, as a professional vape tester is to aid customers in the decision making process; this position requires that I try various brand names and determine if the unit is good in regards to its retail value, and also if the device actually meets all the company’s claims. Most recently, I was sent one of the most expensive, and most highly acclaimed, portable vapes on the markets, the Ghost MV1 and I am still awe-struck by the craftsmanship and quality of it. The following summation will provide the basics, and the specs on the Ghost MV1, as well as my opinions on the device.

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Build, Portability & Facility of Use

The Ghost MV1 is one of the best looking, tech-styled vapes that I’ve ever seen. This unit definitely has the wow-factor, and the initial feeling was like Christmas had come early when I first laid eyes on it. The device has a powerful, and solid build, as it weighs in at about 340 grams, but it’s also easily portable with height of five inches and a width of just over two inches. The Ghost MV1 comes in a nice variety of colors including rose gold, silver, satin silver, black, and stealth black. Every version sports the Ghost Logo on the front, with the heat up/draw button just above it. The back of the unit is where the power button is located, and the LED display is located right below. The Ghost MV1 is unique in that the oven is concealed, and locked, and must accessed via the side panel, while the mouthpiece is a sliding insert. All in all, speaking strictly in terms of appearance and structure, this vape is absolutely gorgeous.

As far as learning to operate it, the Ghost MV1 should be recommended for patient users. This is not the type of vaporizer that can be popped out of the kit, and used right away with zero experience. I had to look at the manual in order to locate and figure out how to access the heating chamber, as well as how to heat up and initiate an inhalation. Consumers should expect to take about fifteen to thirty minutes to acclimatize to the device, and there are several youtube videos that may be helpful. The good news is the Ghost MV1 is a premium product so once users get past the learning curve, they will be able to have the best vaping on demand, and the ultimate experience.

Precision Temperature Control & Heating Elements 

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer comes with three (340°F, 365°F, & 390°F) preset temperatures for dry herb material, and one preset temperature for concentrates. If a user downloads the app, then precision temperature with also be available for use, with a range from 284 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Exact temperature control is a feature offered in most units above one hundred dollars, so it’s nothing really special. However, what makes this device steal the spotlight is the fact it’s an on demand vape, not a session vaporizer. The really incredible (and patented) aspect about the Ghost MV1 is the on-demand heat exchanger which allows the device to heat from a standing start to the selected temperature in less than ten seconds, and then hold temperature for as long as the draw goes on. There is currently no other vaporizer like this in the market place.

Additionally, the Ghost MV1 boasts the use of a heat diffuser and it is constructed from purely medical grade materials in order to provide optimal flower flavor. In terms of oven capacity, the crucible allows up to 0.12 grams of marijuana, which is equal to about 0.3 grams oven capacity in other competing brands due to patented technology. My personal recommendation to users would be to start with about 0.1 grams of medium-coarse ground marijuana for the best possible experience.

Battery Life & Accessories 

The Ghost MV1 comes with a proprietary, high power battery that is both removable and rechargeable. The battery can be juiced via the micro USB cable or charged in the external “Fast Charger” for users looking get maximum power as quickly as possible. I followed the manufacturer advice of charging overnight before I used it for the first time, and since then I haven’t had a single issue with battery life. Users can expect up to nine crucibles between charges.

The Ghost MV1 provides a fully loaded kit, as is expected with a premium vape. The box kit includes the user quick start manual, a spare crucible with a lid, a micro-usb charge cord, an external fast charger, a concentrate pad, three picks, and three alcohol wipes with cotton swabs, as well as the actual vaporizer and battery.

Vapor Quality & Price Point 

The Ghost MV1 has one of the steepest price tags that I’ve ever seen on a portable vape. In fact, there are some desktop units that are actually cheaper such as the Arizer Extreme Q. The Ghost MV1 is currently listed for sale for $295.00, and at this kind of price, my expectation is that the vapor quality should be the best of the best. Luckily, this unit hits the target and goes beyond expectations. I found that the cloud quality is truly excellent regardless of if one is enjoying concentrates or dry herb material.

The Ghost MV1 is able to create perfect, tasty clouds for a number of reasons. The combination of pure convection heating via the ceramic crucible, ceramic sleeve and stainless steel lid is literally genius. The fact that Ghost MV1 was able to incorporate a heat diffuser which eliminates the need to stir the herb, and enhances taste was a huge bonus too. Lastly, the overall proprietary design of the vaporizer prevents burning of the material, and ensures the purest flavor.

Bottom Line 

The Ghost MV1 is pretty much a must buy for anyone that is serious about vaping, and has the economic means to afford it. I’ve tried a large number of high-end units that performed awesomely, and that I was very pleased with such as the Boundless Tera, and the DaVinci IQ. However, the Ghost MV1 is definitely one of the best portable dry herb/concentrate vaporizer that I’ve tried out to date, and the on demand draw feature makes it one of a kind.

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