Glass Blunt Pipe (Glunt): The Basic Guide

Although nothing beats smoking a good old-fashion blunt, rolling the perfect blunt is quite tricky. It requires patience and practice. And the process can be quite frustrating, especially for beginners. 

But thankfully, innovation and technology have made almost every aspect of our lives, including smoking, easier and more interesting than ever. 

With glass blunts, you’re guaranteed a classy and clean smoking experience without completely losing touch with the traditional blunt smoking method.

What is a Glass Blunt (Glunt)?

Glass blunts are modern smoking tools made out of glass materials to simulate traditional blunt wraps. They are also commonly called Glunt because it is a combination of glass and blunt, you get the gist. 

So Glunts are everything that traditional blunts lack, from the ease of use to cleaner hits and relatively long life span. 

Glass blunts come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. However, all modern blunts have a portable design for conveniences and discreteness. 

A typical Glunt is made up of a filtered mouthpiece, a rubber cap, a clear glass tube, and a corkscrew that runs through the glass. The corkscrew, which is a spiral attachment, is made out of strong materials like pure metal. 

How to Smoke from the Glass Glunt?

Glass blunts are designed to eliminate the trouble that comes with rolling a blunt. As a result, they are easy to use, even for a beginner. However, some new users might find it hard to use the metal spiral for the first few times.  

To use a glass glunt, you just have to gently remove the mouthpiece and the corkscrew from the glass tube. With both parts removed, you should have a clear glass tube with a cap at one end. Now is the time to load your flower. Don’t overload the cylinder. Regardless of the Glunt’s size, only fill ⅔ or ¾ of the chamber. 

Next, gently twist and push the spiral attachment back into the glass cylinder. Make sure you twist the corkscrew using counterclockwise rotation. This will ensure that the bud is packed properly. 

Once the corkscrew and the mouthpiece are in place, remove the cap at the other end of the glass cylinder. Light up your Glunt and enjoy your smoke. 

How to Clean it

Since the glass blunt is reusable, it saves you money but requires regular cleaning to prolong its life span and efficiency. Your Glunt package will include a small cleaning brush for a quick clean after every use.

However, you’d want to do a thorough clean occasionally with isopropyl alcohol. To do this, remove the corkscrew, fill the tube with iso and let it soak for at least half an hour. After that, shake the tube to loosen the residue and rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

Use warm water to clean the corkscrew and the body of the tube. Allow parts to dry before using the Glunt again.

Difference Between the Glass Blunt and the Blunt Wrap

The major similarity between a glass blunt and the regular blunt is that Glunt replicates the feeling of smoking with an actual blunt. But every other thing is almost different. 

First off, a blunt wrap is a hollowed-out cigar that is filled with herbs. Blunt wraps are basically rolling papers made from tobacco leaves. 

Using a blunt wrap means constantly buying more wraps as long as you keep smoking weed. However, Glunts are the complete opposite since they are made of glass, which makes them reusable for a significantly long period if probably handled. 

Aside from saving money in the long run, glass blunts also offer smooth and cooler hits at all times since they don’t get smaller like traditional blunt when being smoked. And the glass tube also doesn’t get hot as it is with blunt wraps when they are almost finished. 

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