Growing Cannabis in a Garden Shed

Are you a marijuana cultivator looking to set up your own outdoor grow shed?

Cannabis culture has become a part of everyday life for over 20 million Americans and 220 million others globally. Many states have lifted red tape or are in the process of doing so on marijuana for recreational and therapeutic uses. 

The question is, how can you get in on the action?

Say hello to cultivating outdoor pot seeds in your very own shed. Read on to learn the basics needed to grow weed in an outdoor shed

How do I get started?

Growing cannabis in a shed is an inexpensive way to start your cultivating journey. The setup can be basic or high-tech, depending on your budget. Here are some essentials and best practices when setting up an outdoor grow shed


The first step is knowing the best cannabis seeds to plant and what effects and experiences you are looking for. With so many cannabis seed varieties out there, it is tricky to decide what you want. 

Buy your outdoor pot seeds from a reputable online seed bank. Be sure to choose the ones most suitable for growing in an outdoor grow shed.

Growing medium

Grow weed in a shed using soil or a simple hydroponic system. Hydroponics requires some skill level, so soil rich in organic matter is your best option if you’re just starting.

Ideally, the larger the growing pot, the taller you want your plant to become. Whatever one you pick, ensure it has adequate drainage and aeration for fast and healthy expansion.


Ensure your outdoor grow shed is light-proof. Light leakage induces stress in marijuana crops resulting in lower yields. 

There are three lighting options to use in your outdoor grow shed.

  • HID Lights – HID (high-intensity discharge) lights are simple to install and have a minimal upfront cost, but they generate a lot of heat and require adequate ventilation. 
  • LED – LED bulbs save you money on your electric bills. They produce far minimal heat, making climate management of the outdoor grow shed easy.
  • Fluorescent – These are similar to those used in your home. They use the same socket as standard bulbs and are more energy-efficient. 

The downside of fluorescent lights is that they produce significantly less light. Moving the bulbs closer to the crops can enhance heat absorption.

Climate control and monitoring

For healthy marijuana crops to grow, ensure a stable climate in your outdoor grow shed. High temperature and humidity encourage mold growth, while low humidity causes premature flowering.

Insulate the outdoor grow shed with foam to keep the temperature stable. This is important in areas where temperatures fluctuate drastically at night or during different seasons. 

Cannabis crops need a warm (but not hot) atmosphere, so make sure there are no temperature changes in your cage. 

Proper ventilation is essential for growing weed in an outdoor shed. You can achieve adequate ventilation by fitting small fans, air filters, and air ducts to improve the aeration of the cannabis crops. This also regulates the temperature in the outdoor grow shed.

Install a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity and a reverse AC to regulate the temperature to optimal levels. This ensures the crops develop into healthy marijuana crops.


Feeding your crops is especially important if you opt for a hydroponic setup. Marijuana requires phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium in high quantities. Monitor your plants and supplement as the need arises.    

When growing in soil, use an organic-rich type with added compost. You can purchase this from your local dispensary containing all the nutrients already mixed in the correct ratio. 


Watering your cannabis crops isn’t tricky, especially for a green thumb. You don’t need much experience to determine whether or not your crops need watering. 

Often, growers overwater their crops, thinking that they are withering. As a rough guide, only water them when the soil feels dry, or the leaves begin to turn yellow. A well-watered plant appears bright and vibrant, with healthy green leaves.

If your crops appear to be dry, water them until the top layer of soil is moist. Allow 10 minutes for the moisture to drain through. If it becomes dry again, add more water. 

Repeat the technique until the topsoil is gently damp, then maintain it up by softly watering the crops every 1–2 days.  

Pros of growing in a garden shed

There are many advantages if you choose to grow cannabis in a shed:

  • Growing weed this way is cheaper in the long run. A simple outdoor grow shed can cost you up to $1,500, while an ounce of weed can cost up to $400 depending on the strain and where you live. 
  • A dedicated outdoor grow shed outside your living area allows for better climate control and avoids encroaching on your living space. 

This means you can work on creating the ideal conditions for your crops, such as warmth and humidity, without affecting your living conditions.

  • Growing weed in an outdoor shed ensures a year-round supply regardless of the changes in weather conditions. This is especially important for medicinal tokers who rely on weed to manage health conditions.
  • When you grow cannabis in a shed, you monitor every step of the plant’s growth. This assures you of the quality and safety of the weed you’re consuming.

Disadvantages of growing in a garden shed

To be doubly sure you want to go down this road, here are two more things to consider:

  • The initial setup costs of an outdoor grow shed are high depending on the level of automation you want.
  • Gardening requires time, effort, and a bit of know-how. You need to monitor pests, mold constantly, and unhealthy crops compared to buying over the counter.

Growing in the great outdoors

Growing weed in a shed takes effort and dedication. The benefits are immense and guarantee a long-term supply of your favorite cultivar. Jump online and get your hands on some outdoor pot seeds today, and you’ll be growing these nugs like the rockstar you are.

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