Haze V3 vs Crafty Portable Vaporizer Comparison

The Haze V3 and the Crafty are both widely popular portable vaporizers, however they both have key differences in select areas.

These differences can seriously impact which vape you would prefer for day to day use, as in the end both of these are outstanding vaporizers, but each one I feel would appeal to slightly different people.

In this comparison, we’re going to fully break down both the Haze V3 and Crafty’s features so you can make a direct comparison before purchasing one of these devices.

Haze V3 Vs Crafty

This comparison will be broken down into the following categories:

  • Ease of Use
  • Temperature Control
  • Vapor Quality and Efficiency
  • Pocketability and Discreteness
  • Battery Life
  • Warranty

Ease of Use

Both of the Crafty and the Haze V3 are pretty simple to use and operate, but they do differ a bit in how each device is operated. This category is going to cover how easy each device is for day to day use.

Ease of use With the Haze V3

The Haze v3 is sporting a pretty clean design in terms of control options on the device itself. There no obtrusive buttons or anything on the device; the only actual button the Haze has is on the top of the unit which is used to cycle through the heating settings.  

The way you actually power on this vape is by rotating the top piece of the vaporizer clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on which oven you want to heat up.

Haze v3 Oven Markings

The Haze V3 offers 2 ovens that you can use on the fly, which we’ll go into a bit more later. The way you control which oven you are vaping from depends on which direction you rotate the top of the Haze v3.

Each oven is marked with a different symbol: one oven has a fully colored in circle, and the other is the outline of a circle.

Haze v3 Ovens

Once you’ve selected which oven you want to vape from, you can start cycling through the 4 temperatures with the button on the top of the unit.

The 4 LED’s on the front of the unit will emulate to tell you which temperature you have selected. The lights will flash until the unit is heated up, after which the LED’s will remain solid instead of blinking once the Haze is at temperature.

Depending on what you prefer, you have a metal and glass stem that are more or less the same for you to choose from. I found myself gravitating towards the glass stem more often as I prefer to rest my lips on glass when I have the choice, but they are both honestly more or less the same.

I didn’t see any noticeable difference between the two. Just pick whatever one you prefer better.

Haze v3 with Metal Mouthpiece

With the Haze V3, I found a fine grind yielded the best results since it is a conduction vaporizer. A normal coarse grind works as well, but I found vapor production to be noticeably greater with the fine grind.

So preparing dry herbs for the Haze V3 does take a little more effort than normal if you want the best results.

Cleaning the Haze V3 is pretty simple and doesn’t take too long. Just start by soaking a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, running it through the vapor path where the stem of your choice is usually stored, and then running it through the ovens cleaning off any residual oil.

I also like to wet a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down my stems regularly so they always slide in and out of place easily.  

Ease of use With the Crafty

Unlike the Haze V3, the Crafty is accompanied by a smartphone app for its temperature control and battery life.

Also, the app lets you know how many hours your unit has been in operation. This is great for keeping track of how much you actually use your Crafty.

Crafty Smartphone app

If you’re familiar with the Mighty vaporizer, it is the larger version of the Crafty with tactile buttons and a temperature readout on the device itself. The Crafty does not have any tactile temperature adjustments or a temperature display like the Mighty, which allows this vape to come in at a smaller size.

All the Crafty has on it is a simple LED light on the front and an orange power button that is used for powering the unit on and going into the “Boost” temperature setting.

The Crafty works well with a normal coarse grind consistency from a typical 4 piece grinder. A fine grind isn’t necessary for the Crafty, but it can improve vapor production even further if you are so inclined.

Personally, I found it more effort than it was worth, and I found the finer particulates accumulating more in the cooling unit with a fine grind.


To be honest, I hate cleaning the cooling units of my Crafty and Mighty. It’s just a lot of work disassembling the whole cooling unit, cleaning the o-rings, cleaning or replacing the screen, and I dread soaking and q-tipping the actual cooling units themselves.

If you stay on top of cleaning the cooling unit, the process isn’t that bad, but I just find the process of cleaning this vape such a hassle.

Which Vape is the Easiest to use?

These two vapes are about equal in terms of ease of use. However, personally I would give it to the Haze V3.

I find the combination of having the temperature control on the device itself and the easier maintenance process just makes a better design overall to operate.

If those two things don’t really matter to you, then both of these vapes are about tied.

Temperature Control

The temperature control category will briefly go over each of these vaporizers means of controlling the amount of heat outputted by the oven.

Temperature Control with the Haze V3

The Haze V3 is offering 4 different temperature settings to choose from. To adjust them, simply tap the button to cycle through the temperature settings.

The 4 LED lights on the front of the unit will glow to designate what temperature you are on. If you are on temperature level 2, two LED’s will glow on the front, and so on.

Haze v3 Temperature Control

The temperature settings are as follows:

  • Temperature 1: 365 °F
  • Temperature 2: 385 °F
  • Temperature 3: 395 °F
  • Temperature 4: 420 °F

Overall, the Haze v3 offers a good temp spectrum, but I would like to see more heat settings when compared to other vapes that offer more or fully customizable heat adjustments.

Temperature Control with the Crafty

Unlike the Haze V3, the Crafty uses a smartphone app as we stated before to control the temperature. Also, unlike the Haze V3 is the fact that you get to finely adjust what temperature you wish to vape at.

Crafty Temperature Control From Application

From the smartphone app you can adjust what temperature your Crafty will heat up to upon turning it on, and from there you can also set the “boost” temperature, which allows you to bump up the temperature a set amount like +15°F.

To activate the boost temperature, you simply press and hold the power button and wait for it heat up after the unit is already on.

Aside from choosing your default and boost temperatures, you can use the app to set your Crafty to whatever temperature you want in the spectrum.

Who has the Best Temperature Control?

I would hand it to the Crafty if you don’t mind using your smartphone to adjust the temperature of course.

The Crafty offers a fully adjustable temperature spectrum, which allows users to tailor their experience more to their preferences.

However, if you don’t feel like messing around with an app to control your temperature, the Haze is the simpler of the two to adjust.

Vapor Quality and Efficiency

Both of these vaporizers offer great vapor quality, but they do differ a bit in how they deliver vapor to you.

The Haze V3 is vaporizing via conduction heating, while the Crafty is vaporizing via a hybrid of convection and conduction heating.

This category is going to compare each unit’s vapor quality and their respective efficiency with dry herbs and concentrates.

The Haze V3’s Vapor Quality and Efficiency

The Haze V3 is a session style vaporizer like the Crafty, but as we stated just before, the Haze V3 uses solely conduction heating to vaporize your material.

Haze v3 Vapor Quality

With that said, the Haze V3 gives you a lot of options for loading the two ovens they provide you with. You have the following options when deciding to use the Haze V3, and each method offers some pros and cons over one or the other:

Convection Screen

Haze v3 Convection Screen


  • Best flavor
  • Slightly smoother


  • Worst vapor production

Conduction Screen

Haze v3 Conduction Screen


  • Quickest extraction
  • Greatest vapor production


  • Hottest and harshest packing method
  • Worst flavor

Dry Material Can

Haze v3 Dry Herb Can


  • Can pack the most material
  • Best compromise of flavor and vapor production
  • Best solution for on the go


  • Can is hot after use

Oil and Concentrate Can

Haze v3 Concentrate Can


  • Great flavor
  • Great vapor production
  • Can hold large amount of concentrate
  • Easy to clean


  • Can is hot after use

Personally, I found every method of using the Haze v3 to be satisfactory, and overall I liked the experience each one offered me. I think it’s awesome being able to tailor the experience more towards what you prefer whether it be vapor production, flavor, portability, etc.

Not much of a draw technique either with the Haze v3, you just have to be mindful not to draw fast or hard. Just a slow to medium draw speed is all you need to produce vapor with the Haze V3.

I found temperature 1-3 to be my preferred settings for dry herb, and temperature 4 for concentrates. I just didn’t like temperature 4 for dry herbs as I found the vapor a bit too hot and harsh for my liking.

With that said, it was outstanding for concentrates. I think most people will gravitate towards heat level 3 for their preferred setting, but I found heat settings 1-2 to be my favorites.

You can load roughly .2 of finely ground material into each oven, and the Haze v3 does an excellent job at fully extracting all of the active compounds in the material.

If you are really looking to get every last bit out of your material, I found the conduction screen to offer really good extractions at the highest temperature setting.

The vapor quality with concentrates is also really good. You don’t need a lot to get good vapor production either. I found a small rice sized dab in the concentrate can is all you need, but you can load more if you desire.

Haze v3 and Concentrates

The Crafty’s Vapor Quality and Efficiency

In my opinion, I found the Crafty and its sibling the Mighty both respectively offer the most consistent experience for a session style vaporizer out of any I have tried.

Flavor and production stays pretty consistent throughout the whole session. The burnt popcorn type of taste doesn’t occur with the Crafty unless your material tasted like that to begin with or if you vape at 410 the entire time.

Crafty Vapor Quality

There is literally no draw technique at all with the Crafty, just suck on the mouthpiece and vapor will come out no matter how hard or slow you pull on it. Overall the easiest vape to pull consistent vapor from in my experience.

I found 360°F-380°F delivered some of the tastiest and most enjoyable vapor I have experienced in any vaporizer in general. Vapor production isn’t that much better at the higher temperatures, and I found 380°F to be the best sweet spot in my opinion between flavor and vapor production.

I found myself needing .2-.3 grams of coarsely ground material to fully load the Crafty’s oven. You can also use smaller amounts if you use the included concentrate disc to fill the remaining space in the oven. This is great if you don’t want to commit to a full session.

Crafted Loaded with Dry Herb

I found the Crafty delivered concentrate vapor second only to the Firefly 2. A small amount of concentrate on the concentrate pad yields huge flavorful clouds.

You do have to be mindful of not overloading the Crafty with too much concentrate, small amounts are key.

Crafty Loaded with Concentrate

Who has the Best Vapor Quality and Efficiency?

I would definitely hand it to the Crafty. It’s really hard to compare the Crafty’s vapor quality to many other vaporizers as it really is that good.

It’s the best combination of vapor production and flavor out of any portable. If you are looking for consistent, huge, and flavorful clouds, the Crafty is perfect for you.

Pocketability and Discreteness

The pocketability and discreteness category will go over how easy these units are to transport on the go and how discrete their designs are for public use.

Pocketability and Discreteness of the Haze v3

The Haze V3 is coming in at a really small size, slightly shorter than the Crafty, but wider. It’s pretty much the same size as the Crafty, just shaped differently.

The design is pretty comfortable to hold and easily slips into any normal pocket.

Haze V3 in hand

The design really resembles a small flask, and overall it’s a rather obscure design for a vaporizer. Depending on where you use this vape, it can be a very feasible option for public use. More importantly, it’s just not a hard unit to transport at all.

The dry herb cans can make on the go use easier by eliminating any containers for ground material that you may have to carry with you. I would rather toss a few loaded dry herb cans in my pocket rather than a grinder full of herb.

Pocketability and Discreteness of the Crafty

The Crafty also comes in a really small package. I find the design fits better in the hand than the Haze V3. I personally just find it more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, but that’s just me.

Crafty in hand

The Crafty’s small size also allows it to easily slip into any pocket or bag you wish to store or transport it in.

When talking about public discrete use, it’s about even with the Haze V3. If anything, someone would probably think it’s an E-cig and not put much thought into it.

Which Vape is More Pocketable and Discrete?

They’re pretty much the same size, and both units shouldn’t pose any issues when transporting them on the go. They are both small and will slip into any pocket easily.

Battery Life

The battery life section of this comparison is going to compare how long each battery lasts, how they are charged, and if they are replaceable.

The Haze v3’s Battery Life

I found the Haze v3 offered about an hour of usage per battery, or about 4 sessions.

One thing we have to mention about the Haze v3 is the fact that it comes with two 3.7V 18650 3200mAh Lithium-Ion batteries. What this means is that you have replaceable batteries.

This pretty much doubles your battery life, and if one battery does fail, you have the ability to replace it with a new fresh battery without sending your vape in for servicing.

Haze v3 replaceable batteries

You charge these batteries with the included external battery charging station, which is pretty standard for 18650 batteries.


The Crafty’s Battery Life

I get an average battery life of 1 hour, which gives you about 2-4 ovens. The Crafty also takes about 2 hours to become fully charged.

Even though it takes a long time to charge, it does offer pass through charging and operation so you can use the unit if its plugged in.

The Crafty is charged with an included Micro-USB cable and power brick.

Crafty Charging

Unfortunately, unlike the Haze V3, the Crafty does not offer user replaceable batteries.

So what this means is if you are on the go, you can’t bring an extra battery with you. Or if the battery flat out won’t hold a charge anymore, you’ll have to send it in to Storz and Bickel for servicing.

Who has the Best Battery Life?

I would hand it to the Haze V3. The user replaceable batteries make it a more desirable option for someone looking for a true portable vaporizer, or someone just looking for something they can service themselves to a degree.


This section will briefly go over the warranties on each of these units.

The Haze V3’s Warranty

Haze Technologies offers a 10 year warranty. The Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under intended use. The Warranty covers the unit only, and none of the accessories.

The Crafty’s Warranty

The Crafty has a 2 year warranty on defects and flaws in the devices workmanship. I believe batteries are not covered under the warranty.

Who has the Best Warranty?

No question, I would give it to the Haze V3. A 10 year warranty is outstanding, and I have no complaints whatsoever about that kind of coverage. I love a company who will stand behind their product like that.

Haze V3 vs Crafty Conclusion: Which Vape is the Best for you?

Both of these units are outstanding, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to two key factors that each unit has over the other:

I found the Haze V3 to be a better all around portable vape. It offers two ovens, handy dry herb cans, and replaceable batteries. It’s a great option for someone who knows they will be away from home for extended periods of time and will need a lot of battery life.

If that sounds like you, grab the Haze V3.

Haze V3 and a 2015 Red Elvis Bronto by Elbo

The Crafty offered better vapor quality, and if you are looking for something for both home and on the go use but don’t mind not having replaceable batteries, I think this would be the better option.

The better vapor quality is really worth sacrificing battery life if you won’t be using the Crafty as much on the go in my opinion. So if vapor quality is your main concern, pick up the Crafty.


With that said, I hope you guys found this comparison helpful. If neither of these units fits what you’re looking for and you are still undecided on a portable vaporizer, be sure to check out our portable vaporizer buyers guide to see what our favorite portables on the market are.

Thanks for reading!

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