Haze V3 vs PAX 2 Portable Vaporizer Review and Comparison

The PAX 2 and the Haze v3 are both really popular portable vaporizers, with each device offering something a little different that make both vapes great for on the go use.

Haze Technologies has incorporated a few designs and features that are pretty unique to no vape but the Haze v3 itself.

PAX Vapors also stepped their game up when designing the PAX 2, a complete improvement over the original design – this vape is renowned for its reliability and discrete on the go operation.

In this comparison, we’re going to break down these two vaporizers and see in the end which unit will be the better buy for you personally. The comparison will be broken down into the following categories:

  • Ease of Use
  • Temperature Control
  • Vapor Quality and Efficiency
  • Pocketability and Discreteness
  • Battery Life
  • Warranty

PAX 2 and Haze v3

With all that said, let’s get into our PAX 2 vs Haze V3 comparison!

Ease of Use

The ease of use category is going to break down how easy each of these devices are to load, operate, clean, etc. Basically, how easy they are to use.

Something both of these devices share in common is that both are really simple to operate and maintain for day to day use. These vapes don’t weigh you down with any fluff like big bulky designs, hard to load ovens, or tethering you to a smartphone.

Ease of Use with the Haze V3

The Haze V3 is offering a pretty simple design with not much going on the device itself. The only actual button the unit has on it is the temperature select button, which is located at the top of the unit.

The way you actually power on this vape is by rotating the top piece of the vaporizer clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on which oven you want to heat up.

Haze v3 Oven Markings

Yes, we said which oven you want to heat up. The Haze V3 is offering two different ovens that allow you to effectively vaporize two bowls of the same herb, 2 bowls of different herb, a bowl of herb and a bowl of concentrate, and so on.

The way you control which oven you are vaping from is depending on which direction you rotate the top of the Haze v3. Each oven is marked with a different symbol, one oven has a fully colored in circle, and the other is the outline of a circle.

Haze v3 Ovens

Once you’ve selected which oven you want to vape from, you can start cycling through the 4 temperatures with the button on the top of the unit. The 4 LED’s on the front will glow to represent which temperature level you are at from 1 to 4 (we’re going to cover this more later on in the comparison.)

Depending on what you prefer, you have a metal and glass stem that are more or less the same for you to choose from. I personally prefer glass as I find it the most comfortable material to rest my lips on, but it’s really subjective and all personal preference.

Some people have said there is a slight difference between the two, but I honestly am having a hard time differentiating any difference in vapor quality between the glass or metal stems.

Haze v3 with Metal Mouthpiece

The Haze V3 is a conduction vaporizer, and as such I found I got the best results when my material was finely ground. A coarse grind works as well with the Haze V3, but I found vapor production was noticeably better when I ground my herb finely. So as with most conduction vaporizers, it takes just a bit more effort to prepare your dry herbs as opposed to a convection vaporizer like the Firefly 2.

Cleaning the Haze v3 isn’t a long ordeal, and I don’t find it hard to perform. Its as simple as soaking a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, running it through the vapor path where the stem of your choice is usually stored as this vapor path accumulates oil and will make your stem stick if you don’t stay on top of it!

Also, cotton swabbing the ovens when no screen is installed helps clean up any residual oil that may be coating the oven inside the Haze v3. Lastly, just wiping off the mouthpieces with a paper towel moistened in isopropyl alcohol will make sure they never stick.

Ease of Use with the PAX 2

The PAX 2, like the Haze V3, is also designed very cleanly without much going besides the PAX logo on the front. All of the control with the PAX 2 is done on the silicone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is used to power the unit on and cycle through the temperature settings.


You rest your lips on your choice of two silicone mouthpieces: A flat one in which your lips rest on the edge of the unit, or a raised mouthpiece which is more like the original Pax. Personally, I like the flat one as it felt the most natural when using the PAX 2.

PAX 2 Mouthpieces

Cycling through the temperatures is easy on the Pax 2, but we’ll go more into that later in the temperature control section.

Like the Haze v3, you do need to put a bit of effort in when you are preparing dry herbs for use with the PAX 2. You need to grind your material finely to achieve optimal extraction with the PAX 2.

The PAX 2 does require some maintenance every now and again. Pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, and isopropyl alcohol are all you need to clean the PAX 2. Cleaning the vapor path with the pipe cleaners and swabbing the oven and mouthpiece with the cotton swabs is really easy and quick.

It does take a few minutes to do, but its overall a faster process than fully cleaning the Haze V3.

Which Vape is the Easiest to Use?

I would hand it to the PAX 2 just slightly. The PAX 2 has an overall easier maintenance process, but other than that, both of these vapes are about equal in terms of ease of use.

Temperature Control

This section will go over the temperature settings of the PAX 2 and Haze V3. Both of these vapes are pretty similar in how they adjust temperature.

The Haze V3’s Temperature Control

The Haze V3 is offering 4 different temperature settings to choose from. To adjust them, simply tap the button to cycle through the temperature settings, and the 4 LED lights on the front of the unit will glow to designate what temperature you are on.

If you are on temperature level 2, two of the four LED’s will glow on the front – pretty simple to understand.

Haze v3 Temperature Control

The temperature settings on the Haze are as follows:

  • Temperature 1: 365 °F
  • Temperature 2: 385 °F
  • Temperature 3: 395 °F
  • Temperature 4: 420 °F

Overall, the Haze v3 covers a good temperature spectrum for both dry herbs and concentrates. It will allow you to appreciate the flavorful and smooth lower temperature vapor as well as fully extract all of the active compounds out with the higher temperature settings.

The PAX 2’s Temperature Control

The PAX 2 also has 4 different heating settings for the user to easily cycle between on the fly, just like the Haze.

Simply press and hold in the middle of the mouthpiece and you’ll notice the petals on the front of the unit change. From there, you can press on the mouthpiece to cycle through the temperature settings – the 4 petals will glow according to what heat level you are on.

Once you select which temperature you want to run at, you can press and hold in the center of the mouthpiece for a second and the unit will begin heating up.

PAX 2 Temperature settings

The temperature settings are as follows.

  • Temperature 1350°F
  • Temperature 2380°F
  • Temperature 3400°F
  • Temperature 4 420°F

This temperature spectrum gives you a good range for appreciating lower temperature vapor, and two good temperatures for fully extracting your material.

Who has the Best Temperature Control?

I would call it a tie for this, they both offer 4 preset temperatures, they’re both really easy to cycle between, and they both cover the low and high temperature spectrum sufficiently for portable vaporizers.

Vapor Quality and Efficiency

Both of these vaporizers offer great vapor quality for being conduction units, and they both offer comparable vapor quality to other top tier units.

With that said however, the Haze V3 is offering something a little different that the PAX 2 doesn’t, so let’s get into it!

The Haze V3’s Vapor Quality and Efficiency

The Haze V3 is a session style, conduction vaporizer like the PAX 2. Unlike the PAX 2 however, the Haze v3 offers many ways for its users to load the device. You have the following options when deciding to use the Haze V3:

Convection Screen

Haze v3 Convection Screen


  • Best flavor
  • Slightly smoother


  • Worst vapor production.

Conduction Screen

Haze v3 Conduction Screen


  • Quickest extraction
  • Greatest vapor production.


  • Hottest and harshest packing method
  • Worst flavor

Dry Material Can

Haze v3 Dry Herb Can


  • Can pack the most material
  • Best compromise of flavor and vapor production
  • Best solution for on the go


  • Can is hot after use

Oil and Concentrate Can

Haze v3 Concentrate Can


  • Great flavor
  • Great vapor production
  • Can hold large amount of concentrate
  • Easy to clean


  • Can is hot after use

I use every method of loading the Haze v3 as I find them all enjoyable and I like the experience they all offer. Everyone prefers something different, so in the end it’s pretty subjective as to what’s the best for everyone.

The best thing to do is try them all out and figure out which one you like the best.

There’s not much of a draw technique either with the Haze v3, which is great to say. You just have to be mindful not to draw fast or hard. A slow to medium draw speed is all you need to produce vapor with the Haze V3.

I found temperature 1-3 to be my preferred settings for dry herb, and temperature 4 for concentrates. Temperature 4 I found too harsh for dry herb, but I have passed it to friends who didn’t mind, so it really comes down to what you prefer.

In general, I think temperature 3 is going to be the sweet spot for most people. Flavor on the first 2 settings is outstanding for being a conduction vaporizer too.

Haze v3 Vapor Quality

You can load roughly .2 of finely ground material into each oven, and the Haze v3 does an excellent job at fully extracting all of the active compounds in the material. The conduction screen especially does an amazing job at ensuring you’re getting every last bit out of your flower, with the ABV coming out a very dark brown after being vaped on temperature 4.

Vapor quality with concentrates is also outstanding; you don’t need much either to get good results. I’ve found you can load a large amount of concentrate for greater flavor and vapor production, but I found smaller amounts to be more efficient and less of a mess overall.

Haze v3 and Concentrates

The Pax 2’s Vapor Quality and Efficiency

As stated prior, the PAX 2 is a conduction heating, session style vaporizer.

PAX 2 vapor quality

Like the Haze V3, there isn’t much draw technique, just a slow to medium draw speed is all you need. Also being mindful of how long you draw is a major key as well – a good 15 second draw will yield noticeable amounts of vapor from the PAX 2.

I found myself sticking with temperatures 1-2 mostly and finishing up on temperature 3. I found the device to get really hot on the lips and throat at temperature 4 and a little bit on temperature 3.

Personally, I only use temperature 4 with water filtration. Flavor on the first two temperatures is overall really good.

I found it necessary to fully load the PAX 2’s oven for optimal results. If you pick up this vented lid from NewVape, it allows you to use smaller amounts by raising or lowering this metal piece. It keeps the herb in place so it’s in constant contact with the oven even if you load really small amounts of material.


Typically I load .3 of finely ground material for the best results. The large oven is great for on the go use and doesn’t need to be stirred if the material is ground finely and packed down.

Unfortunately, the PAX 2 does not vaporize concentrates like the Haze V3.


Who has the Best Vapor Quality and Efficiency?

I would give it to the Haze V3. I found its vapor to be slightly smoother and more flavorful, especially when using the convection screens for dry herb.

With that said, both devices vapor quality are really comparable, but I think the Haze V3 nudges out the win for this category.

Pocketability and Discreteness

The pocketability and discreteness category will go over how easy these units are to transport on the go and how discrete their designs are for public use.

Pocketability and Discreteness of the Haze v3

The Haze V3 comes in at a really small package. The unit is a little shorter than the PAX 2, but it is about 2.5x more wide than it.

Haze V3 in hand

The design really resembles a small flask, and overall it’s a pretty obscure design for a vaporizer.

Depending where you use this vape, it can be a very feasible option for public use. More importantly, it’s just not a hard unit to transport at all, especially considering the dry herb cans that Haze Technologies offers. Pick up a few extra cans and you’re set for on the go use.

Pocketability and Discreteness of the PAX 2

The PAX 2 is coming in at a smaller size than the Haze v3, and I find the design more comfortable in the hand and easier to conceal in general.

PAX 2 in hand

The PAX 2 can be used in such a way that no one will really know what’s in your hand since the device itself is really small.

Obviously being mindful of the odor this device emits, this is one of the best options for public use and general on the go use due to its large and easy to load oven.

Which Vape is More Pocketable and Discrete?

The PAX 2 has the slight edge here. Its overall smaller design makes it an easier device to transport and use for on the go operation.

Battery Life

The battery life section of this comparison is going to compare how long each battery lasts, how they are changed, and if they are replaceable.

The Haze v3’s Battery Life

I found the Haze v3 offered about an hour of usage per battery, or about 4 sessions.

Haze v3 replaceable batteries

Something cool about the Haze v3 is that it comes with two 3.7V 18650 3200mAh Lithium-Ion batteries. This pretty much doubles your battery life, and if one battery does fail you have the ability to replace it with a new fresh battery without sending your vape in for servicing.


I found it took about 2 and a half hours on average to charge each battery with the included external charging station.

The PAX 2’s Battery Life

Battery life with the PAX 2 is outstanding. I find that I get around 2 hours of vaping per charge. I typically vape on heat levels 1-2, so I use my vape on the lower end of the spectrum. If you vape hotter you may find your battery lasting not quite as long.

The PAX 2 uses a proprietary magnetic charger for power.


The batteries are not replaceable like the Haze V3, but the batteries in the PAX 2 are pretty good and last awhile.

Who has the Better Battery Life?

I would give it to the Haze v3 only because it offers replaceable batteries, which essentially gives you unlimited battery life. 18650 batteries are really common, so no one should have any issues obtaining a few if they really want to extend their Haze V3’s battery life.


This section will briefly go over the warranties on each of these units.

The Haze V3’s Warranty

Haze Technologies offers a 10 year warranty. The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under intended use. The warranty covers the unit only, and none of the accessories.

The PAX 2’s Warranty

PAX offers their standard 10 year warranty on defects and faulty units. Your warranty is valid so long as you purchase your PAX 2 through an authorized retailer.

Obviously, seeing as they both have the exact same warranty, there’s no “winner” for this category.

Conclusion: Which vape is best for you, the PAX 2 or the Haze V3?

Both of these vapes are pretty similar, but of course as we just learned they have some key differences as well.

I find both the PAX 2 and the Haze V3 to be amazing on the go units, but I also find the Haze V3 is better if you are going to be vaping at home too.

I found the vapor quality slightly more enjoyable with the Haze v3 personally. Plus, the replaceable batteries, multiple chambers, and ability to do concentrates are some other reasons why you may want to go for the Haze v3.

Haze V3

With that said, the Haze V3 is a bit of a bulkier design and isn’t quite as discrete as the PAX 2. I still think if you need a vape for public discrete use, the PAX 2 is the way to go.

No other vape quite matches the small size and portability of the PAX 2. You also have the bonus of having many aftermarket accessories that aren’t available for most other vapes.

PAX 2 Limited Edition Electric Blue

In the end, both devices offer outstanding experiences and both really won’t leave many people disappointed. The PAX 2 and the Haze V3 both offer some of the best vapor quality for small compact portables.

You really can’t go wrong with whatever vape you decide on using between these two.

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