The Haze v3 Vaporizer Review

The Haze v3 vaporizer by Haze Tech is the newest version of the Haze that was recently released. It’s an amazingly innovative portable vaporizer that offers both convection and conduction style vaping as well as the ability to vape concentrates and e-liquids.

If you want a high quality portable vape that can really do it all, the Haze is the one for you.

Lets get into how it works and some of the devices functions.

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First, what all comes with your Haze V3 Vaporizer?

Haze V3 package contents

Included in each package are the following:

  • 1x Haze Vaporizer
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1x Glass mouthpiece
  • 2x Conduction screens
  • 2x Convection screens
  • 2x Haze batteries
  • 1x Power Bank wall charger
  • 1x Cleaning tool
  • 1x Material tool
  • 1x Concentrate Canister
  • 1x Dry Herb Canister
  • 1x User manual

How The Haze v3 Vaporizer Works

The Haze, even with all it’s features, is a very simple vaporizer to use. Loading the chambers is the first step. Yeah, that’s right, multiple chambers. 

You can have either chamber loaded with any of the material options at any time (dry herb, concentrates, e-liquid).

To turn the unit on, you simply move the switch on the top to either side (depending on which chamber you want to heat up) and slide out the mouthpiece.

Depending on which way you flip the switch, you will activate one of the two chambers for heating. If you can see an open circle on top, that corresponds with the chamber with the open circle in front of it. The same goes for the solid circle (see pictures below).

And switching between chambers is really easy. All you have to do is push the mouth piece into the unit and flip the top switch to the opposite way. Then you just flick your mouthpiece back out and wait for the unit to heat up.

Haze Top View Open Circle

Haze Top View Closed Circle

Haze Top View Closed Circle

Haze Top View Open Circle

Haze v3 Chambers

Haze v3 Chambers

Temperature Settings

This unit has four temperature settings, which are listed below:

Level 1: 365 °F
Level 2: 385 °F
Level 3: 395 °F
Level 4: 420 °F

Now let’s get into the different inserts for the unit:

Convection: 9/10

The flavor from this insert is amazing. The vapor density on the older units (pre-V3)… not so much. It extracted just fine, I just prefer to have some visible vapor when I vape, which you only got at levels 3 and 4.


Haze reconfigured some things with the temperature settings in the newest unit (the V3 that we’re reviewing here), and this has indeed made the vapor a bit more dense.

So if you’re buying the Haze from here on out, you will get the newest unit and not have any issues with vapor density. Just know that if you do buy an older unit for whatever reason, you may run into this problem.

If you love flavor, you’ll enjoy the convection insert more than the conduction for sure. This is really more for a vape session than a couple quick hits, so relax and take your time with it.

Conduction: 8/10

The conduction bullet is really great for extracting your material quickly. If you don’t want to sit down and take some time to vape, then this will be much better for you than the convection bullet. Extraction is quick, but not very flavorful.

Dry Material Cans: 9/10

The Dry material cans are the newest edition to this latest version of the Haze. They are just like the concentrate carts, but with an enhanced top door for dry herbs.

It works similarly to the conduction insert, but the flavor is better and you can fit more into it. And, it’s much easier to clean your material out afterwards, because it’s all contained in the can.

E-Liquid: 7/10

The e-liquid pads are good, but they don’t really compare to a regular electronic cigarette. The experience is a little dryer and hotter in my opinion, but it is really nice with higher VG juices because that thickens the vapor.

Not quite a replacement (coming from a daily e-cig user), but it’s an interesting vape experience. Great for those who want to try out flavors and vape flavored e-liquid, not as great for someone trying to quit cigarettes.

Concentrate Cart: 10/10

This thing blew me away. I have literally never had my dense concentrates taste so pure, yet have none of the usual throat burn and coughing fits that can come from normal vape pens.

If you want to really enjoy your concentrates and taste them more than you’ve ever tasted them before, get this device.


The new version (Version 3) of the Haze comes with two 3200 mAh batteries.

This is an improvement over the last set of batteries, and just like before, they are charged externally. This let’s you have one battery in the device and have another ready to go when it dies.

You’ll get about 4 sessions per battery, so that gives you 8 sessions or more with the two that come with the Haze v3.

Our Haze V3 Video Review:

Best Place to Buy the Haze V3 Vaporizer?

If you want to purchase the Haze, we would recommend picking it up directly from Haze Tech’s official website.

They offer completely free shipping on your purchase, and they also offer a few different packs and bundles to choose from, so you can customize exactly what you will be getting in your package.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Haze is an amazing vaporizer. It does everything a vaper needs it to do, and it does (nearly) all of them really well. It’s on par with the higher end vaporizers available today.

With the $250 price tag, I can definitely say that this thing is worth every penny. If you want a vaporizer that can do it all, GET THIS VAPE!

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