Herbalizer vs Volcano vs Cloud Evo: What is the Best High End Desktop Vaporizer?

The Herbalizer, the Volcano, and the Cloud Evo. Three of the best (and most expensive) vaporizers on the market. That being said, each of these vapes is great for different reasons. They all function differently, and offer many different modes of vaporization. In this review, we’ll be going over price difference, types of vaping, efficiency, heat up time, and we’ll get into how each unit works.

How They Work

The Herbalizer:

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The Herbalizer is a fairly simple vape. To turn it on, all you have to do is open the device. When you open the unit, it splits into two separate internal parts: one for aroma therapy and one for normal vaporization (see the picture below).

What you first have to do when you turn the vape on is select which mode you want to use. This vaporizer has two modes like I just alluded to: it has an aromatherapy mode and a vaportherapy mode.

The mode you will use most often is the vaportherapy mode, as this is the normal mode for vaping your herbs.

Herbalizer vaporizer reviews

Now, with vaportherapy mode, there are only two of the three settings you will use. You will either attach a whip and use the whip mode, or you can use the fan to fill up a balloon. The third is freestyle mode, which is a huge waste as it is just like bag mode without attaching the bag.

To activate either mode, you load the chamber with your herb, select vaportherapy mode, choose either whip or bag mode, and set your temperature. Then, attach either your whip or bag and you are ready to vape.

To use aromatherapy mode, you  just select aromatherapy mode, load up the aromatherapy pad that comes with the device and close the unit, then its good to go.

The Volcano:

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The Volcano works by heating up your medicine to just the right temperature for inhalation. For those of you that prefer a more detailed control, then both the Digital and Classic versions will allow you to set a custom temperature point before heating your herb.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the vapor is then carried into a balloon. Although this might sound pretty simple by design, do not let it fool you! The Volcano removes over 99% of tar and other harmful carcinogens. This means that your smoke comes out light, pure and refreshing which will allow you to better taste your medicine and all of its nuances.

The Cloud Evo:

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The VXC is a very simple device to operate. You start by taking the EZ load bowl and removing the cap. After doing so grind your material and fill the chamber anywhere from twenty to eighty percent of the way full. You don’t want to fill it too much, because the VXC is a convection vaporizer, so air needs to flow through the material to vaporize it.

Vape Xhale Cloud Evo reviews

After filling one of the two EZ Load bowls that comes with the unit, getting vapor is pretty simple. You flip the switch below the temperature dial to turn the unit on, turn the heat dial to the twelve o’clock position and wait for the LED light on top to turn green. It should take around five or so minutes with the new units to heat up fully, then, you pop the bowl into the chamber and attach your tube. There are lots of tube options, so it’s best to just pick which one is best for you on their site. After that, vaping is as easy as drawing air into your lungs.

Types of Vaping

The Herbalizer:

The Herbalizer is unique between these three vapes, because it is the only one that can do direct draw through a whip and fill up bags. So in that regard, it wins this round. You can simply do more with this unit.

The Volcano:

The Volcano can only fill up bags. This is great for groups, but harder for individual use. It allows you to fill up a bag and pass it around without worrying about the vape itself, but it can be a bit overwhelming for one person.

The Cloud Evo:

The Cloud Evo is direct draw (through one of the hydrotubes) only. It is great for individuals, but much harder for groups. The Separate parts of this vape also makes passing it around a bit of a hassle.


Let me start off by saying that all of these vapes are very efficient. They all do a great job of vaporizing herbs and oils, but there are some slight differences in each.

The Herbalizer:

The Herbalizer uses anywhere from 0.3g-0.8g, depending on how you want to load it. While the chamber is fairly small, it can hold a lot of material.

The Volcano:

The Volcano holds between 0.5g and 1.25g. Definitely holds the most of the three, which is great for groups, but a bit more than an average person needs.

The Cloud Evo:

The Evo is the most efficient of the three. It vapes best with a smaller amount of herbs, anywhere from 0.2-0.5, and vapes best at about 0.4 g

Heat Up Time

The Herbalizer:

The Herbalizer (once again) wins this round. The unit heats up to your set temperature in a matter of seconds due to its halogen heating element. The other two just can’t compete.

The Volcano/The Cloud Evo:

The Volcano and the Evo take roughly 5 minutes to heat up. This is by no means a long time, but not the immediate vaporization the Herbalizer has.


The Herbalizer: $599

The Volcano: $479 (Classic)/ $599 (Digital)

The Cloud Evo: $349 (basic package)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Herbalizer is the most expensive by a long shot. But, you also pay for what you get. If you want super hast heat up time and multiple types of vaping, you’ll have to pay for it. That being said, the Herbalizer is the best of the three. It’s great for groups and personal use, but it also can hook up to water pipes, which the Volcano can’t do.

If you want to spend less, the Evo and the Volcano are great.

The Volcano is the best of the three if you mostly vape in groups, because it has the largest capacity and is the easiest to pass around.

If you mostly vape on your own, and enjoy using water pipes when you vape, the Cloud Evo is definitely the best choice for you. It’s the most efficient of the three, and it gives the most potent vapor hit for hit.

Overall, if you choose any of these vapes you will be making a great choice. The really can’t be beat.

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