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You have come to the right place if you wonder how to ace and enjoy your CBD vape juice to its fullest. It has been proven and seen over the period that there is no limit to creativity in the vaping industry. Continuous innovations are improving customers’ vaping experience exponentially. One such accessory is a drip tip which can subtly enhance your escapade of vaping. 

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Vaping nowadays has become a vogue, and keeping with it, it has become much more relevant with new accessories. At the moment, you might be probably thinking: Does it make much difference? Why would I even want to choose among various drip tips? This article will find what a drip tip is and some valuable information to enhance your CBD vapes juice.

What are Drip Tips?

A drip tip is similar to your car’s wheels because it is the element that makes contact with the road, yet it’s generally the last item on most people’s minds. It is a hollow tube attached directly to your vaping devices’ atomizer, aiding the e-juice to flow speedily onto the heating coals when added. Choosing the appropriate drip tip will help you get the most out of your mods and atomizers, increase your enjoyment of CBD vape juice, and deliver a more incessantly vaping experience. It is also a much-approved reusable e-cigarette cartridge that can drip e-liquid into it. “Mouthpieces” is another terminology used to refer to drip tips since that’s what they fundamentally are. 

Dripping has elevated the overall experience for most users. Some compare it to eating in a top-notch restaurant with exuberant food made all by themselves since the experience improves with the dripping e-liquid rather than filling the tank. A drip tip can be a great stepping stone for intermediate vapers who wish to try dripping without spending much money on a sophisticated and expensive RDA. One can quickly turn any conventional vape into a makeshift dripping machine with a simple dripping tip.

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Some Useful Tips On Drip Tips You Must Know

Drip tips come in various sizes, models, materials, and prices; hence, it becomes challenging and confusing to see many options and make a genuine choice. But you need not worry because we got you covered; we are here to help you with it. Here’s a trick for you, understand the materials used, the airflow setup, the dimensions, and how they affect your vape. Here are more tips about Drip Tips you must know:

Choosing Your Right Drip Tip

Drip tips come in different materials from plastic to ceramic, Derlin, Pyrex (glass), Teflon, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Size too matters when choosing drip tips; short and long tips have different pros and cons. Experts and fans say that the stainless steel models with long stems are the most convenient of all drip tips since they tend to cool the vapor. Shorter ones tend to heat up fast, resulting in a poor experience and slight burns.

Different Types Of Drip Tips Available

Each different size, material, and bore has its specialties since it yields a disparate experience to the universe of mouthpiece vaping. Bore, which is the diameter of the drip tip, affects the style of sub-ohm vaping. Vapor production is substantial and is drawn directly into the lungs rather than into the mouth. Subsequently, requiring a broader drip to accommodate the vapor and the airflow to enhance the flavor. Moreover, the MTL drip tip comprises curved taller tips and a smaller diameter for standard vaping, designed to draw vapor into the mouth and inhale like tobacco. Another customization can be colored tips with various styles, as colorful tips are heat-resistant resins.

How To Use A Drip Tip?

It is likely the most tricky, if not the most difficult, part of these mouthpieces. Surprisingly, it is very convenient to use a drip tip; you need to place the drip tip onto the atomizer, thus creating a straight path from the so-called “mouthpiece” to your coil’s cotton wick. Following that, drizzle a small quantity of e-liquid into the slit, ensuring the coil is completely saturated. 

The dripping becomes a guessing game because you can’t tell how saturated the wick is—however, excessive liquid results in a messy overflow. If you use too little e-juice, the wick will burn, resulting in an unpleasant dry hit and a destroyed coil. Also, one should consider the coil they’re using since its thickness and design impact the number of drips required, the volume of liquid needed, and the saturation rate.

Safety And Maintenance 

Cleaning your drip tip is unconditionally essential since the tip known as the mouthpiece is the tip from which the vaper draws the vapor. It is the mouthpiece where one puts in lips and puffs it. Repeatedly, your mouth comes in immediate contact, hence rinsing one’s drip tip under hot water, then disinfecting with some isopropyl alcohol, rinsing again, and drying off with a towel is the safest practice. One can use wipes as well. Not to worry, drip tips are surprisingly easiest to clean! 

They may get a little gross or crusty after some time, thus making regular cleaning necessary.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Apart from the advantages of normal vaping, there are specific peculiar pros of using mouthpieces. Drip tips are cheaper than other alternatives like RDA available in the market. You can buy more coils and flavors for about some dollars you saved. Drip tips provide you with a whole new rich experience with better-enhanced flavors of your e-liquid and better vapor for those cloud chasers.

Drip tips can be annoying and inconvenient when having long sessions. They must put e-juice and balance the coil constantly. Thus, making it a little messy to handle at times.


It is not only critical to utilize the drip tip correctly to get the most out of your vaping experience, but it may also be dangerous if you don’t. If you buy one made of low-cost materials, the producer may not have considered the heat factor, and you may burn your lips on it. Moreover, using a correct drip tip enhances your vaping experience and opens the doors to more choices and new flavors to try.

Now you know what a drip tip is and how they come in different materials and sizes. Be sure while purchasing the right tip for your vape juice for anxiety experience according to your needs!

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