Hot Box Vaporizer Review

The Hot Box has a very stylish design and comes in the shape of…you guessed it, a cube! 🙂 Now, for some strange reason every time I look at this thing I get the idea of a rubix cube.

Then again, that might be the herbs that I just vaped from the Hot Box distorting my vision lol.

Either way, there’s not really much to say about this product except that it’s made to do only one thing. And that’s to give you the highest quality vape possible without having to mess around with distractions such as temperature settings. After using the Hot Box a few times, I must say that the built in simplicity is quite refreshing which makes it very enjoyable to use.

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How does the Hot Box vaporizer work?

I wasn’t over exaggerating about how simple this thing is. In order to get started all you need to do is literally plug the thing in! Unlike some of the other vaporizers on the market there are no temperature controls to fiddle around with. The Hot Box also comes with a wand that you’ll need to pack before you begin vaping. With this vaporizer I would recommend that you really do a good job at cutting up your herb. To get the best vape you’ll want it broken down into very fine pieces.

After you’ve cut up your herbs you simply take apart the wand and place them inside. As a word of caution please be very careful and make sure that you pay attention to how the wand comes apart. You’d be surprised at how many people break these things trying to put them back together. Now once you’ve finally gotten this out of the way you simply need to attach it to glass heating element and plug your whip into the opposite end.

Now, some of you may be wondering just how the temperature is controlled since there is not way to actually set it on the vaporizer. Well this is actually controlled by the way you take your “hit” or draw on the vaporizer. If you pull very hard and fast then you’ll tend to get a hotter vape. One the other hand if you give it a nice and slow pull you’ll end up with a cooler and less dense vape. I found that it took about 2 sessions for me to really get used to this, but after I got it down I felt like a pro! As another word of caution, when using this the vaporizer tends to get pretty hot so I would avoid trying to move or pick it up directly. I mean it is called the Hot Box for a reason. 😉 This means that before you begin vaping you should take extra care to select the ideal location so you won’t have to worry about moving.

Here’s a video of the Hot Box so you can get more of a visual idea of how it works:


  • Simple in design. I am very big on simplicity and the Hot Box definitely delivers. Everyone from beginners to experienced users will be able to enjoy this product.
  • Great tasting vape. If you’ve read a lot of my reviews you’ll notice that I usually do not put this into the pros section. But the vape produced by the Hot Box  was so surprisingly good that I felt it was worth a mention.
  • Ceramic tile construction. This vaporizer has a high quality feel to it and is also very durable.
  • Uses a convection heating system which is very efficient.


  • No temperature control. Takes a few sessions to get used to.
  • Initial heating can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

Where’s the best place to buy the Hot Box?

No doubt about it, the best place to pick up the Hot Box is Vapor Nation. I’ve shopped with this merchant for quite some time now and it’s one of the few you’ll ever see me recommend on my blog. Vapor Nation offers some of the best prices out of any merchant you’ll find online, free shipping, and a free grinder with every vaporizer purchase. To make things even better is the fact that their selection is HUGE and you’ll be able to pick up all kinds of cool accessories all in one place.

Final recommendation

When it comes to the Hot Box vaporizer it’s a no brainer. You simply won’t find a higher quality product in this same price range that will deliver such a smooth and potent vape. On top of this the pure simplicity of this product means that it’s the perfect vaporizer for both beginners and seasoned herb users alike. If you’re on the fence about buying one then I would recommend that you head on over to Vapor Nation and give it a try.

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