How to Not Smell Like Weed After Smoking 

When you have no care in the world, smoking weed can be a liberating experience that is completely controlled and dictated by you. However, in certain situations, there may be safeguards that you need to take in order to ensure that the after-effects of your weed smoking sessions aren’t detected by others. Say, for example, that you don’t live on your own or you smoke weed before you go into your job or go out into public. It is very likely that you don’t want to smell like a weed as this can result in complications when you are out and about.

As such, it is important to know how you can either prevent this smell from seeping into you and your surroundings or how you can make sure that it isn’t detectable after you have engaged in smoking the substance. If hiding or keeping weed smoke from being found on you is your goal, take a look at the article below, which will provide ample tips and tricks that will make sure you can keep smoking and not arouse the suspicion of anyone around you!

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Get Rid of Weed Smell on You and Your Clothes

If the main issue you are having is the smell of weed lingering around you and soaking into your clothes (which is a very big issue if it poses problems in your life), here are some ways that you can resolve this problem with ease.

Smoke Outdoors

Although this may not be possible for everyone, smoking outdoors can help to eliminate quite a bit of the smoke that is often allowed to stay on your clothes and your belongings. When you smoke outdoors, much of the smoke that is produced from your session simply goes into the air around you, something that isn’t allowed to happen if you are smoking in a confined area with little to no air being circulated throughout it.

If you can smoke outdoors when there is a little bit of a stronger breeze out that doesn’t affect your smoking but helps to carry the smoke away, this is even better. Just make sure that your location is an acceptable spot to be smoking cannabis in and make sure that no one else around you will be able to smell it or locate you when you are smoking. (That is if this is important to you.)

Avoid Joints or Blunts

If your smoking marijuana, smoke is an unavoidable fact of life. However, there are certain tools used for smoking that tend to make the problem worse rather than better. Take, for example, joints or blunts. Joints or blunts have a lot of weed packed into a compact space and because of this, they produce quite a lot of smoke when they are being used.

This is especially true with large blunts that burn for long periods of time and produce an ample amount of smoke. If you are a smoker who is seeking to eliminate the easily detectable smell of your practices, avoid products like these and stick to pipes or other tools instead.

Also make sure to avoid touching any of the resin in a pipe. After you have smoked, the resin can be wet and gunky. Try to keep away from it.

smoking joints blunts in the car

Leave Your Used Pipe in an Airtight Location

You may not think about it but the tools that you smoke from can smell just as strong as the clothes or belongings that they sink into. All of these tips will have been provided in vain if you take the necessary steps to prevent the smoke from getting into your stuff but then become discovered because someone could smell the strong aroma coming from your pipe.

To keep this from happening, always keep your pipe in an airtight location where the smells leftover from smoking have no possible way to escape. You may also want to wash it on occasion if you ever plan on leaving it out and especially if you plan on leaving it near other items that you own.

Smoke-Free Ways of Consumption

If you smoke to any weed, the most enjoyable part of the process is often the weed-smoking itself and it can be hard to overcome that enjoyment. If you are someone who simply smokes to achieve an effect, however, you can easily find other ways of consuming or using your marijuana that do not involve smoking. For example, you can instead vape your marijuana or eat or drink your marijuana through edible products. No matter what alternative way to use marijuana you end up going with, however, make sure that these methods do not leave any detectable traces either.

Refresh Your Breath

Your breath is certain to soak up quite a bit of the smoke. Marijuana tends to cause dry mouth and the smoke that you inhale lingers around this area. Besides this, dry mouth isn’t too attractive and you want to make sure you are hydrated to prevent unfresh breath anyways.

Before you go anywhere, make sure to refresh your breath either by using mouthwash, strips, or using minty gum to help drown out the scent. Make sure to stay hydrated as well so that this is less of an issue after a smoking session.

Wash or Sanitize Your Hands

Because your hands are in direct contact with the smoke that is produced by your bud and because you have to touch the bud in order to grind it up for your pipe, the smoke and the residue from the plant stick to your skin and leave a discernible scent.

After each session, you should always wash or sanitize your hands to help get rid of the smell. It is best to do this with a strong soap or hand sanitizer so that there is no chance that someone can smell leftover residue after a smoking session.

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Wear an Extra Layer of Clothing You Can Take Off After

If you are in a small area where smoke is almost guaranteed to soak into the things around you, it can be best to wear an extra layer of clothing that you can take off after or even to bring extra clothes that you can change into after you smoke. After your smoke session has ended, you can then take off that extra layer of clothes that have soaked up your smoke so that the only clothes you are wearing are your smoke-free clothes.

A similar way to achieve this is simply to bring an extra change of clothes that you can wear after you smoke. However, this only works if you have a place to change after your smoke session and won’t run into anyone on the way.

Spray Cologne and Perfume on Your Clothes Once You’ve Finished

For subtle hints of weed, cologne or perfume can do wonders. These strong scents will often be able to overcome the cannabis scent hiding underneath. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when using this tactic.

Firstly, no amount of cologne or perfume will be able to cover up weed if you have allowed enough smoke to absorb into your clothing. Therefore, it is important to take all the necessary precautions to keep this from happening. Also, you must make sure that your cologne or perfume are not too overpowering as too much cologne or perfume couple with the tell-tale intoxicating effects of weed are often a clear indication that you have just smoked.

Watch Out for Stinky Hair

Those who have longer hair often have to deal with stinky hair after they’ve finished smoking. This is because long hair is typically close to the path of smoke and the smoke clings easily to the hair follicles. If you are going to smoke and have long hair, try to keep your hair away from the smoke by tying it back or just make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area so that the smoke doesn’t linger above you for as long.

Take a Short Walk

If the marijuana scent on your person is relatively calm, a short walk may be able to help eliminate the smell. This tactic is very effective when the air outside is cold or when there is a good amount of wind outside that can help to clear the smell. If you only need to get rid of a slight weed smell, a short walk should suffice.

How to Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell in the Air or Room

Sometimes, the issue may not be the smoke lingering to you but instead staying in the surrounding around you, which can be problematic if the area does not belong to you or is someone else’s space who doesn’t want to be detected. If this is your main concern, here are some ways that you can prevent this cannabis smell from taking hold of the space around it.

Don’t Hot Box

Although it can be fun, hot boxing eliminates any air from around you and lets the smoke linger for far too long. This smoke then absorbs into walls and other surfaces and stays there, becoming extra hard to remove. The best way to avoid detection is to avoid hot boxing altogether until you have an area where it is acceptable to do so.

hot boxing weed in the car

Use a Sploof

A sploof is essentially a thick, homemade tool that helps to filter out and mask the scent of marijuana as you smoke. There are tons of ways to make this tool and you can find plenty of resources online that will help you to craft a sploof of your own if this is an avenue that you wish to pursue.

Store Weed in a Smell Proof Jar

Weed smoke isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about. Very potent weed can also produce a strong smell and if you aren’t careful, this smell can get out of its container and into the surrounding area. Do your best to make sure that your weed is always in a smell-proof container so that you don’t have to worry about anyone catching a whiff of it when they step into the space in question.


Whether you are smoking in a room or a car, you need to make sure that you have the proper ventilation systems in place to keep smoke from staying in the space for too long. You can do this by keeping windows cracked. If you have multiple windows cracked and there is a breeze outside, this is even better as it will help to carry the smoke smell out before it can do any damage.

Use an Air Purifier or Fan

If you don’t have proper ventilation, there are other ways that you can keep smoke from becoming an issue. One option that you have at your disposal is air purifiers. These small machines filter the air and act as ventilation systems in rooms that don’t have the capability of making sure that the room receives the air it needs. If an air purifier isn’t available, you can also use a fan to help disperse the smoke and to keep it from gathering in one area for too long.

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Use Ozium After You Aired the Room Out

Ozium is a product that essentially clears the air around you. This product attaches itself to any foreign particles to help kill them and make the air cleaner for you to breathe. After you air your room out, you can use Ozium to neutralize any odors and make it as though you had never smoked in the area in the first place!

Vape in the Room

Instead of smoking, you may want to try vaping instead. Vaping produces a much more undetectable scent and smoke and you can easily smoke in an area without worrying about the overpowering smell of marijuana sticking to the surfaces around you. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about letting go of dry herbs as there are vaporizers that can still handle this substance while masking the typical odors that accompany these herbs.


Smoking marijuana can be problematic if you are trying to do so without being detected. If being able to smoke without being discovered by others is your main concern, use the tips listed above each time you engage in a smoke session to drastically reduce the possibility of leaving traces of odors that can be detected by others.

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